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Redbox Selects New President

The executive shakeups at Redbox continue. Just days after naming a new senior vice president, the kiosk operator has announced that Anne Saunders, a former executive with Bank of America and AT&T, will become Redbox’s new president at the end of August.

Saunders will take the reins from Gregg Kaplan, who has been with Redbox nearly since its beginning. Kaplan will remain with Coinstar through next March.

Coinstar CEO Paul Davis said the following about Kaplan’s departure:

“On behalf of Coinstar’s board of directors and the entire organization, I want to thank Gregg for his countless contributions to the company over the last decade . . . Gregg has been instrumental in not only the success of Redbox but also in all facets of our business. His decision to leave the company next year was made with much thought and consideration, and we fully appreciate and respect his desire to embark on his next venture. We appreciate that Gregg will remain with us for the transition, and we look forward to continuing to benefit from his wisdom and energy.”

Regarding new Redbox president Saunders, Davis said the following:

“Anne is a true innovator and brand builder with extensive experience in developing and growing new revenue streams, business optimization and consumer marketing . . . Anne has had a positive impact everywhere she has worked, and on behalf of the entire board and management team, I welcome Anne to the Coinstar family.”

Should the departure of Kaplan, one of the oldest and wisest hands guiding Redbox, be viewed as worrisome? Or is the expansion and restructuring of Redbox’s executive team an indicator that the company is preparing for bigger things in the future?

[via Home Media Magazine]

3 Responses to “Redbox Selects New President”

  1. Visitor [Join Now]
    Peter Paonessa [visitor]

    A former executive of Bank of America?
    They’re the biggest crooks in the country.
    I guess I’ll have to get my movies somewhere else.

  2. Member [Join Now]
    Shemp Howard [shemp-howard]

    Should the departure of Kaplan, one of the oldest and wisest hands guiding Redbox, be viewed as worrisome?

    How about…

    “The rats leaving a sinking ship”! ;)

  3. Visitor [Join Now]
    karyn [visitor]

    I am already subscribed to Insider Updates. Will someone PLEASE tell me how to enter the weekly contest. what do I do…where do I “post” or “enter”??? … My email is Thank you.