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Monday Promo Code – June 1, 2009

Here is your promo code for today, Monday, June 1:


Expires tonight (Mon, June 1) at midnight central time.

51 Responses to “Monday Promo Code – June 1, 2009”

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    Bob [visitor]

    I thought this code was going to be good for a month, it says it expires at midnight tonight and i thought they did away with each monday codes something doesn’t make sense.

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    I read it as a promo code on the first Monday of the month good for that day only.

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    The promo codes will be for the first monday of the month. It is not good for the whole month.

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    Chris [visitor]

    Bob, the deal is that Redbox has moved to one free code per month, but each code is valid for only one day.

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    Hey everybody!…. Im sorta new but been watching & using those wonderful promo codes. Im a big movie watcher via tv, theatre, cable, dvd, etc. With the way this economy been anything FREE for some weight off my shoulders sounds good to me. Thanks for all who posted promo”s along w comments for the status of working or not. I was also on who wasnt getting the sms monday codes to my phone. So again thanks! Me & my family enjoy them. Keep them coming. Here’s codes that I havent seen up yet: REDBOX

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      Alicia [visitor]

      no offense, but I’m sure if people buy the candy they’re going to take the code for themselves. The only way I see someone giving up the code is if they don’t have a credit card, or don’t care for movies.

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      hudamany [visitor]

      I could get promos off candy? which ones?

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    hector castellanos [hector-castellanos]

    thank u one more time, for the code. good luck to everyone and god bless u all.

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    Thank you again for the chance to rent another movie “Free” I don’t see anything to complain about, since we are getting the code for a movie to watch for free. How can you complain about “Free”? If you don’t want to take advantage of “free”, you don’t have to. Just thank God for the opportunity to be able to get this for free. Don’t expect everything to be handed to you on a “silver platter” just the way you want it. We have to go along with the people giving things for “free” if we want to participate in it.

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      I appreciate the free code, but the main drawback is having to drive around to get the movie you want, or not get it at all for two weeks, and having to drive back down there to return the DVD by 9. I guess I was spoiled by blockbuster in that respect, because I can trade them back in for another DVD at the store, or mail them back. But since they are obviously going down,I’ll probably join NetFlix again (although they did me dirty a few years ago).

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        Sydney [visitor]

        You do realize you can search at for the movies you want & find the location that has them in stock? Also, you can rent any movie from any Redbox kiosk & return it to any other kiosk you want. That is a great feature for me. I have several Redbox locations in my town & don’t mind driving to the farthest one to get the movie I want, but not wanting to make the trip twice can just drop it off at a closer location.

        I think Redbox is great! I appreciate the FREE promo code as much as anyone. However, it is a PROMO code. Promo usually means it won’t last forever. So, please stop complaining about the freebee we are getting & be thankful for what we can get for FREE!

        One purpose of a PROMO is to introduce new patrons to your product. Well, maybe Redbox feels they have enough patrons to sustain their kiosk inventories.

        Also, by the PROMO being on Monday only means most people don’t rent on Monday, so Redbox is drumming up business for themselves by offering a “Free” rental on Monday with the hopes of us “Renting” more while we are there. I know I usually get 1-2 more movies with my Free one. So, in my case I guess it’s working.

        Like anything else we get for FREE, we hate for it to come to an end, but I am thankful to Redbox for the months I have been able to avail myself of their generosity. So, THANKS REDBOX!!

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        Sean [visitor]

        Oh, so I guess you like waiting for a day or two to exchange movies rather than driving down the street. And about “not getting it at all for two weeks”, I don’t know what you’re talking about. New movies get rented out all the time at Redbox because they get so few of them in that machine, but it’s NEVER taken two weeks for me to get one. A few days at best. When I had blockbuster if a new movie was out I had to wait AT LEAST two weeks, usually a lot longer for it to come in. Plus, I had to keep an open spot on my qeue so I actually got it if it came in, so I was only watching one movie at a time qwhen I was paying for two. It was absolutely ridiculous. I will never go back to any kind of online mail order rental service. I use Redbox exclusively, and I pay less per month than I did with blockbuster, and I get more movies. And I ALWAYS have at least one out, IF I want. No days in between waiting.

