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Another Redbox Code – Good Until Dec 2?

Looks like there is another Redbox code working for everyone this week.
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It looks like it is supposed to be a “Shop and Save” code, so no guarantee on how long it will work at all locations, so use it ASAP.


Give it a try and report your findings on the Redbox Codes page.

23 Responses to “Another Redbox Code – Good Until Dec 2?”

  1. Member [Join Now]
    JonniBoi [jonniboi]

    It’s workin at 7-11’s, too, bro… Used it 4x today

  2. Visitor [Join Now]
    StacyG [visitor]

    Thanks! The last one worked in DFW and my kids were thrilled!

  3. Visitor [Join Now]
    mark [visitor]

    Worked just fine, mult times, Austin, TX

  4. Member [Join Now]

    Works at Ralphs CA

  5. Visitor [Join Now]
    chell [visitor]

    I don’t know what universe you people live in but here in Louisville, KY the free code things never work!

    • Visitor [Join Now]
      Movietime [visitor]

      Sorry that your’e having problems with the code but, you might want to give Redbox a landline I’m sure you will be accomondated. Movietime saying “get your showtime on.

      Good Luck

  6. Visitor [Join Now]
    rb [visitor]

    Thanks. Worked great at Walgreens in Pa. Much appreciated.

  7. Visitor [Join Now]
    acdahl [visitor]

    Worked at Walmart in Alpharetta, GA.

  8. Visitor [Join Now]
    Jacques [visitor]

    Hey Chell,

    I live in Louisville, and the code from last week worked at the Holiday Manor McDonalds for me!

  9. Visitor [Join Now]
    Movietime [visitor]

    Hey just think we too had a cyber Monday deal because we were given a free code today and yes it works. I shop at the Giant and prooomo! it works. So all you die hard Redbox fans get your cyber Monday deal. Thanks Redbox for your generosity. Movietime saying it’s showtime got to go.

    Temple Hills Maryland

  10. Visitor [Join Now]
    Nineone [visitor]

    Works here in Flint, Mi and kroger

  11. Visitor [Join Now]
    Nineone [visitor]

    Sorry i meant Walmart and Kroger

  12. Visitor [Join Now]
    kipp [visitor]

    The code also worked in Lawrenceville GA

  13. Visitor [Join Now]
    cow [visitor]

    Also worked for me at both Walmart and 7-11 here in Reno, NV.

  14. Visitor [Join Now]
    abra [visitor]

    Thanks for the code!!!

  15. Member [Join Now]

    i used it a few days ago @ shop n’ save, it is supposed 2 work until Dec. 2

  16. Visitor [Join Now]
    mikeson [visitor]

    Hi Michael I have problem with the codes
    I wrote the codes it appear the code already, always
    Can you help me.
    I do not know what’s happening.
    thanks and hope you have happy christmas snd new year 2010.
    PD I am sorry for my English.

  17. Member [Join Now]

    Only one code worked today 12/1… spnsv9

  18. Member [Join Now]

    I just used SPNSV9 @ a Pick N Save in Milwaukee.

  19. Visitor [Join Now]
    andrew [visitor]

    I just used spnsv9 code at Walgreens in Boiling Springs,SC at worked! Thx!

  20. Visitor [Join Now]
    Laura [visitor]

    worked at Stop & Shop in Reading, MA