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In their recent SEC filing, Blockbuster said their was “substantial doubt” regarding their ability to meet the conditions of their current $250 million loan that is keeping them afloat.

And, even if that loan stays intact, there is concern that they “may not have sufficient liquidity to finance the ongoing obligations of our business, which raises substantial doubt about our ability to continue as a going concern.
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So, things are looking more and more grim for Blockbuster. Why don’t they just change everything in their stores to /day rentals?
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That would at least give them a fighting chance.

79 Responses to “Blockbuster Admits “Substantial Doubt” About Their Survival”

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    Bill Tilley [visitor]

    I think blockbuster has been fighting off closing for to long. Time to let it go. Service is expensive, poor customer service and the only benefit is being able to read the entire movie jacket prior to rental but 5x the price to redbox. Kiosks or mail order is the way until digital downloads replaces that.

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      Jason [visitor]

      I think you mean “…too long…” not “..,to long…”

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      AlexH [alexh]

      Blockbuster will always have higher operating costs: it is a brick and mortar operation that uses human labor. Competing against $1, “automated” rental kiosks is always a difficult task under such conditions. But RedBox itself isn’t perfect. I am not “for” Blockbuster by any means. For many years I have been annoyed at their insane rental prices (for about $5 I can actually BUY many DVDs on the market) as well as their fees (recall a time when a class action lawsuit forced it to change its practices?). However, with Blockbuster you always have someone there to talk to. For example, if there is some technical glitch and, say, a RedBox kiosk takes your DVD but doesn’t somehow read it as “returned” you can potentially be charged for the DVD. Even if there is customer service down the line, it is much easier to talk to a live person and resolve the issue then and there. Secondly, RedBox is great for New releases, but AWFUL for older ones. Frankly, BLockbuster itself is crappy when it comes to selection, but it is better than RedBox. Sure, most people want new releases, but some like to see a unique art house movie once in a while. Blockbuster- as the name implies- isn’t all that much better, but it does have a bigger selection by virtue of sheer store volume.

      I used to bemoan how Blockbuster got rid of the old “mom and pop” rental business (just as behemoth WamMart got rid of the local “mom and pop” convenience stores- plus thousands of acres of trees to boot). I totally hate the massive expansion of these environmentally hazardous retail outlets, and RedBox in some way helps that because it is small and has a smaller footprint. But I also am now bemoaning how RedBox is taking the human aspect out of this business. Yeah, I hate Blockbuster’s prices and policies, but I am now limited- or soon will be- to just some crappy new “blockbuster” Hollywood releases. Everything is becoming homogenized towards the satisfaction of the lowest common denominator. If you like this, then RedBox is great. But I’d like to think that there can still be some variety in this business. Keep RedBox as a quick way to rent new movies cheaply and conveniently (and possibly improve ways to get into contact with human beings when things go wrong). But don’t totally wipe out all human activity here, either.

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        Car [car]

        Don’t worry about it. In a short time Redbox will be out of business when you will be able to watch any new release at home using a download for 25 cents or less a movie. Some may use commercials and will be free.

        It will happen, it has to. The issues are bandwidth and some sort of DRM.

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    You think they will put everything on liquidation for sale. Like Circuit City did when they went out of business. If they do I may hit Blockbuster if they give really low prices on some games.

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    Car [car]

    I love the way these companies know they are doomed then they go borrow money and the bankers just give it out, the execs all take big bonuses, then they declare bankruptcy and don’t have to pay anything back.

    Only in America.

    BB = Bye Bye

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    And who should get blamed for this business/lending model; the fool or the fool who lends the money? If a business does not have a reasonable chance of continuing in business without changing their business model, why would anyone (including a federal government “bailout”) lend it money? (Think GM, folks!) These are difficult economic times and many businesses that thrived when the going was easy must change or cease to exist.

