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Monday Promo Code – October 13, 2008

Your Monday code for the week is:


Expires tonight (Mon, Oct 13) at midnight.

22 Responses to “Monday Promo Code – October 13, 2008”

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    Heather [visitor]

    Thanks for the codes.

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      You click on the link and the website gets paid for you looking at it. A small price to pay for a free DVD. There was one gal I read about, 14 years old, that had a website with Free pictures for youtube. She got so many hits, the advertisers called her and asked to be on her site. Her first check was over $14,000 for one month. At 16 she quit school because she was a millionaire and hired her Mother. The net is so big, that is why newspapers have raised prices. By the way, a newstand pays 8 cents or so for a paper. The advertisement pays for everything. The cash goes to the store. I just wish I could come up with such hot ideas.

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      I’ve signed up for the mailing list here. I’ve signed up with redbox, they have my cell phone, email and all that and I’m getting nothing sent to me from anybody! It’s not in my bulk mail or anything!

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    Thanks for the code!

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    Emily [visitor]

    Thanks for the free code.

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    thanks for the code(s)

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    Jamie [visitor]

    Thanks for the code

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    Rod bennett. [visitor]

    Thanks for the weekly code.

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    janice [visitor]


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    Devon [visitor]

    Thanks for the codes!

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    Penny [visitor]

    Thanks for the code!

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    Thanks for saving me $$$$$$$…for gas! :)

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    Beverly [visitor]

    Thanks for all the free Redbox codes!

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    Sonja Shaughnessy [visitor]

    Thanks for all your Redbox info and free codes!!

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    piglets [visitor]

    Thanks for the Monday codes!

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    joy [visitor]

    what do the codes mean.

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    Felice [visitor]

    Hey, does anyone know how to get codes text to your phone each week?

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    Cindy Davidson [visitor]

    Kepp up the good work and kepp the codes coming.

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    Carol [visitor]

    Im in MD

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    missed it [visitor]

    maybe next time!

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    KCC [visitor]

    Not everyone can use the promo code on monday.How about alternating days,each month?One month -Monday the next month-Wednesday.Or Tues&Thurs..Please,not the SAME day all year!