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As they announced in July, Netflix has just turned on their Watch Instantly service for Canadians, marking their first foray into an international market.
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For now, the service is for streaming only – no DVDs will be delivered to Canada. That could possibly change in the future, but I wouldn’t count on at, as it would require major infrastructure investments that Netflix would probably rather not deal with, especially considering they see the DVD service itself declining as streaming continues to gain acceptance and additional content.

[The service] provides content from the major film studios, including MGM Studios, Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures, Twentieth Century Fox, and Universal Pictures. The rental firm has also partnered with Lionsgate and several Canadian film distributors.
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For now, it will be available on the Playstation 3, Wii and several blu-ray disc players. Notably missing – the Xbox 360 – which they say will be added later this fall.

Redbox plans to announce their streaming plans at the upcoming Q3 2010 conference call. It will be very interesting to see who is on board with them, and how competitive they can be in a marketing dominated by Netflix.

Do you think this service will be a hit in Canada? Do you think the $7.99 price is good, or is it too much for the still limited content? Are you interested in Redbox’s plans to get into this? Share your thoughts in the comments…

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7 Responses to “Netflix Goes To Canada With $7.99 Streaming Plan”

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    If Netflix isn’t in Canada, then how do Canadians usually rent movies? Do they have Redbox?

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    will [visitor]

    For its part the big kahuna of broadband/by-mail video rental in Canada,, says it’s not at all worried about Netflix’s entry:

    But the first (and so far, only) commenter says it’s all empty bluster, and the measly 50,000 subscribers to the service suggests they have more to worry about than they’re letting on. Their kiosk business is still in trial mode, which might create an opening for Redbox as well, though being first to market might give a leg up provided there aren’t any customer service issues.

    There’s a big issue with broadband in Canada that might limit the usefulness of the service, and that’s the draconian monthly bandwidth caps imposed by Canadian ISPs. If this service starts to catch on, it might take government intervention to ensure’s viability. And what incentive is there for the Canadian government to assist a US-based company in taking market share from

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    Bikemiles [bikemiles]

    Netflix hires actors to pose as its Canada fans
    (AP) SAN FRANCISCO – Netflix Inc. tried to bring a touch of Hollywood to its Canada debut Wednesday only to wind up apologizing for a botched publicity stunt.

    Things backfired at a Toronto street celebration after reporters discovered that actors hired by the Netflix had been given written instructions to give media interviews gushing about the video subscription service’s arrival in Canada.

    The actors also were urged to fill a variety of stereotypical roles, including “mothers, film buffs, tech geeks, couch potatoes,” according to the one-page handout given to them.

    Netflix never intended to mislead reporters, company spokesman Steve Swasey said. He attributed the mix-up to the bureaucratic hoops that Netflix had to jump through to get a permit to close an entire street for Wednesday’s event.

    To qualify for the permit, Swasey said Netflix decided to film a fake documentary. That led to the hiring of a handful of actors who were only supposed to help drum up enthusiasm and attract a crowd before CEO Reed Hastings arrived on the scene. Swasey wasn’t sure who decided the actors should give media interviews under false pretenses.

    “We are embarrassed,” Swasey said. “We regret that this put on a blemish on what should have been perfect day for Netflix.”

    It marked a rare misstep for Netflix, whose earnings and stock price have been soared in the past two years as the service added millions of new customers. The service, which currently has 15 million subscribers, offers DVDs-by-mail and unlimited streaming of video over the Internet for as little as $9 per month.

    The convenience and low cost of Netflix’s subscription plans already have contributed to the demise of one major video rental chain, Movie Gallery Inc., and are threatening to drive another, Blockbuster Inc., into bankruptcy protection.

    Netflix is hoping to expand its audience by peddling its Internet streaming service in Canada (there are no plans to deliver DVDs in the country). It’s the first time that Netflix has ventured outside the United States.

    (Copyright 2010 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

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    NETFLIX has a long way to go b4 they can be considered a streaming service that’s is serviceable . first of alll they have virtually no closed captioning and what they do have is a joke about 100 titles and the majority being the series lost episodes . gonna be interesting how they plan to service the French Canadians as they don’t stream subtitles also. my advice to Canadians would be to wait to see how Netflix delivers its product.

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    Angel [visitor]

    One important thing is that it takes around 1 Gb to watch one hour of video and the internet plans on Canada have limitations on how many Gb’s you can download each month (and if you exceed them, it gets reaaaallllyyy expensive for every single MB that you download). So, if you have a plan with 20 GB’s, that means that you will only able to see around 10 movies (thinking that you are not using your internet for anything else). I don’t think that Netflix has a good future in Canada. I would had better prefered to have RedBox here….

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    gothmog [visitor]

    its such s big deal ,that netflix hired actors to play customers and answer question for news media. guess they couldn’t dig up any real customers.

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    Yen Reginal [visitor]

    In spite of all the speculations surrounding the launch of netflix in Canada their collection has been quiet disappointing. which I am currently a member has a much better collection of games and movies to choose from.