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    Amaranthine [amaranthine]

    Last week, when I was at Blockbuster and told the saleslady that they would get great business if they lowered prices. She told me, quietly, because no one else is supposed to know, they yes, Blockbuster is in fact lowering their prices sometime this month coming up. She didn’t know when, but she shared that piece of information with me. She also said that for pricing it would be $1.99 for the first two nights and then a dollar a night after that. That way you get a great selection for roughly the same price. You just have to rent the actual movie for two nights first, but that would put it back into great competition with Redbox.

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    really if you think about their prices $6 to rent a movie why not just add $7 more and just buy the movie!!!!

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      rahlquist [visitor]

      This is what happened to me last week at BB in California, we went in to rent Spiderwick for my parents and couldn’t find it, asked the clerk and he said do you want to rent, or buy it? I said rent, he aid why its cheaper to buy it.

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    kclne [visitor]

    I worked at Blockbuster until a few weeks ago and it’s true that they’re going down the drain. They have been cutting back labor hours to the bare bones, and also jacking up movie prices. They only way they’re going to make it out of this is if they do one movie one dollar one day. I’d go to Blockbuster over RedBox any day if they were the same price. RedBox can’t give you an opinion. You have to wait in line forever, and then you feel rushed when it’s your turn to pick a movie. In Blockbuster, nobody gets angry if you can’t decide what you want.

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      The Turnip [visitor]

      “You have to wait in line forever, and then you feel rushed when it’s your turn to pick a movie. In Blockbuster, nobody gets angry if you can’t decide what you want.”

      You’ve posted here so obviously you have internet access.

      * Why in the world would you want to stand at a kiosk trying to figure out what you want?

      * Why don’t you use the Redbox website to see in advance what is at that location?

      * If you can’t decide what you want, why not allow the person behind you to ‘play through’?

      “RedBox can’t give you an opinion.”

      Why not use one of the million websites dedicated to movie reviews to get an opinion?

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        Redbox user [visitor]

        Me’s the same..Not about reserved a redbox online to avoid the rushy.

        It’s the out and about or maybe on my way from work and stop at a redbox, I do feel rush.

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        Amaranthine [amaranthine]

        Not all Redbox locations that advertize their inventory have those movies in stock when you get to that specified location.

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    Blockbuster gives you only 2 options. Lots of new movies and access to the golden oldies. Their price has gone too high for most all customers. You can go to WALMART and get better deals and keep the movies.

    REDBOX has the best deal but I’m sorry to say won’t be able to keep fighting due to the limit of movies available.

    At first I was going from REDBOX to REDBOX to rent a new movie because the closest one to me had rented all of them out or wasn’t even loaded with the newest movie. The REDBOARD makes it look great but you can’t keep in business unless you rent over 75% of the box per day.

    I monitored the REDBOX at our store and found it made only 65.00 a day average.

    I have

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      Crusty [visitor]

      why dont you reserve it online BEFORE you head out..then you dont have to drive around like a crazy man!

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      anonymous [visitor]

      how are you figuring 65.00 a day exactly?65 people or 65 actual movies being rented? some people rent anywhere from 1-5 movies at a time.. dont forget about the tax on top of that dollar..and that’s not including the late rental returns.. not including the people that decide to just keep the movie they rented for 25.00 plus all the tax that they paid per day.. and even so if its 65.00 total for a day(plus tax) X 7= about $486 a week.. not bad for a machine that works off of $1 a day rentals..

      a little side note for you.. do you know how many customers decided not to return their movies last year? over 2.5 MILLION.. so times 2.5 million by $25.00 plus all that tax and that equals a lot of money!

      And just because your “machine” at your store only made 65.00 doesn’t mean that all the other machines are the same way.. Your store may just not be a high volume store for Redbox customers… If it were then you would have 2-4 machines standing side by side.. I know in New York there is a quad- machine location. In my area I have seen quite a few dual- locations as well…

      save yourself the time and just reserve online.. then your movie is guaranteed to be there for you.

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        bug14196 [visitor]

        You mentioned $1.00 a day plus taxes they charge and it adds up to a lot of money. They are not allowed to keep tax money it must be sent in to the government or its against the law.

