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Are You a ‘Netflix Cheater?’

Netflix_just_rolled_out_a-23308e111c03d9879747487ba767324cBe honest. When your SO is out of town, asleep, or otherwise busy, are you sneakily watching episodes of the show you’re supposed to be going through together? If so, you’re not alone–Netflix infidelity is apparently much more common than you may think. Read on.

This week, Netflix released a study in which a whopping 48 percent of respondents confessed to Netflix cheating on their significant others. Shockingly, 54 percent of the Netflix unfaithful are married.

If you are a Netflix cheater, worry not. The company has put together a fun new video explaining how to be a more effective cheater. Just don’t get mad at us if/when you get caught.

[via GQ]


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