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Monday Promo Code – June 2, 2008

Here it is, today’s Monday-only promo code:


Use it by tonight (Monday, June 2) at midnight.

23 Responses to “Monday Promo Code – June 2, 2008”

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    me [visitor]

    red box rocks! I love all the online features such as: reserving your movie ahead of time, looking for your movie before you get in line( wishing everyone would do this to save time!) and of course FREE movies!! Can’t beat free. Although $1 is quite close. Keep the good clean movies comming. I use redbox to entertain the kids in the summer. Thanks redbox! Your’e the best.

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    Robert [visitor]

    This is indeed fantastic.
    I remember dreaming of just this sort of
    wonderful use of technology back in college,
    but my dad, (Top salesman he was)told me that
    the logistics of it (the idea of francised kiosk connected to the internet) would be an infeasable nightmare.
    But, I digress.
    What I think is the next step for us is;
    A Seek, and request function
    so as that if I now, suddenly want
    to see that Sydney Pollack movie; 3 Days of the Condor
    I/We can simply type it in as a special request.

    Sound like a good idea?
    Whos with me on this?

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      “A Seek, and request function
      so as that if I now, suddenly want
      to see that Sydney Pollack movie; 3 Days of the Condor
      I/We can simply type it in as a special request.

      Sound like a good idea?”
      Can You make a commitment to a certain REDBOX kiosk on the day they will deliver such special request?
      It seems to ask a lot of them with the many movies on DVD.
      Try your local library for such movies,
      I have had great success with my Libraries on DVD requests.

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    Steve [visitor]

    someone commented last month that you can use more than 1 credit card using a promo code to get more than one free rental so i tried it last week and it works great.. i hope they don’t set a limit on rentals per email address cuz i’m lovin’ this!

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      sampleaz [visitor]

      Remember with a different credit card it is actually another purchase and a completely new transaction. And you are not required to give an email address unless you want a receipt so that would help if limits are set per email.

      Redbox Insider Rocks!


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    Mbell [visitor]

    I am so great full to have RedBox in WinterHaven area I am new around the county and I was bored until REDBOX came along and saved the day…Now I spend my weeks renting movies and keeping me updated with new releases. REDBOX your the best..

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    Carol Thatcher [visitor]

    What do I do when the code does not work like last Wednesday?

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      Debbie Buccio [visitor]

      Just search on REDBox promo codes. There were 2 last wed that I got that did not work, but the 3rd was a charm. I don’t remember the name of the site, but it had lots of codes. I wrote them all down and one worked. Good luck.

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    Steve [visitor]

    hmm.. today was the first time a code didn’t work for me, after nearly 90 seconds of “processing” it said something like; we apologize we cannot process your code at this time, please try again later’. i may go back to try some other codes but not sure. thanks for this site.

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      Bob [visitor]

      It meants that the Redbox was not connected to the network. (Think about a computer not connected to the internet). It doesn’t mean the code was wrong. Without connection, a code cannot be validated. Actually, in this case credit cards cannot be validated either, and there is about 20 seconds delay in processing a card. A redbox keeps the credit card number locally and submits it to the network once the connection is restored.

      • Administrator
        Michael [administrator]

        @Bob: That is very useful info, thanks…

        I was actually at the Redbox yesterday when this exact thing happened. It seems like it may have been a widespread outage as there were many reports of this yesterday.

        I did notice that the guy next to me was seeing a long delay on the credit card processing, but then it finally went through. Now I know why it went through eventually and the promo code did not.


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    cgn [visitor]

    I tried to use this code just now and I never could get it to work…

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    Mel [visitor]

    Just triued the code and it didn’t work, what is up with that?

  9. Member [Join Now]


    You’re absolutely right! I never rent fewer than 6 movies using the same code and email address (one use per credit/debit card). It hasn’t been a problem for me ever.

    Happy renting!

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    gloria Smith [visitor]

    I wish you would get the codes out the nite before like at midnite as I do not go out after I get home from work which is when I get the codes as they are issued at noon on that day–If I had them in am before leaving for work I would probably use them–Gloria

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    Angel [visitor]

    I just used the code at WM and got my free movie…..Was my first time with Redbox, so this really was a neat surprise. THANKS!!

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    Andrea [visitor]

    This code didn’t work for me today, but this is the first time that I haven’t had one work, so it’s not too big of a deal. I was just surprised being that they send me the code every Monday via phone.

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    Amy [visitor]

    Code did not work attempted to use at 2 different locations no good

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    emayfield [visitor]

    free coge did not work mon d77fy8

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    George [visitor]

    The code for today is 6TK2A3…have fun!