        Another thing you cannot reserve a movie online for a specific location if you have a code to use. Believe me I’ve tried but it doesn’t work.

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        jamie [visitor]

        You think that oh they must be making a killing with this business model. You forgot to add in the cost for the movies, the price of the equipment, they still have to have employees (just not as many). I’m sure they are doing ok and may even continue to exist for some time but trust me, this business model is not the money making machine that you believe it to be. In fact here is a quote from Coinstar one of the owners of RedBox

        “But Coinstar also predicted Redbox would lose money this year – $4 million to $5 million for Coinstar’s share of the company. That works out to $8.5 million to $10.5 million. Waring declined to comment on Redbox’s losses, other than to say the machines themselves are profitable.”

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    Rusty [visitor]

    Um… Netflix is the best, Redbox 2nd, and local video stores 3rd if they even exist anymore. Stopped going to BlockBuster close to 10 years ago.

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      Sean [visitor]

      I’ve never tried netflix, but the blockbuster mail order one sucks bad. Even with one day shipping, you can only rent 4 a week. And if a new movie gets rented out you could be waiting weeks to get it, and if one copy comes in and you don’t have an empty spot in your qeue then it gets sent to someone else. Even if you rip yourself off by keeping an empty spot and having one less movie out at a time than you pay for, there is nothing that gaurantees that incoming movie gets sent to you and not someone else who has an empty spot. It’s ridiculous. Those online mail order ones are a rip off if you care at all about new movies.

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    ebamm [visitor]

    That only $65.00 a day is almost pure profit… Really no overhead, which Blockbuster is getting killed with. What do you think their payroll is? You have a district manager, a store manager, some assistant managers, and at least two employees on hand each day. That cuts into your profit margin BIG TIME!

    Red Box rocked at first, now, I visit at least 5 different redbox kiosks religiously… and very rarely do they have ANY movies in stock… and most have installed the 2 box kiosk, and they STILL never have movies in stock (not to mention the awesome line you get to stand in to get nothing…)

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      I agree with you but it costs them a little for the service.

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      Ditto [visitor]

      If you have an internet connection, it’s better if before you go & rent movies from a specific Redbox location, you go to to see the list of the movies that are available in the Redbox location that you’re going to go to. You’ll be able to see what movies that are in stock at that time.

      If you’re going to rent it without using a free movie code, you’ll be able to reserve a movie online & pick it up at the location you already chose, so that way, you know you’ll get the movie you want when you get to that specific Redbox location. But, if you’re going to rent a movie with a free movie code, you’ll still be able to see what movies are available online, but you won’t be able to reserve it online. So, you only see it online, make sure it’s still available; go there & just hope that movie is still there by the time you get there. What I normally do is making a list of a few movie that I’m interested in renting on a piece of paper, so, if by the time I got there, the 1st movie on my list is not available, I have my back up, the other movies that I can also get. So, at least you won’t be standing in an awesome line & end up getting nothing.

      In the, you can also read the plot of each movie. Some movies also have Yahoo movies rating on them.

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      anonymous [visitor]

      you also have to take into consideration how many people are also in line ot get that same movie you are trying to get…

      before redbox I remember going in to a hollywood video or blockbuster and them not having the new releases in because all the other people rented them out.. same concept.. nothing’s changed..

      just now instead of going into a store with all these old movies that not many people rent a whole lot of and non-existant new releases on their bare shelves, you are walking up to a machine that only holds about 700 movies.. and depending on how busy the location actually is which is what determines how many copies of a single movie there is.. (higher customer volume stores= More copies vs. lower customer volume stores getting less copies)

      They can put in 40 copies of a movie, but if you just happen to be the 41st customer to come and rent that movie then of course it’s not going to be in the machine for you when you arrive.. And then on top of all that you have to take into consideration that those customers that rented those movies may not be coming back to the location they rented them from to return them..

      If they overstock the machines then they will not make a profit at all.. understocking doesn’t help either, but it’s probably difficult to tell with each individual title just exactly how demanding of a new release it is..

