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penniesApparently tired of being undercut by $1 per night rental kiosks, a brick-and-mortar video rental company has adopted an “If you can’t beat ’em…” pricing strategy. Mark’s Video, a chain of rental stores owned by Hollywood Video founder Mark Wattles, has adopted an aggressive pricing model that seems to have Redbox squarely in its sights.
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The stores, which are located in Washington, Oregon, Nevada and Arizona, are renting new DVD releases for $.99 per night, catalog films for $.49 and Blu-rays for $1.49. In addition, every title in the store is also available for sale.

Combining the low price point of a Redbox rental with the vast library of  titles stores have available could be a very attractive deal to consumers. With the enormous overhead costs intrinsic to the traditional rental store business, however, it remains to be seen if Mark’s Video will be able to sustain this pricing strategy for the long haul.

Regardless of the outcome, it will be enlightening for both Redbox’s supporters and detractors to watch how this new pricing strategy works out for Mark’s Video.
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Give us your opinion in the comments, Insiders.

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13 Responses to “Hollywood Video Founder’s Stores Offer $.99 Rentals”

  1. Visitor [Join Now]
    slidecage [visitor]

    family video offers 50% off all rentals for 9.99 per month….

    family video also has a sale running right now where you can buy a 25 buck gift card for 20…..

    so if you rent only new release movies

    take the 10 off the gift card get half price rentals so knocks rentals down to 1.50 per night.. so you could get

    10 rentals for 20 bucks (save 10 bucks)
    you can go to ebay and pick up dirt cheap (or even find them online)
    rent one get one free coupons

    20 movies for 20 bucks *using rent 1 get 1 free coupon each time)

    (without the 50% discount and using rent 1 get 1 free coupon
    16 movies for 24 and have 1.00 left over (1.25 per rental)

    just tossing out another video store that you could get cheap rentals as well if this 30 day block on redbox machines really does happen. i think i will stop buy and at least pick up one 25 buck card for 20 just to have it

  2. Member [Join Now]
    ChadCronin [chadcronin]

    I like the people who work at stores, but for the most part they are inconvient for me. I was spending $30 a month for 2 out at a time rentals and $60 in gas to get back and forth twice a day! Redbox is on my drive to work and is still alot closer, I can actually walk there. I would say stores being more competitive is a start, but I am not sure it will save those stores unfortunately (I only say that for the workers)

  3. Visitor [Join Now]
    Kittstr [visitor]

    Lets see, drive across town, wait in line, be forced to small talk, pay 0.99. Stop by the kiosk on my way out of the supermarket I go to every day, pay 1.00. Decisions, decisions, decisions.

    • Visitor [Join Now]
      bearsfan [visitor]

      You hit it right on the head Kittstr!

      People have spent major chunks of their lives on here screaming about the $1 rate…..and all I can think is that I don’t care if it went to $2 a night! It’s about convenience for me and the time savings….no headaches, etc. These other guys just don’t get it.

      So they won’t have a handful of movies on time…or maybe at all if you believe some here. Means absolutely nothing! I think some folks here need to realize how non-essential dvd movies are in the grand scheme of things.

      • Visitor [Join Now]
        Pdiddy336 [visitor]

        I totally agree.
        I also realize that Blockbuster and some of the other big box rental companies offer a much wider selection of movies to choose from. I actually enjoy going to a Blockbuster and walking around the wall and discovering movies that i didn’t even know existed. Often times those movies are more entertaining than a lot of the new releases that people are clamoring for. The Redbox selection is definitely limited but if there is a movie that you know you want and it’s available in a RB then it is hard to pass up. It serves its purpose. I would still use it if the price eventually went up because of its convenience.

  4. Member [Join Now]
    Bikemiles [bikemiles]

    A local competitor here in Minnesota at least.

  5. Member [Join Now]
    Robert [viper3256]

    Convenience is a big factor for me too, plus nothing beats the online system, I can order my DVD in the morning, pick it up after work.

  6. Visitor [Join Now]
    Jo Anne [visitor]

    There is a Red Box 2 blocks from my house. The only other video store is 7 miles away. So I can get a gallon of milk, a Red Box movie AND some exercise. And my life is full enough that I don’t sit around twitching for new movies to come. I haven’t seen Lord of the Rings III yet.

  7. Visitor [Join Now]
    BHA [visitor]


    We’re in Oregon. Haven’t been to Hollywood Video in a long time. If their prices have change to be competitive with Redbox and their location is close enough that it won’t cost anymore for gas to get there, I’ll have to go in and check them out again.

    I like Redbox… but I’ll take a good movie at my price point no matter who serves it up.

  8. Visitor [Join Now]
    BHA [visitor]

    Shucks, I reread the article… have no clue where a Mark’s Video is located. I was hoping Hollywood Video had lowered their prices.

  9. Member [Join Now]
    Bikemiles [bikemiles]

    I visited a few kiosks here in Minnesota. A few releases Redbox doesn’t have but overall less of a selection. A few games, I don’t play them so I don’t know about them. They have some blu-ray. $2 first day, $1 per day afterwards. Movies are for sale with the price decreasing as the movies get older. Today I bought “21” and “Death Race” for $2.99. I bought two blu-ray for $5.99 each. “Iron Man” and National Treasure 2″. Newer DVD and blu cost more to buy. Rentals are due back at 9PM, just like Redbox. has online reservation.

  10. Visitor [Join Now]
    lowjeep [visitor]

    I love Mark’s. I used to use Redbox only. Until I started having problems with the CC reader in the 2 units at my closest store. I would typically rent the Redbox title online then go to the store and pick it up. After about the 3rd time going to pick it up and the Redbox was out of order due to the CC reader I am now done with Redbox. It’s a HUGE p.i.a. to get the credit from customer service (usually they don’t even give you a credit just a free rental code which I can’t use if the machine is fail) and I still have to drive somewhere else to rent it. Now I just go to Mark’s. It’s the same price, I can pick up a Blu-Ray for just .50 more if I’d like, and I don’t have to worry whether or not I’ll be able to pickup my DVD. Sorry Redbox. Until you get better service on your machines in my area I’m sticking with Mark’s Video.

  11. Visitor [Join Now]
    Phil [visitor]

    I’d go for that if there was a store in my area. $1.49 Blu-rays would be nice – wish RB would offer BD in my area as none of the kiosks have them here in OKC that I know of. Wonder how much Mark’s sells the in-store titles for? ? ?