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We’ve had some of the curtain pulled back on the long-expected streaming service that Disney plans to use to compete with Netflix and others in the space.
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Called Disney Plus, the new service will officially launch in the U.S. November 12 and will cost just $7 per month.

An annual subscription to the new service will set you back just $70. This pricing scheme is a clear poke in the eye at Netflix, which just recently raised the price of its most popular U.S. plan to $13 per month.

Of course, Netflix will still have a much greater amount of content than the new Disney service, at least at first.
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Disney Plus will be no slouch, however, as the Mouse House owns all the movies its produced under its own label over the years, as well as the content from Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm, much of 20th Century Fox, and more.

Do you think Disney Plus’ cheap price point and breadth of content will be enough to steal some Netflix subscribers and help it get a toehold in the extremely competitive streaming space, Insiders?

One Response to “Disney’s Netflix Rival to be Much Cheaper, Launches in November”

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    Kone [visitor]

    This sounds good. But we all know there may be a few things that were not told here. The small print & this & that. And you must have this & that. And join this & that. And I’m betting the price will go up 50% + within a year are less.
    But! On the other hand. Maybe this is there way to overtake the market?
    If they can give great service, at a great price. And keep the low price. Get millions & millions on end to get the service. Keep it. Then Netflix & Amazon will be in for a real wake up call.
    Time will tell. I for one will get this service out.