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Redbox continues to expand its online presence even as its physical kiosk footprint growth begins to slow a bit. In an attempt to grab new customers from third-party sites, Redbox launched its first affiliate marketing program today.

Affiliate marketing works by rewarding third-party websites with a commission each time a visitor clicks on a Redbox ad and reserves a rental or purchases a gift card. Website owners can visit to learn more about the program and to join it.

Mark Achler, SVP of new business, innovation and strategy at Redbox, said the following about the new program:

“Affiliate marketing is the next logical next step for Redbox, as it aligns nicely with our interactive marketing platform . . . This platform will benefit consumers as they can now gain more exposure to the new-release titles they want.”

Is this a smart marketing move by Redbox, Insiders? Why do you think Redbox waited until now to implement an affiliate marketing program?

[via Home Media Magazine]

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