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I just saw this news today – and what great news it is – for the Denver Redbox market…
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To see the rest of the news and the rollout map, visit the Redbox site at:

Also, we are getting quite a base of users here, with about 500 visitors per day coming to get their free dvd rental codes. Keep up the good work.

Coming soon you will see a better format for displaying the codes (BTW, keep sending your comments about the beta codes page), as well as the ability to be notified as new codes come available… So, keep posting those codes and coming back to get all the free dvd rentals you want!


4 Responses to “Denver RedBox increasing capacities by 500%”

  1. Visitor [Join Now]
    Tom Smith [visitor]

    ALL the codes have disappeared. May be you are working on the database set up, or may be just forgot to link the page, but both the codes pages don’t have any Codes! I hope that cooperate power didn’t get to this website.

  2. Administrator
    Michael [administrator]

    Looks like some spammer/malicious user tried to eliminate this site… I may have to go to a moderated approval model to the codes section if this happens again…

    Anyway, we are back up now…


  3. Visitor [Join Now]
    T.O. Owens [visitor]

    I rented from one of the new boxes. They are SLOW!!! and the credit card readers were very picky. The other bummer is that movies have to be back by 7pm now instead of 10. At least at the 2 boxes I have stopped at. On the plus side all of the code that I had used once worked again. They must be using a new checkout system. One other note is that even thought they claim to have 5 times the capicity there were no more movies, I hope that is to come. At one other box I stopped at they were doing work. I did not have a camera with me, but it was pretty cool. If you know what the device that holds bombs on a B-1 bomber looks like then you can picture the inside of a redbox because they are exactly the same.

  4. Visitor [Join Now]
    Donna [visitor]

    Hi there. Just wanted you to know that I prefer the
    drive-up kiosks much better then the walk up. Here
    on your blog you have it in grey and black. We used
    to be able to return movies by 10, 9 oclock Denver
    time. Well, I have had so many problems with this
    one kiosk, I am having to revamp the problems to
    your company. Redbox started out as an excellent
    idea, but some customers scratch the livin blank
    out of the DVD’s and they don’t read. This summer
    was a nightmare. When I went to Longmont, everything
    was a little bit better. I really like the idea of
    extending the time. 7p.m. might be convenient for
    some of your customers, but I don’t get off of work
    or school til after….so you cut down on the DVD’s that I will rent from you. Albertsons direly needs
    your system….hurrah, and Walgreens is right by
    our home. Thankyou!
    Cable is getting so very expensive, I applaud your
    idea of more selection also. Thankyou again