      It’s kinda like that computer game called Lemonade stand.. you have to make educated guesses on how much supplies you need per day(or week) and hope that you don’t over stock(and have things get spoiled) or even understock (because then you can’t make any money without supplies) you have to find the perfect median to keep the customer demand satisfied..

      I personally wait till the end of the week and then go get the new releases.. they are normally always there… and if they aren’t then I ask the people in line behind me (if they are returning) what movie they are returning, and let them return so I can rent it… Problem solved..

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        none [visitor]

        you can always go out at midnight on mondays (tues morning) and rent the new ones before everyone else does

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        Sean [visitor]

        They NEVER put 40 copies of a new movie in. I hope that was an exaggerated example, because it’s more like 2 to 6.

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          You are probably right, but how do you KNOW they never put more than 6 in any given machine? Do you work for them stocking the machines?

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      Klit [visitor]

      You gotta think BIGGER just because one machine has maybe 65 rentals in a day you multiply that by what 15,000 kiosks? Thats close to a million dvds a day….I know for a fact that Redbox has had over 1.4 Million dvds rented in a SINGLE day. More and more people are renting from redbox every day and its hard to keep up with the supply/demand I remember when blockbuster was the ONLY place to go to get movies back when they were popular and they were always out of the new releases cuz other people rented them out. Same difference here.

      And redbox will continue to grow only like 20% of the US knows what a Redbox is…. thats alot of people who have no clue and will eventually join up with everyone else standing in line to get movies. Movies will always be hard to get the first week out try using the reservation system so its there for you when you goto the machine like the other smart people do!

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    Amethyst [visitor]

    They’re too greedy to go to $1/day rentals. Doubt they’d stoop that low either even if they should to stay afloat.

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    bosscain [visitor]

    Blockbuster cannot do $1 rentals since their overhead is so high,they have employees, electric bills and building rent to pay,along with other bills. redbox is a machine and take very little overhead.

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    Mr Bball [visitor]

    I love redbox, sure you don’t have a superselection but I realized that I don’t need that super selection. Its convienient, a great price, and how much time do I have to watch movies anyway. I don’t have a movie channel at home and if its that great a movie a must see than I’ll fork over the 10-20 bucks plus popcorn and got the the big screen. BlockBuster needs to start competing with redbox somehow, they compete with netflix but the kept raising the prices. If I was blockbuster I would start eliminating stores, starting with the ones that create the most dept or least profit. In addition I would come out with a bluebox and start putting them out to compete and add video game rentals to it. Sorry for folks that work at blockbuster but its what the market is calling for. Maybe they even keep the most profitable stores open but they still should think of automating things at the stores. No need for a checkout person etc. Blockbuster better change quick or they are dead.

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      Blockbuster always thought if they defeated hollywood they would be king. Then they fought netflix. Its over redbox, will put an end to blockbuster. I knew nothing of redbox till saturday night when my cable was out. Went to 3 different redboxes, had lines at each. One machine old folks broke it, next machine didn’t have good selection. Went home empty handed. Sunday morning went to first location, they had 5 more pages of movies, rented 3, had a great easter movie fest for $3.21. Watched 3 movies, went back rented 2 with free promo codes. Will rent on mondays and wednesdays when I have my cable back on.

      Bye bye blockbuster.

  14. Member [Join Now]

    Blockbuster…..Too arrogant, too long, glad to see them go !!!

  15. Visitor [Join Now]
    Booth [visitor]

    Blockbuster has been overpriced for way too long. Not only has Family Video always had the market over them but now with Redbox and Netflix, they do not stand a chance. I know I rented a movie from Blockbuster and it ended up costing me seven dollars! OUTRAGIOUS! I will NEVER go back. Bahumbug with them!

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      Booth [visitor]

      One more thing, making your customers angry with overpricing will not make them rent your movies even if they are at competitor price ($1 per night). I have no doubt they are going under.

