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The first Monday of a new month is upon, and that means it is time for us to get our free rental from Redbox…

Remember, Redbox ONLY sends out their free codes via text message, and the codes are only valid for a single use. So, if you use it (or plan to use it), don’t bother posting it here as it will not work for anyone else.

If you DON’T plan on using your code, feel free to share it here, but keep in mind that it will only work for the first person to use it.

What will you be renting with your free code this month?

86 Responses to “Redbox Free Movie Monday (Aug 2, 2010) is Here”

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    CathyVon [cathyvon]

    Where do you go to register for text messages?

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      On (not this site,
      login to your account.

      Under your Account Preferences, select “Manage Notifications”.

      In “Manage Notifications”, enter in a cell phone # that
      can receive SMS text messages, and check the box
      a the bottom that says “monthly Movie Monday”.

      Hit the Save Button at the bottom of the screen and that is it.

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    how do you register for the txt messages I cannot find it on the website thanks

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    i would like to know also

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    UBM [ubm]

    login to your account.

    Under your Account Preferences, select “Manage Notifications”.

    In “Manage Notifications”, enter in a cell phone # that
    can receive SMS text messages, and check the box
    a the bottom that says “monthly Movie Monday”.

    Hit the Save Button at the bottom of the screen and that is it.

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    You are discriminating against people who don’t text.

  6. Member [Join Now] []

    Where is the code. I cannot find it anymore

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    kickass [visitor]

    Well, I signed up for an account on their website, that’s how I got it. Also, if you sign up and register a credit card, gift card, etc., and use it to reserve a movie, you get a free rental the next time you reserve a movie.

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    Robin Owens [visitor]

    I amb registered on your site but I only get emails. Todays email says free code sent via text. I’ve never received a text.

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    if that be the case were are my free number for free movie monday??????????????

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    CptnValdez [cptnvaldez]

    You must be registered with REDBOX not InsideREDBOX. REDBOX sends out the codes via text messages.

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    I can not find account preferences…..not under profile so where is it?

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    Can’t use my code today. So first person to grab, it is yours.


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    RMU [visitor]

    Redbox free code: VNGT4GJ

    Enjoy…not using!

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    I am not getting free codes anymore either. I was getting them via email now
    I haven’t gotten any for several months. I don’t have text Just my e-mail.
    Thanks. Mrsd496

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    George Manoogian [george-manoogian]

    I find it VERY frustrating to find the codes for a free movie! Going from page to page. Even being a member doesn’t make it any easier!

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    Your “NEW?” system of sending free codes by text mail is utterly RIDICULOUS!
    Some of us do not even own a cell phone.
    PLEASE….. Change this policy.

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    AJAJ1213 [ajaj1213]

    i am not happy with this. i lost almost 1 hour trying to get my free movie and nothing.i am going to erase my account know!!

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    Lee [visitor]

    I agree,,I’m a retired old man & cant afford cell phone,,PLEASE tell us who don’t have TEXT hot to get our codes?????

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    You dont get the codes from inside redbox. u get from redbox itself.

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    Jamie [visitor]

    Folks read the disclaimer

    This is an independent website and is not affiliated with Redbox. If you need to contact Redbox, you can call 1-866-REDBOX3 or visit

    To answer the poll question I rented The Crazies with my code.

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    My cell phone # was not accepted. My service is through Tracfone and is not recognized.

    Please send free movie codes via my E-mail address!

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    I will rent a movie somewhere else, I don’t text either

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    dbm [visitor]

    you guys are all goobers! how much time on this site and on your computer are you really going to spend in order to get a free $1 movie.
    get a job!

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      Ron [visitor]

      lmao! I agree. I used codes for about two months but after having to try 4, 5, 6, or more codes each time I thought, “It’s only a dollar, dude!”. You can probably find that much change in the Walgreens parking lot!

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      Shauna [visitor]

      You know what? What other people do with there 1 dollar is really none of your business so maybe u should worry about you and your dollar!! If I as a person want something free that is MY purgative! So stop worrying about other people and what they r doing! Maybe u should get a life!

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        UBM [ubm]

        And never did Redbox say they were in the business of giving FREE CODES for Movies, but they did say they are in the business of RENTING MOVIES for $1.

        You what “Free Movies” go get a library card and rent movies…oh wait,
        taxes on earned income pay for Libraris to exist, if you can’t afford
        a buck at redbox, you might not pay taxes either huhn you cheapskate?!?!?

        I for one will be GLAD when Redbox stops giving out codes altogether.

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          Fishy [visitor]

          You know that some of us have to pay an extra 20 dollars a month for a library card. So don’t try and use that cause it doesn’t work for everyone. This is just the same as people using coupons and getting the best deals possible. If people want to use their money elsewhere then they have that right. Just like you have the right to spend that extra dollar on movies.

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    Ima Shyster [visitor]

    Does anyone think that a discrimination lawsuit will be brought against redbox? ;o)

    Text capabilities are not necessary to use redbox kiosks.

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    Ron [visitor]

    I’ve signed up for the text msg but I never get it. Is it only available to certain types of phones?

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    The Dude [cancun]

    This is bullsh*t.

    Redbox should end the free Monday code all together. It is not working right, a waste of time for too many people.

