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It’s June 21, 2010 – the day Redbox has deemed “Summer Movie Mania” day. You can get your free code by becoming a fan of the Redbox Facebook page, and by clicking the “Fan Freebie” tab.

Did you get your code? Did it work?

Also, if you get a code and are not planning on using it, feel free to post it here for others to try.
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67 Responses to “It’s “Summer Movie Mania” Day – Did You Get Your Free Rental?”

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    Patricia [visitor]

    I got my movie. Thank you. But it asked for my credit card to be swiped. Does that me that I will be charged anyway???

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      Moover90 [moover90]

      No.. They ask for your C/C just in case you are late with the movie. You will get one night free……

      • Member [Join Now]

        Yo mover, They REQUIRE your CC# to PROTECT their investment of the DVD they purchased from the Co (distriputer).
        So if you didn’t get the rental-shame on you for being either nieve or plain STUPID.

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          clear520 [visitor]

          Well Moover90 is right and dont811 is being a retard!! They need your cc # so if you return the movie in 2 days instead of 1 or later they know who rented it and who to charge. U need to know what u are talking about before you call people stupid. But you are right as well, If you never bring it back they wll charge you the $24 plus tax for that movie.

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            Cypherdude [cypherdude]

            Why can’t they just email you a free code from Redbox’s own website instead of forcing you to join FaceBook. I’m not going to join FaceBook just for a buck.

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            punchyouinface [visitor]

            youre both dumb idiot heads
            i will show you who is boss, all you retarded morons

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    Amelia loomis [visitor]

    No I did not get my code :-(

  3. Visitor [Join Now]
    N [visitor]

    Yes, I got my free movie. Patricia, if you don’t return your movie on time, then they will bill your card for the extra days/days.

  4. Member [Join Now]

    I went to my Redbox location and the kiosk is currently out of order. Bummer.

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      clear520 [visitor]

      You should call them and tell them and they will send another code to use on a later date. they are rally nice, I have to walk another mile and a half if mine is down and I never have to because they are always so nice, they send me new code to use or if its because I am trying to return a movie (or5) they place them all on refund mode so I don’t get charged any additional days(even if its a couple days before I’ve gotten back. Hope this helps you out:)

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    LABASAUTOMOTIVE [labasautomotive]

    got mine….now what do I use it on?

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    tcarloss [visitor]

    M5R5D2N worked for me today for my free movie!!!

  7. Member [Join Now]

    Here is what happened to me: I entered the code, it was accepted, I selected the movie, swiped my card, it said the movie was being dispensed, then, after about half a minute, an error message came up on the screen which said something like there was an error and the movie couldn’t be dispensed, to try a different machine and that my credit card would not be charged. I went to another machine and tried it again, but when I entered the code, it said that it had already been used and I could not use it again.

    So, I didn’t get the free movie and couldn’t use the code in another machine. I hope the RedBox people can read this so they can see how their machines can screw things up. Who do I contact about this ?. Does it do any good to complain ?.

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    Karen [visitor]

    I guess I’m one of the VERY FEW people who refuse to use Facebook. I have a teenager who I would not allow on ANY social networking site and so personally I feel I shouldn’t either. The drawback is I can’t get any of the offers that have to go through Facebook. Oh well, guess that’s my decision though. I love Free or Discount things but my personal feelings come first.

    • Member [Join Now]

      Karen, Do you think so long and so deeply about the similar decisions with say…the TV remote in your hands–after all, YOU have the POWER of the clicker-U don’t like it-you change the channel. Did u know you can also BLCOK channels you deem unfit for children & adults that act like children ???
      Try to think of Facebook as a simple means to saving your family ENTERTAINMENT dollars by getting the freebes. Then don’t use it for anything else.
      Was that too simple for you and my fellow AMERICANS who forget WE have the power = supply & demand. if only MORE KIDS & folks would stay awy from the movie theater-the PRICE WILL FALL. What ? am i wrong ?
      Look at the ads all over–when people don’t buy–the company HAS to LOWER THE PRICE or “eat the product.”

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        clear520 [visitor]

        You should do it and block everyone from seeing your info, but I have 5 kids and 1 is a teenager and if you don’t do it, you wont know if your kids are! Trust me, plus on facebook if you ever decide to allow them to do it you can do it to and be on hers/his pages and see everyone they are friends with and monitor what they look at and write. It makes parenting a little easy in these new times. For now my code I used today was JMD47WN.

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    Keith [visitor]

    “Did you get your code? Did it work?”
    Yes, I did get it. No, it did not work.

  10. Member [Join Now]

    OK Folks, here’s the real deal here: Like all the games ect6. on FB-you MUST ‘subscribe’ to PLAY !
    For the 1st time ever i just a min ago tried to get the freebie-code. a box appeared stating:
    “”Allowing Fan Freebie access will let it pull your profile information, photos, your friends’ info, and other content that it requires to work.””

    I said to myself %$^&*-this. I don’t care to have anyone but my FRIENDS know what’s happeneing–eaSY FIX !! Right karen ???
    enjoy your day folks.

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    clear520 [visitor]

    I used this code oday and it worked for me!! LMD47WN

  12. Visitor [Join Now]
    Beth [visitor]

    I went to the RB across town and the code did not work. I wrote it down correctly and put in the proper code… NOTHING. I am disappointed!

  13. Member [Join Now]

    i hate facebook, anybody got a code

  14. Visitor [Join Now]
    Brittni [visitor]

    Valid June 21st only

  15. Visitor [Join Now]
    luli [visitor]

    i dont have a facebook account does any one have a code i can use?