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    Katie [visitor]

    Anyone have any thoughts on Hollywood Video? We used to have MVP with Hollywood Video… rent 3 at a time up to 5 days as many as you want per month for about $15. The downside was that if 1 movie was late that’s $5 right there. But for some stupid reason they decided to get rid of that program and now they have some complicated, expensive point program and you get less movies for more money. We just said “Yeah we’re going with Netflix” but that was before I discovered Redbox. One thing Netflix has over Redbox is more choices including tv programs. And I hate waiting for someone who can’t make up their mind when I need to return a movie before 9pm. You can read the description online so you don’t have to hold people up in the store.

    • Member [Join Now]

      Yeah Hollywood Video has turned into “Blockbuster” if you ask me. They are using the same tactics Blockbuster has always used….take away a good deal and replace it with a more expensive deal that is half the deal they had to begin with. The MVP program is a perfect example, they replace that with this LAME “Powerplay” program where you get MUCH LESS for a MUCH HIGHER PRICE! It’s a shame because i used to hate Blockbuster and loved Hollywood Video, now i just hate both. I predict Hollywood Video will go out of business just like Blockbuster if they keep up the new tactics they are employing now. They already filed for bankruptcy months ago!

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      If you happen to be a little late, just give redbox a call. I waited in line and didn’t get my movies back in till like 9:10 or 9:15, when home got back by about 9:20, gave them a call and explained to them why they were late, and badda bing badda boom they were more than willing to refund the charges. They were three movies I rented for free from monday night and I was not charged one red cent. I LOVE REDBOX – REDBOX ROX

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    Sparkysmovies [visitor]

    PowerPlay is a ripoff. How can anyone read what it has to offer and think that is a better deal than MVP?
    I told the person at the store I wouldn’t be ‘upgrading’ nor would I continue to rent anything from Hollywood Video.

    I emailed Hollywood Video to complain and their reply was to tell me what a great deal PowerPlay is.
    I shredded my card, ….started looking for another place to rent DVD’s and found Redbox!

    And to think ……if they kept MVP, I’d still be with them, and not realize what a great value Redbox is.

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    Rusty Shackleford [visitor]

    I doubt Blockbuster is going totally out of business. There was an article a few months ago (or maybe it was sooner than that; I don’t remember how long), but Blockbuster said that they are going to only rent movies via kiosk. They didn’t mentioned if they would kill off their online rental system, but I say they won’t. Blockbuster did say that they would keep physical stores for the purpose of selling hardware like receivers and dvr ( and other devices) that will allow people to rent Blockbuster movies that way.

    So doing all three of those things will really keep more of their revenue in their pockets, which should help them become a more viable business.

    I wonder why other independent video retail stores aren’t complaining yet. Well, I haven’t heard them complaining about going broke. Some of the stores that I’m talking about are “Movie Gallery” and “Hollywood Videos”.

    I think there are many factors to consider with the movie industry. Some of them are, people are getting laid-off and having to take a pretty good size pay-cut, so less money than what they are use to is coming in and they are still in a financial shock on how to cope with it. So, that may mean, that they will rent fewer films than they have in the past. They are a lot of movies that get posted on “YouTube” (It may be illegal to post copyrighted movies, but it isn’t illegal to watch it). There are other vast array of sites that has movies to download, so people may compensate their loss of income by download the movies that they normally would have rented at their previous income.

    Also, anyone with a satellite receiver can purchase movies, while sitting on the couch. People can loan each other their movies, which takes away market share from every business that participates in the movie industry. Also, there is those people that only shops in the $1-5 shopping bins.

    So, there are a lot of variables and/or factors that must be looked at to what is causing businesses that participates in the movie industry to not thrive anymore. There are way more market factors than what I have listed that controls the profit-loss in this type of market, but that should give everyone some idea to what this industry is facing.

    So many companies think that if everyone was paid less money, then they will rake in more money at their continued retail prices, but if people’s income is reduced then their income will be reduced because the people won’t have as much to spend.

