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Redbox Update – Lost and Found

It is once again time for another Redbox update. Labor Day is just around the corner (where did the time go?) and we should be seeing the new website and more summer blockbusters coming to DVD. I think we are in for a good September.

For those of you who are long-time readers, you may be wondering what happened to the weekly update for the past few weeks. Well, I have been “lost” in a lot of work around the house. We are going to be moving soon, and we had quite a bit to do to get the house ready for sale. Now things should be back to normal, so you can get your weekly updates without further interruption!


Last time I asked about the idea of having a contest where you can win a prize (or even $1000). I got quite a mixed response, but overall it was good. So, I have not forgotten, and will get to it shortly.

This week I want the questions to come from you. I was wondering if there was anything you wanted to ask Redbox (the company). I know that Redbox employees and mangement reads this site, so I thought you could ask whatever questions you wanted to know about Redbox, and they can provide answers for us. So, let it begin…

Question: What do you most want to know about Redbox? (as a company, business, the rental process.. whatever) Ask a question, any question, and we will see what answers we get.

Click here and scroll to the bottom to post your question.


I am thinking about putting the movies in a seperate post each week (actually, I already did) instead of putting them here. I am yet undecided, so I will put it here, too, this week.

Movies: Sentinel, Take the Lead, Brother Bear 2, Zodiac, Friends With Money, Akeelah and the Bee, and Stephen King’s Desperation.

TV: Desperate Housewives: Season 2

As always, tell us what you think about these movies/shows in the Movie Talk forum.


There are quite a few new codes working since the last update. Some of them are:


Click here for all of the Redbox Codes

OK, well that is all for this week. Look forward to the announcement of the new (I will send an email as soon as I know it is ready) where you will be able to check what movies are in your local Redbox at any given time.

Have a great week and enjoy your Labor Day weekend!


25 Responses to “Redbox Update – Lost and Found”

  1. Visitor [Join Now]
    Becky [visitor]

    I have tried twice in the early morning hours to return my DVDs but the machines have been turned off. What are the hours of RedBox?

    And why can’t returns be made 24/7?

  2. Visitor [Join Now]
    Greg [visitor]

    I am a bit confused about the Redbox codes. I tried to use one about a week and a half ago and it would not work. How long are the codes good for? Also, Does the locations only carry the last 6 months of movies? I know their is limited space in each but, the machines don’t seem to carry the variety that the website shows.

  3. Visitor [Join Now]
    Nick Park [visitor]

    Is there any chance of Redbox expanding their selections? I love what Redbox does, and I think it is a wonderful convenience. I’d love to start seeing older movies in there, as well as older TV shows on DVD, but I’d rather not join Netflix, and I don’t want to pay the $4.50 to rent at places like Hollywood Video and Blockbuster. I know that the whole convenience with Redbox is for new releases, and that’s what makes it work, I’m just curious what some advances there could be?

  4. Visitor [Join Now]
    Jennifer [visitor]

    My question is: What does redbox do with all there movies after they have been removed from the box to be replaced by new movies?

  5. Visitor [Join Now]
    Melissa Moore [visitor]

    What made you decide to put the Redbox feature in McDonald’s restaurants? Also, why are some boxes outside of the restaurant and some are inside?

  6. Visitor [Join Now]
    Susan Robison [visitor]

    I was wondering why some codes work at my McDonalds Redbox but won’t work at the Smiths Food Center right across the street?

  7. Visitor [Join Now]
    shirl [visitor]

    Why did you change the return time of your
    DVDs from 10:00 PM to 7:00 PM?
    Also, when I come to return my DVDs at 7:00 PM there’s always a line of people returning or
    checking out new DVDs. So………many of us
    who are there on time at 7:00 PM end up checking in our DVDs late & incur a late charge.
    Any comments?

  8. Visitor [Join Now]
    shirl [visitor]

    I used one of your promo codes to rent a DVD &
    when I received my credit card statement there
    was a charge for this DVD.
    Can you explain how this might have happened?

  9. Visitor [Join Now]
    shirl [visitor]

    Love the convenience of your service. Thanks

  10. Visitor [Join Now]
    J. Wellington Wimpy [visitor]

    How can I get a Redbox installed in my living room? Or better yet, my bedroom?

  11. Visitor [Join Now]
    Jeff Jones [visitor]

    Are you planning to have more RedBox Kiosk’s in others fast food restaurants in the future besides Mc D’s…

    Thank you.. We love Redbox !

  12. Visitor [Join Now]
    jim [visitor]

    Does a Redbox reset itself immediately when a dvd is returned? I mean – If I’m looking for Movie X and it’s been taken and the guy behind me happens to be returning it — will it be immediately available for me to take?

  13. Visitor [Join Now]
    Wayne McKinney [visitor]

    RedBox seems to be closely related to McDonald’s. As such, I would think that there would be a lot more “family-friendly” movies in the box than I usually find. So my question is this: How does Redbox choose which movies to put into their boxes?

  14. Visitor [Join Now]
    brett [visitor]

    I recently asked Redbox the same question re:movies that are removed from the box (via e-mail). They replied that currently they are given to employees and that it is a possibilty that in the future they may begin selling them.

  15. Visitor [Join Now]
    Rick [visitor]

    Can you use the same code more than once with the same credit card?

  16. Visitor [Join Now]
    Tanner Winger [visitor]

    How come almost whenenver I get a redbox movie, it skips or freezes?

  17. Visitor [Join Now]
    chels [visitor]

    How can the RedBox machine be full of movies? we tried returning a couple movies but had to wait forever for someone else to check one out so we could put one in…

  18. Visitor [Join Now]
    Katie [visitor]

    I’m so angry! We decided to give Redbox another chance after screwing us over. We rented movies Friday night and the charges went through fine. Then yesterday we rented two more but used promo codes and got charged for it!! What is the use of promo codes if they charge you anyway?

  19. Visitor [Join Now]
    mo [visitor]

    I had the same problem. There have been at least 2 times now where I used a promo code, and the confirm screen comes up to show that the charge is removed and the balance to the credit card is 0.00 . Then, when I get home, the email receipt shows $1.08 !! When I called the cust svc., they said that they don’t show that a code was used and the charges are correct. If the screen shows 0.00, how can they charge your card something you didn’t agree to? What’s the point of showing the total screen if it is meaningless? Normally, if the code is no good, they say “invalid promo code”. But if it takes the code, it should be good! And the discount is shown! The lady asked me what promo code I used, and she said that code is not one they are circulating. THEN WHY DOES THE MACHINE TAKE IT ??????

  20. Visitor [Join Now]
    Tammy Ruggeri [visitor]

    I just rented a dvd from redbox. The movie is the wild when we got it home to view the movie we noticed the the DVD was split in half….how do I report this.

  21. Visitor [Join Now]
    nancy [visitor]

    how do i use the codes?

  22. Visitor [Join Now]
    JAMIE CAMERON [visitor]


  23. Visitor [Join Now]
    Jessica Clemons [visitor]

    This idea seams to be the next big thing!!! I want to know if there is or will be any stock I can invest in? I wish I would have invested in Ebay when it was small!!!

  24. Visitor [Join Now]
    gwen [visitor]

    how much is a lost rodbox dvd?