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twilightLooks like Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart may not be the biggest “secret” relationship in Hollywood anymore.
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Take this one with a grain of salt, Insiders, but it is being reported that Redbox and Walmart have established a special arrangement that allows the kiosk vendor to obtain large quantities of new release titles that are denied to it by the Hollywood Three.

According to The Business Insider, Pali Research analyst Rich Greenfield has quoted a “source” who saw a Redbox employee purchase 100 copies of Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs at a Walmart with a special gift card. The unnamed source also claimed that the Redbox employee divulged that his/her company has a “special deal” with Walmart.
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A Walmart spokesperson contacted by Cinematical denied allegations that the two companies have a secret arrangement and stated that Walmart does not restrict the number of copies of a new release title a customer can buy. A spokesperson (possibly the same one) consulted by The Business Insider corroborated, saying the following:

“I can share for a fact that Walmart does not participate in purchase deals or any types of discounts on DVDs with any purchaser. . . Walmart has not instructed stores to limit sales of DVD movies at this time.”

What say you, Insiders? Is this report just rumor-mongering, or is there something a little sneakier going on behind the red curtain?

[via The Business Insider and Cinematical]

9 Responses to “Analyst: Redbox has Special Arrangement with Walmart”

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    Davis Freeberg [visitor]

    I have to question Pali’s source. Last week Coinstar published an 8-k saying that they’re had been limitations from Walmart. If they were trying to fight this w/ PR then maybe you can say they are trying to spin it, but there’s no way that they lie in a public filing about something that wasn’t really all that necessary to report in the first place.

    Unfortunately, the analysts like to lock their research up behind pay walls, so it’s hard to challenge their assumptions, but I’d be really surprised if there was some kind of special arrangements.

    It would be nice if

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    monkey [visitor]

    All the today new releases are available at my local redbox in Sacramento California. I just got my copy of julie and julia around 7:30pm. Thanks to redbox that I no longer have to pay $4.30 a movie at Blockbuster or wait for my movie to arrive in the mailbox from Netflix. Hollywood may not make as much money because of redbox but I am sure they can still get by with a few millions less in the bank.

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      rb [visitor]

      Yeah, ALL the new releases were available at my local kiosk LATE last night when I checked online. Will get Public Enemies today when I return Julie & Julia…

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    foobar [visitor]

    My response to the title would be: SO WHAT???
    If Pali’s spy’s say Redbox has a special relationship with Walmart….well then I guess its good for Redbox, they will have new releases regardless of the outcome of the lawsuits.
    My point is..what is Pali’s point for doing such spy work??

  4. Member [Join Now]

    Don’t know if it’s true or not but regarding the whole “ZOMG REDBOX IS KILLIN ZEE INDUSTRY” whining… if Redbox was costing Walmart sales, would Walmart be tolerating Redbox’ presence in front of their stores?

  5. Visitor [Join Now]
    Concerned [visitor]

    Don’t know about special DVD purchasing privledges, but here in Otlando, FL the 7-Elevens here had Harry Potter 6 first. Also, I have noticed Wal-Mart commercials added to Wal-Mart Redboxs here when vending a movie.

  6. Visitor [Join Now]
    lagoonfreek [visitor]

    I doubt the story is true. if it were true then Redbox would be guilty of copyright enfringement just as I would be if I were to buy DVDs from Walmart and then sell them w/o the permission of the studios.

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    Earth [visitor]

    Earth to lagoonfreek,



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    someone [visitor]

    I know for a FACT that it is false.