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Report: Millennials Dig Redbox

Kids today, with their Snapchats and on fleeks and…Redboxing? According to a recentYouGov BrandIndex survey, which studied perception of brands among Millennials, Redbox ranked in the top three most-improved retail brands. The company’s stature in the eyes of the young cohort increased more than 11 percent from the same time in 2016.

Redbox’s new ranking brought it into peer status with Beats by Dr. Dre, and past such brands as Nintendo, Forever 21, and Tesla.

A Redbox representative said the following about the findings:

“It’s no surprise to us, as we’ve seen similar data internally with millennials . . . Redbox over-indexes with millennials in awareness and usage.”

YouGov CEO Ted Marzilli agreed that Redbox is making huge strides in brand perception among this key demographic:

“Changes in the score greater than that margin of error indicate a statistically significant improvement in the brand . . . Millennials influence what the rest of the market buys; we’re a youth-oriented and youth-obsessed culture . . . So it’s important for brands to understand what resonates with them.”

Are you surprised that Redbox, with its “antiquated” model of renting physical movies and video games, resonates so well with young adults?

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