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imagesNetflix has had a rocky couple of years, but the SVOD giant has been on a roll lately. With ever-rising subscriber numbers and a series of original content wins, Netflix has become a major disruptive force in the home entertainment industry.

Forbes has run a fascinating article on the current and potential future state of Netflix. The magazine concludes that while Netflix may currently be overvalued in its share price, the company may well continue to justify its high price. Click here to read the entire piece—here are some highlights.

The landscape of what we considers “television” is changing
“The fact remains that cable is less and less about television and broadcasting…Apple, Google, Amazon and Netflix – to name only a few publicly-traded companies – all have demonstrated a keen interest in shaking up the way we consume “television” content.”

How Netflix has an edge on traditional cable companies
“[Netflix has the] ability to appeal to customers across all geographies, without having to build up a massive infrastructure. True, in some cases, a Netflix customer will be streaming a movie through a cable internet connection – but it will be Netflix, and not the cable company, that gets the additional ‘content’ related revenue.”

Netflix may well turn out to be a great long-term investment
“Disrupters don’t always win in the end; they destroy value, after all. But if you don’t suffer from vertigo, and don’t mind monitoring what is likely to be a long-lasting industry shakeup that could be full of sharp twists and turns along the way, Netflix – however pricey it appears today – may end up feeling like good value down the road.”

[via Forbes]



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