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images (4)TV shows dominate movies when it comes to competing for subscription video-on-demand users’ time. This finding comes from a new report from research firm GfK.

During its research, GfK found that more than 80 percent of its respondents’ SVOD viewing segments consisted of TV show-watching. Movies, on the other hand, came in at just under 20 percent. In terms of total viewing time, TV still took the lion’s share, even though the average movie is much longer than a typical TV episode.

David Tice, SVP of GfK’s media and entertainment team, said the following about his firm’s findings:

“We see that, contrary to broadcast TV’s ‘mass’ audience model, streaming services generate episodic, niche viewing — more broad and unpredictable than even the 200 channels on your cable TV menu. These services provide the control and multiplicity of choice that consumers crave, and the result is very individual behavior,”

How do your viewing habits line up with GfK’s findings?

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