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Archive for April, 2007

News from Redbox – Spring cleaning Redbox style

Just dust the TV screen,
Rent some DVDs, and call it a season.

Redbox can guarantee you one thing: watching the hottest, newest releases on DVD is way more fun than lemony fresh smells. So grab these titles online and pick them up at any redbox location.

At first glance, Night at the Museum might seem like yet another movie about a night watchman at a museum who learns that all the displays are cursed and come to life. (Or…maybe not.) But this flick has way more. Ben Stiller – —said night watchman – —stars alongside three generations of comedy legends, including Robin Williams, Mickey Rooney, Dick Van Dyke and Ricky Gervais.

Next up you’ll find Déjà vu. The plot is so intricate and complex— – complete with flashbacks, flash-forwards and time warps – —that redbox would have about as much luck summing up quantum theory in three sentences. But let the buzzwords do the talking: exploding ferry, Denzel Washington, Val Kilmer, FBI agents, investigation, terrorist manhunt…and time travel.
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Very engaging stuff.

You’ve had your comedy and action fix; let’s throw an Oscar winner into the mix. In The Queen, Helen Mirren brings HM Queen Elizabeth II to the big screen, showing what life was like in Buckingham Palace in the aftermath of Princess Diana’s tragic death—a role for which Mirren scooped up the Best Actress Oscar. Michael Sheen and James Cromwell also star.

If you’re jonesing for something downright silly, there’s always Cedric the Entertainer’s latest comedy, Codename: The Cleaner. Cedric plays a regular old janitorial type who, after getting whacked on the head by unknown bullies, wakes up convinced he’s a key player in a huge government conspiracy. The lovely Nicollette Sheridan and Lucy Liu round out the cast here.

Redbox defies you to find a more likeable actor than Morgan Freeman. When you give up, go ahead and rent 10 Items or Less. Freeman plays an actor whose researching an upcoming role when he meets a sassy, down-to-earth grocery checkout girl (Paz Vega). The fun begins when they set out on a little quest to show each other their respective worlds.

Finally, this week, come find out what happens when a woman, who’s been pushed a little too far, forms a plan, gets her wits about her and grabs a gun. Milla Jovovich stars as the victim-turned-avenger.
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Stephen Dorff and Angus Mcfadyen star as a couple of guys who are about to get theirs. The movie’s called .45.

You know it never hurts to hedge in the old karma department. Let redbox help you increase the good will by sharing the code below with your closest peeps. It’s for new customers only, so just forward this email or simply whisper it in a nearby ear. It entitles the recipient to a free one night’s rental and will assure you a top 5 spot in their heart forever. Well, start with this code right here:


It’s for new customers only, so just forward this email or simply blurt it out in status meetings, on a date or in a crowded bus. Anyway, the code REDBOX entitles the lucky recipient to a free one night’s rental and even better, demonstrates your innate coolness at being a redbox early adopter.

Redbox donating to charity

In Florida and Georgia, Redbox is donating $1 from the first night’s rental to many local charities.

From the Times Union:

Through May 15, a portion of rentals from area Redbox DVD vending machines may be donated to some local nonprofits.

Redbox customers can enter a special code during checkout to donate the first night’s $1-rental fee to a charity of choice. Participating nonprofits include Ronald McDonald House Charities, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Boys & Girls Clubs, Gainesville Soccer Alliance and YMCA. For a list of charities and codes, visit

I think thats a great idea, and it is good to see Redbox giving back to the community.


I just had to share this…

So I came across this great video about “cruising safety” that you had to see…
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Let me know what you think of it!

Redbox Codes have been changing quite a bit lately, and I have received a lot of questions regarding them. So, I thought I would dedicate this update to sharing with you what I think is really going on, and what we can do about it.

Also, at the end of this entry, I will tell you how you can become “immune” to these changes, and how you can ensure that you can still get free movies from the Redbox even without using the Codes…

Read on…


One thing that many of you have noticed is a new “error message” that Redbox is giving sometimes when you enter a code. Basically, it tells you that the Redbox is “not accepting codes at this time”.