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    Stacy [visitor]

    Thanks so much for the update!

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    ginniebez [visitor]

    Thanks again for the update. One free movie a month is a lot better than no free movie a month. Every little bit helps.

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    thanks for the free code. I feel that everyone can only say thanks because without the free code you could be spending money. It just like some people can always find a way to have a fit about something.

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    Jules [visitor]

    I love free movies s well. You cannot make everybody happy. They want free, then when they get free, they want more. Go Figure. I for one appreciate the free rental. If they don’t want theirs, I’ll take it. Thanks REDBOX!!! :)

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    Can you reserve a movie with the code? I can’t seem to get that option, and it would be nice to do so.

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    rb [visitor]

    Thanks to Michael and Redbox for the promo code. Much appreciated.

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    phil [visitor]

    i agree with the response about bobs comments . stop your whinning its free hello!

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    Steve [visitor]

    After reading most of these comments for the 1st time, I want to thank Redbox and wish Michael much joy and happiness with his new family.

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    bea avery [visitor]

    thank you for the movie

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    netflixux [visitor]

    bunch of cheap asses american, ya? eventhough it’s once per month code, you guys still wants or expect the whole month code. and how the business gonna run? talk about chinese are cheap! cmon wake up we are stackloads of hypochit

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      Alicia [visitor]

      please! there are plenty of people not from America who are cheap too. If you’re cheap you’re cheap. You should of said, some of your are being really cheap and end it there. Stop the stereotyping.

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    Thanks for the free movie code. Love it!!! Every little bit helps us.

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    olga [visitor]

    thanks for the code! have a good week everyone!

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    barb [visitor]

    thanks so much. i went today to use my code but didn’t see any movies i wanted to watch as i had watched most of them already. i tried to let someone else use my code but she already had it on her phone. oh well. maybe i will find one for free next month. thanks again for the free codes.

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      katdking [visitor]

      I’m an x member of Blockbuster(because of the change in policy for unlimited rentals) and Netflix charged me for a movie lost in the mail.
      I really appreciate the promo codes, also at $1.08 per rental how can anyone complain! Any-hoot if the box you go to doesn’t have a variety , go to another. The Wallyworld I go to has 2 kiosk each with different selections. Wahlgreen has a huge selection, including older movies and there are several codes that work there. Don’t stress the little things, enjoy them! :-)

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    Natalie [visitor]

    Thank you for the Free Codes. It surprizes me how many people are complaining about when & how many times they come.
    Yall need to just be happy they provide them, As well as
    E-mail us the code in time to use it.

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    Marty [visitor]

    Just think, a few months ago it was codes for almost every day of the week, then two codes a week, then one code a week, now one code a month. Thanks, Redbox, at least you gave us plenty of time to get used to going to the kiosk and choosing our movies. I for one did not always use the free code because it just felt wrong when renting is only a buck! But for the thousands of others who are unemployed and barely making it, it means at least a little cheap entertainment at no cost beyond gas to the kiosk and back!

    I am going to rent a movie tonight and will probably use the code and rent an extra one so I won’t feel so cheap.

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      Sean [visitor]

      A code for almost every day of the week? I’ve been using Redbox for a couple of years now, and I’ve never seen more than two codes a week, and that was a special that only happened twice: For one month during the holidays, and again in march.

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    Richard [visitor]

    When using the monday promo code does the movie have to be back that same night before 9:00PM or is it the following night. thanks for the straight answer.

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    J.V. [visitor]

    I tried to use this code at Jewel- Osco on Franklin St., Mich. City, In. The machine showed this was an invalid code, so I did not get a rental.

