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Archive for September, 2007

News from Redbox – New Releases for Sept 25

But, Wow, The New DVDs Sorta Go On Forever.

The last week in September starts off with this summer’s biggest comedy smash: Knocked Up. Up-and-comer Seth Rogen stars as a good-natured California schlub for whom the stars align one night—when he meets Katherine Heigl and wins her over (err, at least for a few hours). But when their little evening together results in a surprise pregnancy, they have to decide whether they’re good enough together to raise a child. (Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann steal the show as a dysfunctional couple.)

Next? Next stars Nicolas Cage as a Las Vegas psychic who—after he proves to be a little too convincing at seeing the future—gets pursued by just about everyone. The Feds (led by Julianne Moore) want him to use his powers to foresee and prevent terrorist activity. The terrorists want him dead. All poor Nick wants to do is be in the right place at the right time when the love of his life strolls by. Jessica Biel also stars.

Redbox just has to tell you…that Ashley Judd can make anything appealing, right down to playing a deeply lonely woman living in a hotel room in the middle of Nowhere, Oklahoma. In Bug, Judd stars as a diner waitress who escapes an abusive husband (Harry Connick, Jr.) and finds herself trapped in a motel room with a stranger who just returned from the Middle East (Michael Shannon). The whole situation is downright creepy.

Or how about en emotional story about mothers, daughters, and love that last a lifetime? (Gentlemen, looks like you’ll be getting a night out with the guys.
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) In Evening, Vanessa Redgrave stars as Ann Lord, who begins sharing with her two daughters (Toni Collette and Natasha Richardson) memories about the formative years of her life and about her most meaningful romance. Claire Danes plays the young Ann.

This week’s releases? Last week’s releases? They’re all available to select online, then pick up at a redbox near you.
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Don’t forget about the inspirational story We Are Marshall. It’s the true story of how a couple of young coaches (Matthew McConnaughey and Matthew Fox) plan to revive the Marshall football team after a plane crash claims the lives of many players and fans.

Oh, and you’ll rent The Condemned if you know what’s good for you. When a billionaire TV producer creates a fight-to-the-death tournament on a remote island and drags a bunch of imprisoned men there, action stars Steve Austin and Vinnie Jones face each other to see who’s tougher.

News from Redbox – Kickoff your fall season with redbox

By running a play called
“The Old Six Flick.”

Ah, the brisk breeze, the smell of cut grass, the sound of the marching band…it can only mean one thing: YOU’RE OUTSIDE WASTING VALUABLE MOVIE WATCHING TIME.

Let’s say you’re making a movie about poking and prodding in the mind of a serial killer. With a theme that kooky, you could do worse than to have Billy Zane and Dennis Hopper star. Memory brings these two veterans together in the story of a medical researcher and retired doctor who try to tap into the memories stored in the brain of a psychopath. Things get sticky. And redbox ain’t just making a brain joke.
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Now redbox isn’t sure this whole “internet” fad is going to last, but the premise of Confess will make you think twice about acting like a fool in front of your web camera. A disgruntled ex-hacker (Eugene Byrd) who has trouble finding work begins setting up hidden cameras to capture confessions from CEOs, politicians and other “establishment” heads. Then with the help of his girlfriend (Ali Larter) he starts broadcasting his videos on the web. But how long until he gets caught (and, most likely, beaten senseless)?

If you’re planning to take a leisurely stroll through the hood, you best bring Snoop Dogg. In Hood of Horror, Snoop serves as the storyteller—playing the Hound of Hell—for a three-story anthology about inner city residents who are left in control of their own fate, and whose actions determine where they’ll spend eternity. Ernie Hudson, Danny Trejo, Anson Mount and many others join Snoop.

Those are the new ones. But don’t forget about these from last week. They’re available for you to select online, then pick up at your nearest redbox.

Lindsay Lohan and Jane Fonda are teamed up as a grandmother and granddaughter duo in Georgia Rule. When LiLo’s character acts up, she’s forced to Georgia’s Idaho farm where she’s certain to fall in line—and where the two are certain to grow close and learn from each other.
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In Delta Farce, a group of military misfits somehow make it through basic training and prepare for action in Iraq. Except, they end up by mistake in a Mexican Village that’s being overrun by villains. Michael Edward Rose, Glenn Morshower and Larry the Cable Guy star.

Finally this week, don’t forget about the Comedy Six Pack redbox has assembled. It’s got DVDs of live performances from some of the dadgum funniest comedians in the land: Katt Williams, Wanda Sykes, Larry the Cable Guy, Mo’nique, Jeff Dunham and Jamie Foxx. Now THAT will make you laugh.

Back to the new releases.

September starts off with a couple of headline makers, past and present. In Georgia Rule, Lindsay Lohan plays a rambunctious, rebellious teenager (redbox is going to let the obvious jokes slide) who’s forced to live on an Idaho farm with her Grandmother Georgia—played by Jane Fonda. When LiLo’s character reveals a huge secret, the two must do some fast bonding and fast learning from each other.

Next up, join Michael Edward Rose, Glenn Morshower and Larry the Cable Guy in the army spoof Delta Farce. They play a group of enlistees who get trained, get shipped out, and think they’re on their way to Iraq.
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When they accidentally end up in a Mexican village, hilarity follows. (Yep, it’s a comedy. When your last name is “the Cable Guy”, you’re probably not doing drama anytime soon.)

All aboard the conspiracy theory train. Next stop: rural Pennsylvania. In The Unholy, Adrienne Barbeau plays a woman who begins to investigate a few local, rural conspiracies—involving an old witch and lots of occult activity—after her daughter takes her own life. But it all threatens to get her way too close to way too many truths. Nicholas Brendon and Siri Baruc co-star.
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So let’s say, hypothetically, that your funny bone is in need of a good tickling. Well, comedian/ventriloquist Jeff Dunham is just the doc for the job. In Jeff Dunham: Arguing With Myself, Jeff—one of Jay Leno’s fave funnymen—along with Bubba J, Sweet Daddy Dee and José Jalapeño, serve up some ventriloquistic magic. Who’s doing the talking? You decide.

More laughs? If you think you can handle it, you got it. The wildly popular comedian Katt Williams brings you his latest tour on the new DVD Katt Williams: Live. Here, Williams keeps on doing what he does best: raw comedy mixed in with plenty of social commentary in front of a live audience that’s driven to hysterics. Great stuff.

So those are the new ones. But did your Labor Day travels keep you from seeing a little smash hit called Blades of Glory? Will Ferrell and Jon Heder go skate-to-skate as rival skaters who get disgraced, then completely redeem themselves as flamboyantly-clad partners.

Pick them online. Grab them at any redbox location near you. Until next week, enjoy all the new ones.