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Here’s a bit of good news for positive press-starved Blockbuster. Research firm rated Blockbuster’s by-mail movie service superior to that of Netflix. BB was lauded for delivery speed, number of titles offered and content quality.

The study compared Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, iTunes, Blockbuster, YouTube and CinemaNow on price, content selection video quality, viewing options and customer service. While Blockbuster’s disc by mail service received accolades, its Blockbuster On Demand streaming platform was called “seriously lacking.”

According to NextAdvisor:

“If you would rather get DVDs by mail, [Blockbuster] is the perfect service for you . . .their TV streaming selection is even more abysmal, with only 10 options, none of which we have even heard of,”

Is Blockbuster’s by-mail service something the brand can rally around to get back on the road to recovery, or is this study finding a small bright spot in the otherwise dismal BB lanscape?

[via Home Media Magazine]

4 Responses to “Study: Blockbuster Beats Netflix in Disc Rental Experience”

  1. Visitor [Join Now]
    DanoFive0 [visitor]

    B;ock Buster is running people off. They closed the store near me.
    I was with them for years. Got 16 DVDs a month for $16.50
    Got two in the mail. Then took them to the store. Got two free ones. Was happy and good with it. Zip they close the store.
    Now if I want to do that I would need to drive 20 miles one way..
    No can do. Your lodd Block Buster..
    I will just keep Netflix online..

  2. Visitor [Join Now]
    2317 [visitor]

    I had “Blockbuster by Mail” but finally dumped it for Netflix. I got tired of things at the top of my queue that said AVAILABLE not shipping to me. After talking to thier customer service they said it’s because my “local” distribution location doesn’t have it… I said then what’s the point of putting the availabilty in the queue. I don’t care that the disc I want is available to someone in Alaska….I live in Chicago. When they couldn’t give me a satifactory answer, I dumped em. Netflix ships from your local hub, but if they don’t have it they will get it from somewhere else for you. Now at least I know if the disc I want says available I am assured to get it.

  3. Visitor [Join Now]
    Robert Barfield [visitor]

    Blockbuster Showed To Have Many Movies So I Added Favorites To My Queue; Mostly Bluray’s And They MOSTLY Didn’t Have Them. They Just Made It Look Like They Did. They Said It’s The Studios Fault…As They Only Print So Many And Stop Production. Sounded Like Bull…. So I Went To Netflix Bluray By Mail. They Have More Blurays Than You Even Knew Existed. I’m Very Happy(“NOW!”).

  4. Member [Join Now]

    I have the epix channels on DISH and Blockbuster @ home is included…I’m able to have one dvd at a time…At the start i was getting dvds from Rochester NY 78 miles from my home averaged 3 to 4 dvds a week…I’d send them back the same day…After a couple of months they sent them from Worchester MA over 348 miles from my home…Now i average 1 or 2 a week…when i asked BB why the change in locations their answer was there policy does’nt allow them to divulge any info about locations….check out the web site “B lockbuster Underground…you’ll read all about their dirty tricks to rip you off…If Blockbuster was’nt included witb Dish i would’nt have….also the BB store to turn a dvd in is a 26 mile round trip …not worth it.