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    I forgot to mention, the local public library loans out dvd movies. Huge selection, and if its not at your local branch they bring it to your local branch. That’s way cheaper then blockbuster, new releases fat chance, but free is always good.

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      The Turnip [visitor]

      My library has a great selection! You’re right about new releases, but as far as I’m concerned, any movie I haven’t watched is “new” to me no matter what year it came out.

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      My local library has a great selection, but they charge $2 for 4 days. It’s good for indie movies and TV sets (they count a whole season as one rental), but forget about new release movies. Redbox all the way for that.

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    Darren Long [visitor]

    I was just out this weekend and drove by a Blockbuster and right there on the front was a banner saying, “One movie, one night, one dollar”.

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    UBM [visitor]

    First, @ Ditto: I agree whole heartedly with your way of doing your redbox “shopping”!! Someone needs to make this post a sticky for all to read.
    Would save some of the long lines at the kiosks!

    Second, though, you’d be suprised as to how many Redbox renters

    I was in line the other day at my favorite double kiosk Redbox location
    (SW59th Western OKC) and the lady on the “A” kiosk was watching me on the
    “B” kiosk do my thing: Promo Code from Cell, checkout, hit and enter email.
    She asked “Why are you doing that, I just hit next until it gives me my movie”.
    I explained to her that every Mon and some Weds Redbox sends free codes
    to your cell phone, provided you go online and sign up at
    Also, if you give them your email address, you get a reciept of
    transaction, so if there is a problem with overcharging, you’ll know
    about it, like when they had the credit card scammers last year.

    She was like “Really? I didn’t know that?” I said just slow down and read
    the pages and don’t click next, next, until your movie spits out.
    To encourage her, I gave her the Monday code to use.

    From what I see, Redbox makes ALOT of money because ALOT of people
    don’t use/know about/sign up for the Free Rental codes online,
    and miss out on free rentals. I laugh to myself when people do
    just as that lady did and click through. But I also play fair,
    and give people the code to get a free flick for the night if it’s monday.
    But only if they are nice in line, sometimes their are people who shouldn’t
    use a kiosk if you know what I mean.

    As for BB….they thought for a long time they were the leader in rentals,
    and in the 80’s this was true. But other players entered the scene,
    and more mom and pop chains popped up to compete and didn’t give up….
    BB refuse to change except for giving us now ALL CATALOG MOVIES
    at $1 a night for 1 day. My store s are advertising this too Darren Long,
    and It’s ridiculous…old catalog movies for $1, new movies for $6.
    Weinstien exclusives won’t keep them afloat for too long….Customers
    have waaay too many waays now to get movies…Library, Internet,
    Kiosks, On Demand, Torrent….BB is going down!

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      Honeybunny [honeybunny]

      That’s really nice of you to tell other people about the codes and to help people to learn how to use the machine. I also have told other people about the codes (I tell them to go to I also leave a sticky note on the machine with the code on it in case somebody forgot the code or doesn’t know about it.
      I went to rent a movie and use a code and forgot the code at home ( I only do email) and I asked the person next in line if they had the code and they said yes but wouldn’t share it.
      So thank you from all of us who needed people like you in the world.

      • Visitor [Join Now]
        movwatcher [visitor]

        It is not like I dont know how to read. How do you know ppl behind have a code and didnt want to share? If you are against this, why are doing the same thing? PPL who do not pass on the codes are idiots, stingy. It goes beyond giving a free codes just to whom you believe it is nice to you. What is “Nice” have to do with spead out the word of Free Redbox codes? Soon free codes will be discontinued as more users know about it, but the fact is you gotta it for “FREE,” by not giving out you DESTORY the purpose of it.

        • Member [Join Now]
          Honeybunny [honeybunny]

          I asked if they had the code and they said yes but wouldn’t share and I always share codes and tell people about this site. Are you ass backwards ? You really need to reread what I posted.

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            Rich [visitor]

            My guess is many of the “stingy” people get the Monday code via text message from Redbox, and think the code is specific to them so won’t work if they give it away.

