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Redbox and 7-Eleven are joining forces to bring their customers a special movie night deal. Read on for the details!

Now through the end of the year, when you purchase a large triple cheese or pepperoni pizza from 7-Eleven, you’ll receive a coupon good for $1 off a pizza purchase and a code for a free one-night Redbox rental.

From Ash Eldifrawi, Chief Marketing and Customer Experience Officer at Redbox:

“We’re thrilled to offer 7-Eleven customers a free movie night as part of this date night deal,” said Ash Eldifrawi . . . You can’t beat a pizza-and-a-movie night combo, whether it’s for date night or an ‘all-about-me’ night.”

Check out the joint press release from the two companies for the full details. Are you going to be making it a movie and pizza night from Redbox and 7-Eleven, Insiders?

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    date night and 7-11 don’t belong in the same sentence.