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This past summer, rumors swirled around Wall Street that online retail giant Amazon.
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com was interested in purchasing Netflix. The rumored acquisition did not happen then, but whisperings of a merger have started again, with computing (and media) giant Apple’s name being thrown into the mix.

Marketing media company TMC is reporting that the (allegedly) imminent launch of Apple’s new tablet device early next year is causing some concern at Amazon, whose Kindle device is clearly in the sights of the Apple juggernaut. Amazon, despite its massive success in online retail, has failed to build an equally successful subscription-based video business. An acquisition of Netflix, which has a very established physical media rental system and is putting the pieces in place for expanding its digital delivery business, would have a huge strategic impact for Amazon.

It needs to be stressed that the merger rumor is just that: a rumor. However, should the Amazon-Netflix speculation prove to be true, there would be enormous repercussions in the burgeoning digital content delivery market. Will the potential merger of these two major players be in the best interests of the consumer, Insiders?
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[via TMC]

3 Responses to “Amazon Interested in Netflix Acquisition?”

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    1st timer [visitor]

    I doubt Amazon will purchase Netflix. Netflix has a physical presence in almost every state and thus Amazon would be forced to charge sales tax. However, if there is some bill that will require online retailers to start collecting taxes based on shipping address, I think that Netflix would be a great fit.

    Maybe Netflix will sell its streaming business to Amazon and it’s mail delivery business to blockbuster or coinstar?

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    slidecage [visitor]

    i still remember the rumors of netflix mergering with Gamefly… never happened. never will,

  3. Member [Join Now]

    As long as they don’t raise their prices, I could care less who owns Netflix or who takes it over.