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Redbox has launched a nice little gift voucher program for the holidays, which can allow you to purchase bundles of Redbox rentals at a discount for loved ones (or yourself!) The program offers two bundles: five first-night DVD rentals for $5 or ten first-night DVD rentals for $10. Either bundle saves you $.20 on the first night over Redbox’s regular $1.20 fee.

For more information and to purchase the bundles, click here. Keep in mind that after the first night, rentals will cost $1.20 per night, and the vouchers can’t be redeemed for online rentals. Will you be purchasing some Redbox gift vouchers this holiday, Insiders?

8 Responses to “RedAlert: Redbox Launches Discount Holiday Gift Vouchers”

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    Brad [visitor]

    I’ll stick with for everything I want to see, even movies still in theaters — all for free.

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    Chip [visitor]

    Meh. Same discount I get when I reserve online. And I always reserve online.

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      BH14 [visitor]

      The online discount of $1 ends 1/31/12. In a month, renting online will be $1.20 PLUS TAX….. With this deal, you don’t have to worry about online price increase and you also avoid tax.

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    rb [visitor]

    Hmnnn,… I suggested Redbox do something like this around a year ago. My suggestion was that Redbox, to increase dvd rentals/revenue, should sell scratch-off promo code tickets, much like scratch-off lottery tickets. Could be themed tickets for birthdays, holidays, etc. They could be sold behind Customer Service counters, say a ticket with 5 scratch off codes for $5. People, parents, grandparents, etc. could buy them for themselves, give as gifts, or include them in gift cards, birthday cards, etc. for others. Once bought, even if the people they are bought for/given to don’t use them, Redbox still makes $ because they were sold=revenue… Hmnn,..I think I should get paid for my ‘suggestion’ since Redbox acted on my suggestion!!! And I think FLON owes my an apology because, as I recall, Flon pooh, pooh, my whole suggestion/idea!

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    might try it out

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    BH14 [visitor]

    I like this idea. Give the people a good deal who rent in “bulk” compared to the avg redbox user who rents once in a while. I just bought a 10 pack. Rather than spending $13 (after tax) for 10 rentals, I only spent $10 and save myself $3. Redbox knows how to serve their customers unlike Netflix. I think Redbox should sell $20 giftcards (20 rentals) regularly from their site. It would give me a discount but it would give me more incentive to rent more often. MORE MONEY FOR REDBOX AND HAPPIER CUSTOMERS!…. Think about it, Redbox.