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Amazon to Launch Digital Media Locker?

Amazon has been busy lately trying to boost its chops as a major player in the digital entertainment world, most recently adding a streaming option to the accounts of paid Prime customers. Now the online mega-retailer is rumored to be looking into creating a digital locker service.
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According to “sources” consulted by CNET, Amazon is hard at work creating a “cloud” digital locker service that would let users store their media collections on the company servers.
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Customers could then access their movies, music and e-books, even those not purchased through Amazon, across multiple devices at their convenience.

With Apple and Google also rumored to be crafting their own digital media lockers, Amazon would do well to implement its new service sooner rather than later if it wants to stake out its own piece of the “cloud”.

Who’s going to win the race to the cloud, Insiders, and what is the digital media world going to look like in the coming months and years?

(via CNET)

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