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    bikegirl [visitor]

    Hi – I am having trouble logging into for the free promo code this month. I’ve tried re-registering to see if maybe the first registration didn’t “take”, but it says I’m already registered with that user name. But then when I tried to change my password, it says that my user name is invalid. Any suggestions?

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    Sage [visitor]

    “Redbox” people are so friendly!!!!
    Try to keep up this image peeps;
    that is how I found this
    site, and got tons of free promos just talking to the people
    in line… do I mind waiting in line at Redbox?
    No way!!!
    Cause someone is just itching to tell you about their
    free promo code!!!
    In fact, while I was waiting, a lady came out of the Albertsons
    store and asked me if I wanted the free promo code from
    her Hersheys slip, because she said she won’t use it….
    Is that awesome or what???

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    teddy mcdowell [visitor]


  29. Visitor [Join Now]
    Mikeson [visitor]

    Thanks so much for the update!

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    UBM [visitor]

    For those having hard time finding movies, try your Walgreens
    instead of your Walmarts and Walmart Grocery stores….those
    are the most heavily trafficked areas, and end up having the least to
    rent out. I hit only two of the four walgreens around my house,
    and was able to find the two movies I was looking for
    (The Lawless and New in Town) easily.

    McDonald’s are also coming back around this week….if you
    can stomach the food, any Value Meal you buy gets you one free rental.
    If you feed a family of four, that’s one rental a day for four days!
    And with the $1 drink promotion this week, McDonald’s are sure
    to be busy renting out movies from their redboxes!

    So far here in OKC, we have Walgreens, Walmart, Walmart Grocery,
    McDonalds, and Homeland stores for RedBoxes, Circle K’s have
    Blockbuster Kiosks, On Cue stores have DVDRentz Kiosks, and
    7-Eleven’s here are franchised so nothing in them yet!!

    What does everyone else have in their areas?

    • Visitor [Join Now]
      rb [visitor]

      Where I live in PA, we have most Redbox kiosks at Walmart, Walmart Superstore, large grocery chain Giant Eagles , an some smaller grocers like Kuhn, ShopnSave, Foodland… I sure do wish they’d put Redbox kiosks in our McDonalds because of all the mentioned McDonald-only Redbox promo codes given with purchase of their food items and meals. But then since I have no shame when it comes to getting a bargain/being a lover of movies, I can imagine myself with my feet sticking out of local McDonald garbage cans as I dig through to find all the food wrappers with unused Redbox codes that McDonalds’ patrons might have thrown away!!!

  31. Member [Join Now]

    what are some other redbox promo codes?

    • Visitor [Join Now]
      Mark [visitor]

      You mean, besides all the ones you see when you click on the “Redbox Codes” link, at the top of every page on this site?

  32. Visitor [Join Now]
    rb [visitor]

    ALL THOSE replying to and on the Monday Promo Code 6TK2A3 Post–a Post that is dated Monday June 9th 2008–YES I SAID a POST DATED THE YEAR 2008!–why not at least reply on this Post dated Monday June 1 2009 so Redbox officials who might be browsing this Inside Redbox site don’t think we’ve all completely lost it…. BUT THEN AGAIN, if we keep replying on the June 2008 Monday Promo code Post, Redbox officials might fully understand how they’ve driven some lost souls to utter desperation when/because they’ve discontinued the weekly Monday promo code–and so Redbox will be forced (public relations and all) to bring the weekly Monday code back! …Seriously Michael, maybe you can program a 90 day limit to the archives. After a Post/reply opportunities have been on the site for 90 days, can’t you program that the 90-day archive Post still be available for reading, but not for reply comments on that archive/outdated Post?

    • Administrator
      Michael [administrator]

      Yes, I can make it so old posts cannot be replied to. I have considered that in the past, and will likely do so as soon. I am implementing some forum software for discussion of certain topics like codes, the iphone application, etc., and once I get that running I will definitely turn off access to old posts.