    Common codes seem to have disappeared, it is not cool but so be it. One time use codes for special promotions (McDonald’s, Pepsi) should the only codes. Clear code rules and not having to deal with crap (like text codes).

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    David [visitor]

    not gonna drive 30min to get a free movie, so KKHD646 is my code

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    HEIDI312 [heidi312]

    I have NEVER recieved a free code for reserving online, I have heard many people say that but havent recieved one myself. I rent ALOT of movies every month and reserve EVERY Tuesday morning so why havent I recieved them?

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      UBM [ubm]

      1-866-REDBOX3 is who you should call and complain to.
      Only they know the answer…

      Me however, I’m still grandfathered in, and get both My Monday code
      and occasional “free night on us” codes…must be clean livin’! :-)

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    ugh….fustrating to search for code….also want to make mention the last time i got a free code was “a long time ago” – when i tried to use it it didn’t work!!!

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    Jules [visitor]

    My code would not go through. It said it cannot process at this time… What’s wrong there?

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    I’m logged in to my account but I don’t see “account” or “account preferences”. I do see “profile”. Anymore clues?

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      UBM [ubm]

      When You login, select “Profile” that is your Account Preferences……

      Repasting this below again to help:

      login to your account.

      Under your Account Preferences, select “Manage Notifications”.

      In “Manage Notifications”, enter in a cell phone # that
      can receive SMS text messages, and check the box
      a the bottom that says “monthly Movie Monday”.

      Hit the Save Button at the bottom of the screen and that is it.

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        After going to my profile there wasn’t an option, “manage notifications”. It just gives options to update my personal info, email, passwords, etc. I checked each part of the screen. I’ve got to be missing something.

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    Jamie [visitor]

    I signed up in June got one each of the last 3 months. If you are not getting it make sure you are on one of the supported carriers which is the major national ones like Verizon, Sprint etc. or they have your phone number right including the area code.

    When you first login to your account it will say Your Account information.

    There is a subheading called Preferences. Click Edit Notifications and Subscriptions

    You will then see this with a box next to it to check.

    Text Messages
    Monthly Movie Monday
    Get a free rental code once a month as as a text message (SMS). Message and data rates may apply. Text STOP to 30881 to quit.

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    sandy [visitor]

    I also believe you should not have to text to get a free movie. It didn’t used to be that way. If you were a member of redbox you got a free code every monday, then they changed it to once a month now it’s if you don’t text you don’t get it. What about the rest of us who have been redbox members since redbox started. I guess we don’t matter. That’s not a fair way to run a business.

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      UBM [ubm]

      I’ve been a member a long time, and I still get treated fairly, in fact I get
      the Monday Free codes and still get a random ” free movie on us” code.

      I however, did follow and do everything they asked when they asked for it:
      inputted a valid email address, inputted a valid cell phone # that
      accepts SMS /Text, do not share my codes, participate in promos….

      I dunno what else to tell you….

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        rb [visitor]

        Speaking of email/addresses UBM, I thought you said once you’re from Nevada, or was it Utah??? Anyway, I just saw on a trusted coupon site that today only if you live in Reno Nevada use the Redbox code RBXRENO for a free dvd. I’ll be going out in a little while and thought I’d try it here in PA! Who knows, maybe I’ll get lucky– since I got a tracfone and can’t get the text code anyway! :-(

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          rb [visitor]

          Oh well,..I tried the RBXRENO code in Pennsylvania and screen said not good at this location!!! Hmnn,..wonder why? Guess I’ll have to petition Redbox to give a code good only in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania!

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    Sorry but I have gotten these e-mails before and not yet been able to get a code . The first time I got an e-mail like this the code was in the body of the e-mail and even then the code was not good . I tried using it on the Monday that I received it but alas NO GOOD CODE . What do you have to do ???

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    Jess [visitor]

    Not using my code today, up for grabs:


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    I registered my cell phone # for text messages many months ago.. i have never received a free rental text message.. or ANY text message from redbox at all. Does anyone really actually get them?

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      UBM [ubm]

      call 1-866-REDBOX3 and give them your account info.
      Tell them what is going on, and they can fix it for you
      right there on the phone. Remember, being polite but firm helps,
      but ranting and raving will get you hung up on. :-)

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    ChadCronin [chadcronin]

    I don’t think get upset with or suing Redbox is gonna help anyone get codes. It could stop anyone from getting any. I have mentioned myself several times that I got the codes for efficiently with the e-mail, but I failed to think about the people who scam and would just create a ton of e-mails and accounts with Redbox to get the codes. That’s the downside to free things, people always abuse it. I don’t have a huge problem with the texts except that they aren’t compatible with all carriers. If you go with smaller company then you probably won’t get it ever cause they most likely block alot of auto-mated texts. I live in Iowa and some of my family use iwireless which is now owned by T-mobile, but apparently the network settings still are the same from when they started as Iowa Wirless in 98. I use U.S. Cellular and get them fine.

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    I never get the codes even though I am signed up

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    ive complied in everyway been charged and recharged for out of service machines and half a dozen other problems it is still my wish TO SEE REDBOX FAIL MISERABLY AND BE REMOVED FROM MY CITY ITS A SCAM

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      Ron [visitor]

      Wow! Sorry to hear about your misfortunes ernie, but what about the rest of your neighbors who love redbox? Personally I’ve never had a problem with a redbox and I’ve rented hundreds of movies.