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MarketWatch has an interesting article regarding a survey Redbox conducted earlier in the year regarding the summer plans of Redbox customers.

According to the survey, 56% of consumers intended to spend less on summer vacation activities this year due to rising costs of gas and food, while a full 40% planned to spend their summer at home and not travel at all.

Also, many are choosing to watch movies at home instead of going to the theater…

“While movie theater ticket and concession prices continue to rise, families can bring the theater home for a fraction of the price,” advises Gary Lancina, vice president, marketing, redbox. “Stop by your local redbox retailer and pick-up a jumbo box of your favorite candy along with a $1 redbox DVD for an action-packed movie night on a shoe-string budget.”

The full article has some interesting statistics on the survey. Check it out if you have time…

What about you? Have you traveled less and cut down your visits to the movie theaters in favor of watching your movies at home?


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