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It’s been a year since Netflix’s very public misstep with its short-lived Qwikster disc rental spinoff. The company was punished by investors and consumers for its flubs, and many predicted Netflix had entered a period of irrecoverable decline. New figures from market research firm NPD Group tell a different story, however.

NPD has revealed that one in four American households now have a Netflix subscription. NPD’s report also states that Netflix’s customer satisfaction rating has also recovered.

NPD Group analyst Russ Crupnick warns that though Netflix seems to have regained its feet, the company still faces challenges with attracting and retaining customers. Said Crupnick:

“A minority [of Netflix customers] are satisfied with the current collection, and the declining ease of finding things subscribers want to watch, are areas Netflix must address in order to continue domestic streaming growth,”

Has Netflix finally and fully put the Qwikster fiasco in its rear view, Insiders?

[via PC Magazine]

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