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            movwatcher [visitor]

            What did you say? I thought you are the “Nice” ones? Start cussing What An Idoit! I don’t evaluate your message through just one sentence, but the entire message it’s inconsistent. Inconsistent interprets untruthfulness. You mention you’ll post-it a Note of free code on the kiosk for “Bad” people. Do you/ppl actually carry a post-it note pack everywhere they go? NO !! My concern is Redbox does not intend to allow anyone stick one or two Free movie codes on their rental machines each week. You will Never DO this, I know so. Although, I support of free movie for all, by pass on codes, or word by mouth, but stick a post-it note on the kiosk for “Bad” ppl, I doubt you’ll ever do, because it is unethical and Redbox could stop the promo and/or sue you for loss of revenues. ppl like you, I know you will not even look at the bad person behind you, but ran as quickly out as soon you checked out your movies. So don’t even blah about stick a Post-It note on the kiosk for a “Bad Person” behind you.

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            Car [car]

            Don’t worry about the post-it’s because people like movwatcher think that the people who are….

            *** already there to get movies ***

            will somehow empty the machine if they know about the code, so he will take the post-it off the machine, like a selfish, greedy, unthoughtful, little $#@$&#!

            If you are so worried about people emptying the machine on Mondays, STOP USING 4 CCs and leave some movies for the rest of us!

            Go ahead, post-it away!

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            movwatcher [visitor]

            Reply to Car:
            I am Not afraid of renters emptying the Machine, in fact, I would like to see how is like, probably is fun, but just like an ATM it never gets low. If it does it will automatically be out of order or signaling a local tech to place more movies.

    • Visitor [Join Now]
      movwatcher [visitor]

      So you only pass on promo code to someone you interepts as “a nice person?” That is pretty idiotic.. you got it for free. The Mon & Wed codes are not Unique codes, share to anyone. So contradict, stop blabbbb about others BBs..etc.., you are stingy.

      • Visitor [Join Now]
        Red Shirt [visitor]

        I disagree. If someone is being a jerk, that behavior should not be rewarded.

        I’ve never experienced someone being rude behind me so I always leave my Post-it note with the code and “InsideRedbox” on the kiosk when I’m done.

        • Visitor [Join Now]
          movwatcher [visitor]

          Then you are The JERK. I’m tired of ppl blah about such as BB, HV, how expensive they getting. But You are getting Codes for Free and you’re not generous of giving out to anybody. Attitude problem does not constitue “No free movie.” Imgine you own BB or HV ppl may never able to rent from you with that type of generosity. I guess that is the “NORMS” in humans.

          • Member [Join Now]
            Honeybunny [honeybunny]

            You need to read what we posted both Red shirt said he leaves a note about “insiderRedBox” and I said I leave a note with the code.
            If I asked a person behind me if they have the code and they say yes but wont share Who is being stingy?
            I also don’t mind paying a $1.00 for a movie.

          • Visitor [Join Now]
            UBM [visitor]

            UBM wrote:
            “But only if they are nice in line, sometimes their are people who shouldn’t
            use a kiosk if you know what I mean.”

            I think Honeybunny he means me, but you no what, I’ll spell it out for U since U don’t get it movwatcher: I’m talking about people who:

            1. are nice in line at the kiosk,
            2. that don’t try and cut,
            3. that don’t hover over and on u while u make ur selection,
            4. who don’t have a valid credit card but try and use the kiosk anyway and cause it to be locked at
            their shopping cart because they don’t have a valid credit card,
            5. and who take all day READING the descriptions, loading up
            the shopping cart with five movies, and then get mad when the kiosk tells them they are over the limit!

            So what, I didn’t give you a Free Code because u did any of these
            things, tough, a little common sense and manners go
            a LOOOONNNGGGG way.

            And Honeybunny, u r welcome, people who are respectful
            of others get respect back. I’ll continue to do so .