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    bshisel [visitor]

    Not to make you sound stupid or anything….but it IS a ONE-TIME use code. And you actually want people to post…so…other people…can FIGHT over them?
    The thought is a nice gesture, but NOT sensible!!!

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    Angel [visitor]

    I asked family and friends ON FB, if they were not going to use them or register to get one, if they would for me. I ended up with 6 codes and have 6 FREE movies and had friends and family popping over all day to watch this movie or that one. Been nice and now off to see MY movie and enjoying the “free-ness” of movies with good friends/family and soaking up the A/C cuz it’s 100 degree outside this 1st day of summer. THANKS to Redbox!!

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    Dennis [visitor]

    I’M not using my code GOOD 6-21-10 ONLY
    I hope someone can use this —— GGZWN4M

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    jakoblin [jakoblin]

    is this share code ?

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    d [visitor]

    got a code.. didnt work

  21. Member [Join Now]

    I can’t use my code today. Hopefully someone still has time to use it. 7G626H6 Enjoy!!!

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    moorzie [visitor]


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    kim [visitor]

    I got a code and it did not work! I tried 2 machines. Yes, I wrote it down correctly etc.

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      Dot [visitor]

      Likewise, got a code, tried it 4 times! The machine kept saying my promo code could not be processed “at this time”. Didn’t say if I was supposed to come back later or what but no movie for me today.

  24. Member [Join Now]

    Code didnt work, but what about rent 2 movies in june and you get a free movie, I’ve rented more than 2 movies this month and havent gotten any emails with free movie. Does anybody know about this? Thanks, Dee

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      ChrisPUT [visitor]

      You have to rent them at the same time.

    • Member [Join Now]

      the movies have to be rented in one transaction at the kiosk. movies reserved online or paid for with a code do not count towards the promotion. it takes about 3 days to get your code. also, check your spam folder. if you did those things and still haven’t gotten it, send them an email. they will send you your code.

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    Susanna [visitor]

    Here’s a code that I’m not going to use! Sorry for it being so late, I totally forgot!


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    ChrisPUT [visitor]

    Tried to use my code but was denied. Came home and found out that it expired at 11:59 CST. It was 11:20ish MST at the time. Dang time zone thingies.

  27. Member [Join Now]

    got 2 … gave 1 away … posted it on redbox for some lucky sole to get!
    you could make 100 … but why … redbox movies suck!

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    LABASAUTOMOTIVE [labasautomotive]

    well instead of an oil change as “dont811” suggested..I rented Edge of Darkness with Mel Gibson. Well worth a $buck..but real nice for free. My code worked. Thanks Redbox.

    • Member [Join Now]

      Good for you ! Glad to read this–now share your good feelins w/ “Karen” upstairs. :)

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        donpaeyon [visitor]

        dont811 you really need to stop putting other people down to make your self better, just cause people ask for help dosen’t make them dumb. but for you, you make them feel that way just casue, thats how you feel about your self and your trying to make your self feel better. you realy need to get a life..

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    Punishark [punishark]

    Yes, I got my code. No, it did not work. Had typed it into the notepad in my phone. Entered it and no go. Even went home and checked directly from Facebook. I had typed what it said. Darn Redbox. :(

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    Just Moi [visitor]

    I got a code but when I went to use it I got a message saying that it wasn’t good as well. I sent a comment to Redbox telling them what happened and so far have heard nothing back.

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      punchyouinface [visitor]

      that is because redbox is far too advanced for the likes of you

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      djjojo1 [debra]

      i haven’t gotten any free codes for the 2 movies rentals. i emailed redbox and they wrote back and told me that i didnt meet the requirements which was 2 movies at one time, had to rent it between june1-june30 and something else but i met all the requiements and i replied back and have heard nothing.

  31. Visitor [Join Now]
    Kendra Wade [visitor]

    dont know why people posted used codes on here. There is no point in doing that, they are one-time use codes. I saw like five different people say “i used it today here is my code blah blah.” Thanks for the useless codes people lol

  32. Member [Join Now]

    i used my code monday and it worked just fine. actually, i used 4 and they all went through just fine.

  33. Member [Join Now] []

    Will the ppl in charge of this website PLEASE either block dont811 from the entire website, or at least block him/her from being able to type the trash that is coming from, what seems to be a very lonely, angry, idiotic, juvenile, 2nd grade educated mouth! This is a place for ppl to exchange information, opinions, facts, and just communicate about anything & everything on the subject of movies. If dont811 can’t do this without continuously making sarcastic remarks toward other ppl, and is allowed to so, I believe that little by little, ppl will completely stop coming to this website entirely! I really like coming here and reading all of the opinions posted on movies I am interested in, and of course I LOVE getting codes for free movies! I’m sorry this post is so long. I just had to get this off of my chest! Thanks for taking the time to read my opinion on this matter!.

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    Dodge [visitor]

    SEC Complain Center
    100 F Street NE
    Washington, D.C. 20549-0213

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    donpaeyon [visitor]

    dont811 you really need to stop putting other people down to make your self better, just cause people ask for help dosen’t make them dumb. but for you, you make them feel that way just casue, thats how you feel about your self and your trying to make your self feel better. you realy need to get a life..

  36. Member [Join Now]

    Sure did. I still haven’t received any of mine for the rent at least 2 movies out at a time June Promotion codes though.