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Archive for December, 2006

News from Redbox – Dec 19, 2006

It’s a heartwarming underdog tale for the holidays. No, redbox isn’t talking about finding a parking spot at the mall (though that’s hard too). Rent Invincible online today. It’s the true story of a regular old guy who takes a chance and tries out for the Philadelphia Eagles — starring Greg Kinnear as the Eagles head coach and Mark Wahlberg as local hero Vince Papale.

Talk about the kind of dancing you won’t find at the office holiday party…check out the heat in Step Up. Tyler Gage (played by Channing Tatum) is a gifted dancer from the streets who can’t stay away from the law. Nora (Jenna Dewan) is a privileged ballerina. When they get together, sparks fly on and off the dance stage. You know what redbox is saying here.

Or check out a little movie that did huge things this year. Little Miss Sunshine offers a wry, hilarious and often touching look at the crazy world of children’s beauty pageants. Starring Steve Carell (from NBC’s The Office), Greg Kinnear and the lovely Toni Collette, a wonderful ensemble cast takes you on one seriously dysfunctional road trip in a VW van—all the way to the pageant in California .

Rounding out the new releases is M. Night Shyamalan’s latest mindbender, Lady in the Water. Get this: an apartment superintendent (Paul Giamatti) rescues a woman in the pool. Turns out, she’s a character from a bedtime story trying to make it back to her alternate universe, while evil creatures try to keep her out. And…redbox thinks that should just about clear that up.
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Bryce Dallas Howard also stars.

They’re all available online. But so are these, which you might have missed from last week…

Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, gives you crazy Will Ferrell, this time as a (crazy) NASCAR driver. John C. Reilly, Sacha Baron Cohen and Michael Clarke Duncan round out the comedy pit crew.

And don’t forget about Anne Hathaway and Meryl Streep in the Golden Golbe nominated, The Devil Wears Prada. Hathaway plays a young writer who works tirelessly to earn Streep’s favor in the competitive New York fashion world.
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Happy Holidays everyone! I’ll keep this short so you can get to your last-minute holiday shopping. You didn’t forget Aunt Maude again this year, did you?


Recently I have added the ability for you to enter your zipcode when you report a Redbox Code working or not. This will help us improve the system by making sure the most relevant codes are displayed for you. You can look for this information to be used when the New Year rolls around…

In the meantime, I would like to know where the Redbox you rent from is located. I don’t mean what city, but at what store. Is it McDonald’s, a grocery store, Wal-mart, or somewhere else?

Question: Where is your Redbox located (at what store)?

Click here and scroll down to answer this week’s question.


With Christmas just around the corner, we are getting an early present this year with a ton of new DVD releases at the Redbox this week.

Lady in the Water
Little Miss Sunshine
Step Up
My Super Ex-Girlfriend
All The King’s Men
American Pie presents: Naked Mile

Some other releases this week that I am not sure are in the Redbox are Wicker Man and Jet Li’s Fearless. Let us know if you find them in your area.

So, while you are sitting around visiting with family and friends – and skipping out on work – definitely check these DVDs out and let us know what you think.

Click here to discuss the movies you have seen.


As always, keep an eye out on the Redbox Codes page to get your DVD rentals for free this week. Last year around this time we had a code that gave us 5 free rentals. The code was SANTA. Has anyone tried that this year, or found a code that does the same thing? If so, definitely let us know!

Click here for Redbox Codes.

Well, that is all for this week. I wish you and your family the best for the coming holiday and the New Year.

Until next time – Happy Holidays!


I just read some news of further Redbox expansion: They are now testing the DVD kiosks in 5 locations of GetGo convenience stores in Shadyside, Lawrenceville, Sarver, Brentwood and Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania.

Of course, if the test goes well, they plan to expand into Pittsburgh and their other markets as well.

Expansion is always good. Make sure you tell your friends in those areas to check out the Redbox – and of course tell them to visit us here at InsideRedbox.
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com to get some free rentals. And, if you are in those areas, let us know what you think.
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Just a quick update for this week…

First off, I want to say thanks to all of you who shared with someone last week. We had a goal of getting more than 7000 visitors last Tuesday to break our one-day record. We didn’t quite make it, but were very close (somewhere around 6700 visitors). So, thank you, and keep sharing the gift of free movie rentals with those you know.

Click here to tell someone about


Like I mentioned last week, I added a new field to the Redbox code reporting page: the zip code. So, now when you report codes working (or not) you will enter your zipc ode, allowing the system to better keep track of where codes are working.

Since Redbox is expanding so much, the old system of tracking codes in 8 major metropolitan areas is longer very useful. I will be phasing that section out over the next little while as I get more codes updated with zip codes.

Click here to visit the Redbox Codes page.


I reported on this news last week, but I think it may have been missed by many of you. Just wanted to let you know that Redbox has announced further expansion plans for the near future, and that includes having a Redbox dvd rental kiosk in every single Albertsons store (over 400 locations) by March of 2007. This is great news for those of us who have an Albertsons nearby.

