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Albertsons embraces the Redbox

In a recent news article, it was announced that Albertsons will be installing new Redbox Kiosks throughout the western states. The new Redboxes will be placed in Southern California, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, North Dakota, Wyoming, Oregon, Utah and Washington.
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To me it sounds like Albertsons is getting a little excited about the new addition. Vice president, center store, Albertsons Intermountain West Division Tom Lofland said, “The redbox DVD rental kiosk is another way for Albertsons to keep up with the ever-changing video rental environment and provide a service which our customers are looking for.
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Read the rest of the Article here.

One Response to “Albertsons embraces the Redbox”

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    I know this is an old article, but since i dont have a chance to talk to others out here in wyoming about the redbox. When Albertson’s first did away with their video section and switched to the redbox, I thought they were crazy. I am now a loyal user and love the fact that i can return the movie anywhere, any other place here in our city. Its great to just pick out a movie after checking out the groceries at our local Albertson’s, or Smith’s..not to mention the McDonald’s locations.