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TiVo has finally revealed its next generation of set-top boxes, both of which will further blur the lines between broadcast and broadband content. The TiVo Premiere will cost $299 and hold up to 45 hours of HD video, while the TiVo Premiere XL will cost $499 and hold up to 150 hours of HD video. The boxes will also support Netflix movie streams, Blockbuster On Demand, YouTube and Pandora.
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The real innovation of these new devices, says TiVo CEO Tom Rogers, is the new user interface. Rogers says that consumers need a better way to search and wade through a nearly infinite amount of content that broadband provides. The new TiVo hardware and software solve this issue, says Rogers:

“The problem is that consumers can’t get all that broadband content to the TV, and even if they could, they couldn’t navigate it,”

TiVo’s new user interface integrates broadcast and broadband content into the same menu. Content can be searched by title as well as by the names of cast members in movies and TV shows. Rogers thinks that the new UI will dramatically simplify most users’ experiences:

“People like the idea that there is broadband content available to them on the TV, but that doesn’t make it easy and it doesn’t make it usable. . . [The goal is to enable users to] browse, navigate and search, and do it in a way that can guide [them] through limited choice.”

The easier searching will also be facilitated by a new remote that includes a QWERTY keyboard. Also, because the new TiVo platform is Flash-based, third-party developers will be able to create games and apps that were previously not possible on set-top boxes.

Insiders, will you be purchasing or upgrading to one of TiVo’s new boxes?
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How do you see them competing with the ever-increasing number of set-top boxes out there?

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15 Responses to “New TiVo Boxes Blend Broadcast and Broadband”

  1. Visitor [Join Now]
    Justin [visitor]

    I have not read the fine print on TiVo but when it says “boxes will also support Netflix movie streams, Blockbuster On Demand” is this just support and you still have to purchase the services or do Netflix and BOD com as part of your TiVo service?

    I have thought about getting TiVo but haven’t gone through with it yet.

    • Visitor [Join Now]
      joe d. [visitor]

      You still have to purchase the services. Netflix, unlike your girlfriend, isn’t going to give the milk away for free.

  2. Visitor [Join Now]
    slidecage [visitor]

    Love to see comcast allow netflix to stream though their DVR box BUt that will Never happen LOL… NO reason to go out and buy TIVO when the Comcast DVR box is about as big (the 300 buck model)

    • Visitor [Join Now]
      Robert [visitor]

      Well, sure there is. Then you don’t need to go with something as horrible and expensive as Comcast. :P

      Does anyone know if these boxes support streaming from a PC?

      • Visitor [Join Now]
        slidecage [visitor]

        comcast is dirt cheap if you keep bugging them… many people are too lazy to call from discounts…

        right now im getting

        Full cable (including all digital channels) with FREE DVR service Free HD Services. and FREE HBO with CINamax for 44.95 per month

        Showtime for 2.00 per month for a year and Starz Free for a year

        so im getting everything comcast offers (besides the sports package) for less then 50 per month while if you dont call it would run around 130 or more. same with the internet … im getting the internet for 19.99 (and it would cost 42.95 if you dont call to get the promos)

        i had tivo before and unless you put it down to the highest picture i got nothing but grainly pictures.. and i dont need a phone line with comcast

        • Visitor [Join Now]
          dcwbys [visitor]

          My parents have had cable before it was even Comcast, which is well over 20 years. Always pay the bill and are never late. We tried calling for promo pricing and discounts and told us there wasn’t any available. Even when we suggested that we would switch to another carriet they said ok and didn’t offer anything. Not even a thank you for being a loyal customer.

          • Visitor [Join Now]
            slidecage [visitor]


   and do the online chat (that is where we got the free starz, the free cinamax, and the showtime offers)

            when they tell you there are no promos just keep bugging them until they give you one… It took me around 20 to 25 phone calls to get that 44.95 package : )

        • Visitor [Join Now]
          Princess [visitor]

          Slidecage, you don’t need a phone line with TIVO either. I have mine set up on my internet.