There were also other expansion locations announced, and you can read the whole story by checking out my post from last week…

Click here to read more in “Redbox strikes deal with Albertson’s and more”


Just a quick note on this week’s notable DVD releases. They are: The Devil Wears Prada, Talladega Nights, and Barnyard.

Seen it? Love it? Hate it? Let us know…

Click here to post a review or comment about the latest dvds.

Well, thats it for now. Make sure you check back often to see the latests developments. There are new things coming for the New Year that will help make your experience using the Redbox even better. As always, I love to hear from you – let me know what you think, and what we can do better around here.

Happy Holidays!


News from Redbox – Dec 12, 2006

Holiday shopping got you a little peeved with the whole fashion industry? Perfect. Kick the week off with Anne Hathaway and Meryl Streep in one of redbox new favorites, The Devil Wears Prada. The adorable Hathaway plays an aspiring writer who stumbles into New York’s fashion world, controlled by the wonderfully icy Streep. Along the way, she makes Hathaway (who’s already quite fashionable) feel like a real schlub. Redbox is no stranger to things fashion…like you couldn’t tell.

Or partake in the most cherished of holiday traditions: NASCAR comedy.
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In the hit Talledega Nights: The Legend of Ricky Bobby, Will Ferrell shows you a hilarious slice of life on and off the track for a stockcar racer on the rise. He’s joined by John C. Reilly, Sacha Baron Cohen and Michael Clarke Duncan—a killer cast of well-known, cerebral actors, who band together for a good cause: acting like complete goobers to make you giggle.

But redbox hasn’t forgotten about the little people. Also available this week is the animated charmer Barnyard. When the farmer goes away, the inhabitants of the barnyard sing and dance and goof off and…pretty much do everything they’re not supposed to. Kevin James, Courteney Cox and Sam Elliott are the voices of the loveable, dynamic main characters (read: “the cows”).

Lots of entertainment to pack into one week? Oh yeah! But hold it right there…redbox has to remind you of last week’s releases, each one available online.

There’s Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest, the seriously swashbuckling worldwide hit starring Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley. Or how about Jamie Foxx and Colin Farrell in Michael Mann’s action-heavy take on Miami Vice. Finally, don’t you dare forget about Superman Returns, with Brandon Routh resurrecting the Man of Steel.

Rent any of these, or ALL of these, online today. Easiest holiday shopping you’ll do this year.
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With the latest news of expansion, and hitting new rental milestones monthly, Redbox has become a great success story for DVD rental kiosks. And also, today we hit a milestone for – our one year anniversary.

Here at we are at the center of the Redbox revolution, and want to thank everyone who posts codes and comments, and keeps things updated for everyone across the country. We couldn’t do it without you. At the 1-year mark, we have over 5000 subscribers to our website, and thousands of visitors each day come to give/take the Redbox codes for free dvd rentals and stay updated on the latest news.

With your help, we would like to hit a new milestone today on our anniversary. We would like to break the record for the most visitors to the site in one day, which stands at just over 7000. So, as you read this, make sure you “Tell-a-friend” or two (or 3 or 4 or 5!) about this site, so that they too can benefit from free dvd rentals and more.

Click here to tell-a-friend about us and help us set a new record.


This week I want to keep with our anniversary theme for the question of the week. I want to know how long you have been with us…

Question: How long have you been using to get free Redbox codes and news? How long have you been renting from the Redbox?
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Also, when you leave your comment, let us know where you are from so we can see how diverse our user base is.
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Click here and scroll to the bottom to answer this week’s question.


As always, there are new codes and many updates posted this week. So, make sure you check out the Redbox codes page for the latest codes – but first…

With all of the growth Redbox has been experiencing, we have seen Redboxes pop up in many new areas across the country – far more than we can adequately represent in the 8 metropolitan areas found on our codes page. So, we will be making some changes and will need your help. Next week we will have a place for you to enter your zipcode when you report a Redbox code, and this way we can create a better system for everyone. So, stay-tuned for this feature to be added to the Redbox codes page by next Tuesday.

Click here for free Redbox codes.

So, make sure you tell everyone you know to visit today so we can hit a new record on our one-year anniversary, and stay-tuned for even better things to come over the next year as we improve the site and give you more of what you want.

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And, if you are not yet subscribed to our “Insider Updates”, make sure you sign up using the box on the right hand side of this page (toward the top).

Thanks for your support, and Happy Holidays to all!


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Good news for everyone with an Albertson’s nearby… Redbox will be inside ALL Albertson’s grocery stores (over 400 locations) in the first quarter of 2007. Also, Redbox is expanding into Chevy Chase, Hannaford Supermarkets, Martin’s and Strack N Van Til.
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Adding these to additional McDonald’s locations, Smith’s locations, and even Walgreens and Wal-mart, getting free DVDs from Redbox will be just a click away for millions of more users over the next 12 months.

So, if you know someone in those areas, make sure you let them know about this website so they can get the latest info and free codes when Redbox comes to a location near them.
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This is great news for me here in Lehi, UT. It will put me within a 5 minute drive of 5 Redbox locations.

What about you – are you near any of these new locations? Let us know.