This message does not mean that the code you entered is invalid, but you are seeing what I call “Redbox Code Throttling”. I believe Redbox is limiting the number of codes that can be used per hour at some of its machines, thus the message.

So, if you are seeing this, please don’t come here and report the code you tried as not working. Just pay $1 to rent your movie, and try again next time.


Another thing we are noticing is that Redbox is putting more restrictions on the codes they are releasing.

We are now finding codes that only work for new customers (such as the code “REDBOX”), and codes that only work on certain days of the week (such as the new Monday codes).

Also, there are even codes that only working in certain geographical areas, based on competition and new markets.

These restrictions make it more difficult to track codes, and to make sure our Codes page is updated with working codes. The way to do this is to make sure we are looking at the “Redbox Codes by State” section based on where we live, and to make sure we are correctly reporting codes…

For example, if you are not a new customer, and you try to use the code “REDBOX”, it is not going to work for you and will tell you it is for new customers only. So, PLEASE do not come here to the site and report that code as not working.

What I will be doing soon is giving more options to select when reporting a code, based on the message you are seeing at the Redbox. I will create a place for you just to report on these messages, so we can keep a list of what the Redbox might tell us.
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While this cannot be confirmed yet, it does seem that Redbox may be limiting Codes to a certain number of uses and then disabling them. Or, they may just be causing codes to expire after a shorter amount of time than they used to.
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In order to track all of this and make sure we can all get the most use out of the Codes, all you need to do is make sure to report your code usage on the Redbox Codes page. Each time you rent a movie with a code, or try a code that fails, just visit the Redbox Codes page and let us know…


We realize that the main reason many of you visit us here is to get free movies from the Redbox. Even though Redbox Codes are changing, that doesn’t mean you still can’t get free rentals. In fact, we have a way for EVERYONE to get free Redbox rentals for an ENTIRE year

What is this secret, covert method, you ask?

To find out, all you need to do is participate in this week’s Virtual Treasure Hunt. At the end of the hunt, I will send everyone who participated the info on this top-secret method to get free Redbox movies…

Not only will you find out how to get free movies without using codes, but you also can win cool prizes, gift cards, and more…

Click here to Enter the Hunt

Our motto is “Free DVD Rentals for Life“, and we want to make sure you get just that!

So, enter the Hunt right now and we’ll let you in on our little secret…

That’s the biggest, freshest
batch so far in ’07!

Let’s jump right in, people, there’s some major ground to be covered here.

Like a little gratuitous violence committed by gangsters with cartoonish names? Then fire up Smokin’ Aces. It’s the story of a Las Vegas lounge performer and total weasel (Jeremy Piven) who decides to testify against the mob—which naturally attracts a whole load of feds, hit men, stray bullets and highly stylized action. Andy Garcia, Ray Liotta and Ben Affleck round out the cast.

Next, follow Hilary Swank into the halls of the dangerous high school in Freedom Writers. When Swank is put in charge of a classroom of misfits, she has to help them with those pesky 3 ‘R’s, but more importantly to believe in themselves and follow their dreams. Her moral support comes from Scott Glenn and Patrick Dempsey. (Anybody else find the guy irresistibly McDreamy?)

All redbox can say is “’bout time.” ‘Bout time Last King of Scotland arrived on DVD. And ‘bout time Forest Whitaker got the attention he’s long deserved.
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Whitaker plays Ugandan dictator Idi Amin Dada—a performance for which he grabbed an Oscar—and James McAvoy plays the dictator’s personal physician who witnesses the extensive terror first hand.

Who would think that writing for a living could be so dangerous? Once a promising writer, John Hayson, played by Mathew Settle, now gets by on the odd writing job that takes him back in to his dark past. Redbox would tell you that you should let things in your past stay in your past, but what does old redbox know about life. You’ll just have to see what happens for yourself in the thriller Rancid.

