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Redbox on Demand in Beta Testing

After getting burned a few years back with an ill-fated streaming partnership with Verizon, Redbox is dipping its toes back into the digital distribution waters.

Clearly knowing that the physical media business is not a long-term growth one, Redbox is currently testing Redbox on Demand with a small group of its customers. The pay-as-you-go service has no subscription fees and allows users to watch purchased content on their computers, smartphones, and other electronic devices.

Users have 30 days to begin watching a rental movie or TV show, and 48 hours to finish it once they’ve begun. There is also an option to purchase content, and customers can watch their purchased content offline as well.

Full details and FAQs on the in-beta testing service can be found here.

Is this more measured approach to digital content a better way for Redbox to play in the larger sandbox already inhabited by such giants as Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, HBO Now, and more? Are you going to be using Redbox on Demand?

5 Responses to “Redbox on Demand in Beta Testing”

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    kl [visitor]

    Can anyone explain why a rental movie available both at the box and for streaming would cost more to stream than to rent at the box? Are costs different?

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      Nevermore [visitor]

      The (Box Rental) is for 1 night [24 hours],
      and available only on that night it is rented.
      (If you don’t return it by 9pm the next day, you will be charged the cost of a single rental price.)

      The (Streaming Rental) is for [48 hours once you start watching it.
      It’s available for 30 days [720 hours],til you actually set it to be watched.

      Reminds me of when the (7-11 Convenience Stores) offered DVD rentals.
      You’d pay for a DVD disc that had a movie on it to watch.
      After you popped the DVD into a DVD Player to watch it,
      you would have a few days to see it,
      before the movie was wiped from the DVD Disc.
      [Leaving you with DVD coaster, or blank disc]

      That way there was no DVD to return,
      No unreturned DVD’s to deal with at the store,
      No recurring rental fee either.
      (Although at $5-$7 a Movie) it was a costly adventure.

      Redbox movie rentals are more convenient, and priced better.

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    Bozo.. [visitor]

    Vegas has it 90 to 1 they will get burned here also.
    There box’s are doing ok for them. Just keep the box’s going good.
    A good 75% of the public will pass on the pay per view bit like this.
    With NetFlix, Hulu, Amazon, Warner Archives, Acorn, and more..
    Good luck on this RedBox.

  3. Member [Join Now]

    There’s too much competition in On Demand – some people are going to fall.

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    JeffG [jeffg]

    It would really be nice for Redbox to offer a segment (10 minutes) of a SD and HD movie so customers can see if there is buffering and what the video/audio quality is like.