  3. Visitor [Join Now]
    rb [visitor]

    This is what I don’t understand about all these different EXPENSIVE ‘boxes’ that the different manufacturers are claiming you need in order to watch their streaming service, or digital, or downloaded movies, etc… Basically, I have a laptop and a 32inch analog tv with basic cable. Anything that plays on my laptop, I watch it on my tv via a pc to tv converter box/high resolution that I bought on Amazon a couple months ago for $20 TOTAL! The box is around the size of a deck of cards and came with the wires needed/easy hook up or unhook to laptop. Takes me around 30 seconds to hook up when I want to watch a movie from laptop onto tv because I keep the main s video/audio wires plugged into back of my tv/converter box at all times. Mind you I am totally illiterate when it comes to computers, streaming, broadband, all that….BUT what my $20 converter box amounts to is ANYTHING that I can get to play/stream/whatever on my laptop I can then be watching it on my bigger tv screen. I too was afraid the picture would be grainy going from a little laptop screen to a bigger tv screen but the resolution is very good! So I’m thinking if you can watch Netflix , or Amazon, or other streaming movies/services on your laptop, why not invest in a good laptop and get one of these $20 converter boxes? That way you have a portable laptop to do so much more with other than just using it to stream movies, etc. I guess this wouldn’t work out though if you play video games using those paddles, whatever. When I want to watch a movie from Hulu, etc. on my tv screen, I just put my laptop on top my tv, begin the Hulu movie, and plug the audio tv wire and the vga wire from the converter box to my laptop. That’s it! Again, I’m admittedly computer illiterate but what I do know is anything that I can get to play or watch on my laptop I can watch/enjoy it on my bigger tv via a $20 pc to tv converter box. I understand why all these companies are telling customers you need their expensive ‘boxes’ to watch/enjoy their services (so they can make $$$ off you). However, with technology changing so quickly I would not pay $$$ for something that will be passe in a year or so… which is why I’ll never buy a blu-ray player :-)

  4. Visitor [Join Now]
    Tina [visitor]

    I have the series 2 Tivo with the dvd burner that was being sold a few years ago that doesn’t require subscription for the tivo services and that is enough for me. Those boxes are great because there are no additional fees, if you want a bigger hard drive you can just buy one, and the quality is very good. Now Tivo is offering the $300 lifetime service that allows you to set up recordings via the internet.

    I will not be upgrading to anything else until that tivo is completely dead or I can’t find a replacement through ebay.

  5. Visitor [Join Now]
    Tina [visitor]

    Sorry, the lifetime service allows you to do a variety of things that the basic free service doesn’t but the basic service has been working for me just fine these past 6/7 years.

    • Visitor [Join Now]
      justme [visitor]

      Hey Tina, are you talking about the Humax DRT400 Or DRT800? I thought you HAD to use Tivo service? Can you set this machine to manually record by time and date? I’ve really been wanting one of these with the dvd burner but was told by Tivo or Humax (can’t remember which one) that you HAD to have their pay service. Would really appreciate some definitive answers, thanks

      • Visitor [Join Now]
        Steven Schulman [visitor]

        I have 5 TiVos with lifetime subscription. My wife, who hates everything electronic, loves them. She is the one who encouraged me to buy the last 4 after using the first one. I could not ne easier to use or more friendly and flexible.

        With one of them we tried without a subscription thinking we could set the time and channel and use that to record, but that does not work either without a subscription. So, we just got the lifetime subscription. Just the other day she was telling me that she thinks it is one of the best things we every purchased.

        And no, I have no affiliation with TiVo.

        • Visitor [Join Now]
          NotAFan [visitor]

          I have three Tivo machines. Canceled the service because they failed recording programs because they were not able to maintain connections. The problem started after buying two HD machines. Called Tivo and they just wanted to replace the machines. I did firmware updates without success in regards to recording. Two machines have HD and expanded hard drive storage. All three had the same problem. I liked the service until it became unpredictable and annoying.

  6. Visitor [Join Now]
    Norsk Bredbånd [visitor]

    Mobile broadband can only be good when you do not rely on it as your daily wok basis because it can really cost you a lot of money to reload! Or better still for home use because you can’t feel the pinch when the money is gone the way you would have felt were it for business.