Been a while since you checked in with your favorite pants-wearing sponge? (Please say you only have one.) Then grab a copy of SpongeBob SquarePants: Friend or Foe, the latest installment in the series. When SpongeBob has taken all he can stand of Mr. Krabs and Plankton fighting with each other, he decides to intervene. Will his little deep-sea couch session work? Rent it.

What do you get when you bring together a dynamic cast including Patrick Swayze, Michael Clarke Duncan, Piper Perabo, and James Purefoy? You get a sweet medieval knights tale about love, war, and the occasional slaid dragon that’s what.
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Watch this stellar cast in the movie George and the Dragon as they navigate through the pitfalls of a post-crusade Europe. Want to see Patrick Swayze in a suit of armor? Redbox thought so. Rent it today!

Remember, all six of these hot new releases can be rented online, then picked up anywhere. See you next week (in the meantime, redbox will be catching its breath from this action-packed email).

Albertsons embraces the Redbox

In a recent news article, it was announced that Albertsons will be installing new Redbox Kiosks throughout the western states. The new Redboxes will be placed in Southern California, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, North Dakota, Wyoming, Oregon, Utah and Washington.
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To me it sounds like Albertsons is getting a little excited about the new addition. Vice president, center store, Albertsons Intermountain West Division Tom Lofland said, “The redbox DVD rental kiosk is another way for Albertsons to keep up with the ever-changing video rental environment and provide a service which our customers are looking for.
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Read the rest of the Article here.

Redbox expands to Shaws

Just three days ago, Redbox announced their plans to place Redbox kiosks in 185 Shaws stores in the New England area. The placing of these 185 Kiosks has already started.
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In the same article Vice President of Marketing Greg Waring said that Redbox is “adding about 300 to 400 Kiosk sites a month”.
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That’s amazing! At that rate, it’s not going to take very long to have one on every corner! Read the whole article here.

This has been a week of many updates…


Yesterday I announced, a new website in the InsideRedbox network…

With DVDPlay, you can get more free codes for more free movies – something we all love to see.

Check it out it at


A news release from Redbox tells us that they have now rented over 38,000,000 DVDs – and will have over 4000 locations by the end of June. Just in April alone, Redbox will add 700 new locations…

They have come a long way, and we are glad to be along for the ride.
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We annouced the winner of Episode 2 – Ozair I. of Utah – who will be receiving a new Nintendo Wii very soon. Congratulations to Ozair…

This week, we have made the Treasure Hunt even better (read: easier) so that YOU can win, too… With the new points system, the only way you can lose is by not participating.
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Click Here for more on this week’s hunt


We are working hard to make InsideRedbox even better, and we are listening to your input…

We are making some changes to the site layout so it is easier to navigate and find the info you need. Also, we are revamping the codes system a bit to make it even better…

And, we have more sites to be added to the InsideRedbox network…

As always, we appreciate your feedback, so please leave a comment below if you have anything to share with us…

Until next time – keep using and sharing those Redbox Codes!

First off, I would like to congratulate last week’s winner, Ozair I. of Utah, who chose to take the Nintendo Wii as his prize.

We will be announcing the winners of the bonus prizes shortly…
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The next hunt has now begun… I will be adding more info here shortly, but if you want to get a jump on this Hunt, you can get started right now!


Participate in the hunt this week and I will let you in on a secret on how you can get free rentals from the Redbox without using Redbox Codes…

Hunt Password: dish

Click here to start the hunt

REMEMBER: To earn points for participating in the Hunt you need to subscribe to Redbox Insider Updates using the form on the right side of this page.

Redbox surpasses 38 million DVD rentals

Redbox is on roll… and is now one of the top 5 DVD rental companies in the nation according to a news release issued today.

They will be adding over 700 locations in April alone, and will have doubled their kiosk count from about 2000 on January 1 of this year to 4000+ by the end of June.

As always, this is great news for us, as the more success Redbox has, the more great movies we get to watch.

Keep up the good work Redbox!