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Monday Promo Code – May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day everyone! Here is your free movie code for today:


It expires tonight (May 26) at midnight. Get more Redbox Codes here…

8 Responses to “Monday Promo Code – May 26, 2008”

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    sampleaz [visitor]

    Redbox Insider Rocks!


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    morgan [visitor]

    i love redbox, it is a great thing for the family and makes great date nights!!

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    animaltrainer [visitor]

    Hey you guys are great.I ve been with you since the begening.
    Got ? Can you change code day wenesday to thursday.Nothing on tv thursdays LOL.
    Greatly appricate your movies

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    carmen lebron [visitor]

    thanks for ur affordable rentals,my fam.nites w/the kids have been awsome!!!! great selections!!!! ur online rental is a great way to save time & have recommend to fam.&freinds

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    carmen lebron [visitor]

    thanks ur rental service is great,my fam.& i have moive nite on sundays & my son enjoys all ur selections. thanks for a affordable service that all fams.can enjoy together.

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    ang [visitor]

    Thanks for the codes!! I guess people don’t read, “This is an independent website and is not affiliated with Redbox.” at the bottom of the page. “You” have no control over when the codes come out, what the codes are, etc…it is greatly appreciated that “YOU” pass this info along and save us from having to receive and wait for the texts on our cell phones. Today was the first time I’ve ran into anyone else using codes, everyone else has been totally shocked to findout they can get a FREE rental.

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    David [visitor]

    The codes are great, I haven’t seen anyone using them when I go yet but When I get there I let people in front of me and behind me use the code and tell them how they can get these codes. Thanks for spending the good news the codes that is. I now go 4 times a week getting at least one each time but most of the time getting 5. I love watching movies and with the insider on our side it helps the pocket out. Thank you insideredbox keep up the great work.

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    j [visitor]

    RBM14V – Wednesday, May 28 code posted on another website. will be trying it soon.