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It looks like the event ticket-vending trial at Philadelphia-area Redboxes was successful enough to be expanded. Redbox and International Speedway Corporation have announced a partnership that will see motorsports events tickets sold in Los Angeles-area Redboxes in January.

Tickets to the events will be sold online at beginning next month, and will be available in L.A.-area Redboxes the following month.

Jason Rubinstein, general manager/vice president of Redbox Tickets, said the following about the new partnership:

“As America’s destination for entertainment, we’re excited to launch Redbox Tickets in Los Angeles in early 2013 and are thrilled that ISC is joining forces with us at the starting line . . . This partnership empowers ISC to market Auto Club Speedway events across our consumer platforms: Los Angeles-based kiosks, our new Tickets web portal, and through our mobile and social media channels.”

Gillian Zucker, president of Auto Club Speedway, was similarly effusive:

“We are pleased to partner with such an innovative company as Redbox . . . This partnership gives our motorsports fans a new, convenient and unique way to discover and purchase their 2013 tickets. We see this as a valuable way to remain top-of-mind with consumers while reaching new audiences.”

As L.A. Redboxes begin to vend event tickets, where will this new trend go from here. Are we getting close to the day where your local Redbox will be a source for much more than movies and video games?

[via MarketWatch]


3 Responses to “Redbox to Sell Motorsports Tickets at Select Kiosks”

  1. Visitor [Join Now]
    DanoFive0 [visitor]

    No thanks.. Just keep it with the Movies.. The way it is going. The will be selling ass wipe in 5 years. And No Movies..
    REDBOX will mess it up yet!

  2. Visitor [Join Now]
    Vernon Dent [visitor]

    This is a very good for redbox to diversify into other forms of entertainment.

    Monster Trucks, the circus, rodeo… who knows maybe: public floggings or even a hanging or two.