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Archive for July, 2006

Here we are again, another new movie Tuesday. I am excited to see more TV shows in the box this week. It is good to know Redbox is listening. I do hope to get some better shows in there, though.


Last week’s question about including games in the Redbox got quite the response. Seems that everyone is split on that idea. I look forward to seeing what Redbox will do about it.

This week’s question is a bit different: I want to know what you like…

What is your favorite genre (Drama, Action, Comedy, etc…) of movie to watch?

Click here and scroll down to the bottom to answer…


Like I mentioned before, its nice to see more TV shows in the box. There are now 5 total in the box.

Movies: She’s the Man, ATL, Road House 2, Subject Two, Sponge Bob: Karate Island.
TV: Entourage: 2nd Season, Night Stalker: Complete Series

If you have seen any of these, tell us what you thought in the Redbox Movie Forum.


Many codes are working right now, so visit the Redbox Codes page to get your free dvd fix for the week.

Also, user ‘blakeops’ reports that his usage of codes was reset this past week, allowing him to reuse all of his previously used codes. It’s worth a shot, so give it a try and let us know if the same is true for you. Click here to report your findings…

That’s it for the week. I am keeping it short and sweet this week so you can get back to enjoying your summer.

Have a great week!


As you may have noticed, I did not write last week on July 4. I have been out of town most of last week and am just getting back into things. Luckily, summer has been a bit slow and you didn’t miss much because of the missing update.


This week’s question comes from a news item I received today about DVD games. Here is an excerpt:

JULY 11 | LAS VEGAS–Imagination Games wants to play in DVD aisles.

Widely launched at retail in 2003, DVD games represented a nice portion of the home entertainment industry last year, totaling $150 million to $200 million in sales, according to Imagination. But the company is angling to win slots for its titles in straight DVD sections, away from its usual retail board game sections, to score mass consumer appeal.

Distinguishing itself from rival DVD game suppliers, Imagination sells most of its titles in typical DVD cases.

The most popular title in the category, the Scene It? game franchise from Screenlife, made up more than half of all DVD game business in 2005. Scene It? editions are generally packed in large cardboard boxes and normally stocked in the board game area.

But Imagination believes it can boost business by pushing its products into more heavily trafficked channels, such as chain rentailers and sell-through DVD stores.

“Board game buyers are females age 30 to 40, who are mainly buying for their kids,” Imagination executive VP Dean Bolte said. “But if you put product in the DVD section, where there are comedies and dramas, a number of different products, there is great opportunity. We think this category will continue to expand.”

Currently, Imagination is courting DVD-centric Blockbuster, Redbox and Netflix to consider renting its DVD games to customers.

So, this week’s question is: What do you think about having DVD games in the Redbox? How about video games (xbox,ps,etc)?

Click here and scroll to the bottom to answer this week’s question.


If you didn’t think Redbox was listening to us here at InsideRedbox, wait til you see a new title in the box this week…

Last week’s major releases were: The Libertine, The Matador Stoned and Irresistable.

This week has nearly all minor releases: Grand Opening, Tortillas Again?, Witches of the Caribbean, Oprah Winfrey Show: 20th Anniversary, and… Commander In Chief: Season 1, Part 1.

Did you catch it? A TV show in the box? Lets hope this means there are more to come.


There has been one new verified code added recently:


Keep using and reporting those codes so all can benefit. Also, remember to try new codes as often as you can. Words related to movies, holidays, names, etc… will sometimes turn up some great new codes.


You know, I can’t say that I buy a ton of movies unless I really like them. I do have a DVD collection of over 100, but I tend to stick to classics or just plain great movies. Since I am super-cheap (aren’t we all?), I like to pay as little for movies as I can…

A great way to get movies super-cheap is through a DVD club. Now, don’t get me wrong, these clubs are in it to make mony from us, but if we are smart we can pay next to nothing for our movies and use their system to our advantage. Where else can you get 6 new movies for $12 and pay no shipping costs?

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Well, that is all for the week. Make sure you answer the new question of the week, and lets keep working to make Redbox what we want it to be!