          • Visitor [Join Now]
            Red Shirt [visitor]

            Flamebait is a message posted to a public Internet discussion group, such as a forum, newsgroup or mailing list, with the intent of provoking an angry response (a “flame”) or argument over a topic the troll often has no real interest in.

        • Visitor [Join Now]
          movwatcher [visitor]

          talking about how cheap BB and HV are getting, an example of how you/ppl are the Same as BB & HV. It’s free code, Pass it on! In general term, It’s like the air we breathe, or is it breathing free air only rewarded to good behavior too?

  22. Visitor [Join Now]
    will [visitor]

    I’m not a fan of any retail chain going out of business in this economy. Besides, Blockbuster has a much bigger selection of titles than Redbox. Sure, Redbox can undercut Blockbuster on a limited selection of hit titles, but apart from the regional guy loading the machine and fixing the kiosks in the field, who works for Redbox at the local level? Answer: nobody. And who will step into the breach to put pressure on Netflix to keep monthly subscription fees reasonable? PPV? I don’t think so…

  23. Visitor [Join Now]
    StopWhining [visitor]

    You all sound like a bunch of whiny babies with no lives
    I did notice however, when you enter an expired code it will go through as it is active, after you press checkout and swipe your card it ill come up code already used
    They have caught on to you d-bags and figure since you picked a movie and have your card out you’d end up paying for it

    • Member [Join Now]
      Car [car]

      Hey whiny baby, use your brain “d-bag”! Exercise some of those neurons, “Code already used” means **you** used it once already **on that card**.

      Did you think you could just use it over and over?

      It’s sad that you went all the way to a Redbox just to find out that your brain isn’t being used. They consider someone to have “no life” when there’s no neural activity, and I would say that counts!

      • Member [Join Now]
        Chip [chip]

        Now there’s something to think about!

      • Visitor [Join Now]
        StopWhining [visitor]

        Are you the guy from the world of warcraft episode of south park
        You sound like a fat nerd loser
        Maybe if you would read a comment before you type the pathetic thoughts in your head
        For someone who has been using redbox for years compared to your fat bandwagon ass, Redbox NOW will allow expired codes to go through and only tell you its expired after you swipe your credit card
        Go kill yourself

      • Visitor [Join Now]
        rb [visitor]

        Car, As explained before in an all too lengthy blog about my experiences in Westen Pa, ‘promo code already used’ doesn’t ALWAYS mean ‘you’ have already used ‘that promo code’ once on your specific credit or debit card. Promo codes I know I’ve never used before, EVER, on any card, have been accepted at the beginning, given me a zero balance after using promo code, HAS ACCEPTED MY CARD, and then asked for zip code. Only after I put in zip was the promo code rejected. My thought is it wouldn’t even go on to ask for zip if ‘you’ had already used the code before on the exact card you’re trying to use again. Wouldn’t right after you swipe your card the screen would immediately say ‘promo code already used’ because it would read/recognize THAT card as already having used THAT promo code. Therefore, I’m thinking if it’s accepting the promo code UNTIL you put in your zip, then it has something to do with that specific promo code being rejected/not working in your specific area. Also thinking when it accepts and lets me get all the way to the end before retracting/rejecting the code, it has something to do with trying to use a shared one person/1x use code that’s already been used by that one person/1x. Still thinking, still inquiring, still learning….

  24. Member [Join Now]
    Rojas2008 [rojas2008]

    I have an account with Netflix, the one at a time unlimited, and i go to
    redbox every week for the new movies only,it’s very hard to get a new
    release from Netflix it’s always on very long wait.

    At redbox even if i have to wait two days it’s still much faster then waiting
    for Netflix to get it.

    • Member [Join Now]

      Several people have mentioned problems getting new releases from online services. I’ve never had that problem with netflix in my area. Maybe it’s because there are fewer subscribers in my area or something, but if I put a new release at the top of my que it will ship the day before the official release so I have it on the release date. I love netflix for offbeat and older movies too.

  25. Visitor [Join Now]
    Losermountain [visitor]

    Redbox is for new releases
    Blockbuster is for games and older releases