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Are the rumors of Best Buy’s demise greatly exaggerated? That’s the opinion of a senior analyst with the NPD Group, who claims that Best Buy’s challenges, while difficult, are no greater than those faced by any other retailer and can be overcome.

Despite a quarterly loss, the resignation of its CEO, and dozens of shuttered stores, Stephen Baker, VP of industry analysis with The NPD Group, says that Best Buy is still in a position to succeed. Said Baker:

“[Best Buy’s] challenges today are not because they haven’t seen the change coming, or because they haven’t been preparing for it, but instead because of how dramatically and swiftly the changes happened over the past year . . . While there are challenges ahead, Best Buy remains the dominant retailer and in the best position to succeed in the coming years,”

Do you think that Baker has a point, Insiders? Is Best Buy just adapting to a swiftly changing marketplace and getting its feet back under it?

[via Home Media Magazine]

3 Responses to “NPD: Best Buy Remains a “Dominant Retailer””

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    DanoFive0 [visitor]

    They can pull it off. But they will need to get it going soon…
    The thing is. I can beat there price 95% of the time. At Target are Wal-Mart.
    And for DVDs Amazon any day..
    THey need to bring the price down on things.. And get with WAl-Mart and Target. Stock more. And drop about 75% of the phone bit. I mean about 35% of the store here in Riverside is Cell phone stuff. And Cell Phone sales people up the Butt.

  2. Member [Join Now] [free-flixsnow]


    Just like with Circuit City failure, it is only a matter of time and Best Buy will meet the same exact fate, even if they closed all their high overhead locations, with yesterday’s dismal report of big ticket items down to these levels, no wonder they focus more and more on wireless sales and their appliance dept is just about non existent the last time I was in a Best Buy store. I did read ours was saved, but I could care less, did buy an LED TV over holidays, but did it online. lol Big box stores days are numbered.

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    best riverside lawyers [visitor]

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