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In a content acquisition coup, Netflix has signed a multiyear streaming deal with The Weinstein Co. giving it exclusive rights to certain TWC titles before they hit pay-TV channels. Among the titles included in the deal is critical darling and Oscar-nominated The Artist.

The Netflix/TWC deal also includes foreign language films and documentaries such as the Oscar-nominated Undefeated.

TWC co-chairman Harvey Weinstein applauded the deal:

“It is a fantastic coup for Netflix to acquire The Artist and the package of additional titles . . . With this deal, a company that loves movies, Netflix, joins forces with a company that is built on that same love. It’s exciting that we can offer consumers a supremely convenient way to see the kinds of movies that made us want to be in this business in the first place.”

Netflix has stated numerous times that it considers HBO to be its arch rival. Such moves as this agreement with TWC definitely give Netflix bragging rights and an advantage over its competitors. But can the company afford to keep making these kinds of deals?

[via Home Media Magazine]

6 Responses to “Netflix Signs Multiyear Streaming Deal with The Weinstein Co.”

  1. Visitor [Join Now]
    Vernon Dent [visitor]

    Sadly, as The Artist, among other titles, are ALREADY available illegally via P2P protocols. As a result, more and more of the restricted or ‘windowed’ titles will just slip through the cracks. :(

  2. Visitor [Join Now]
    Michael [visitor]

    sadly, too little and too late. Available within a year? Give me a break. Consumers today are IMPATIENT and want movies NOW. Why can’t studios put streaming on par with DVD? Their revenue might actually increase if they did. Netflix is caught in the middle. They need to raise prices to cover studio increases, but the studios are fighting them all the way. If the studios would work WITH Netflix and give them better streaming content, consumers would not be as upset with raising prices. I’d pay $20 per month for Netflix streaming if they had newer, more timely releases.

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    good point [visitor]

    I couldn’t agree with you more, Michael and Vernon. While this is a step in the right direction, it’s a baby step and Netflix has a long way to go. I used to have Netflix but their limited streaming selection drove me away. Thankfully my employer, DISH, came out with Blockbuster @Home so now I can finally get the movies I want streaming to my TV. The best part is that I can watch many new releases before Netflix and Redbox even get them.

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    docwhited [docwhited]

    This is our last month for Netflicks – I agree with what’s been said here. It’s too little too late.
    To save the wear and tear on our game consoles we used to stream Netflicks we bought a Roku. We just signed up for HULU to give our Roku something to do when Netflicks is gone. Hulu has a very limited and poor offering of movie titles they’re better known for TV content -old classics, current shows, TV movies, etc. Won’t keep it. Just wanted you to know that with Roku you can access Amazon’s streaming movies in HD. I agree with what’s said about the studios they need to release streaming along with DVD releases. Movies on demand will make Redbox go the way of video stores unless they jump on board like Amazon is doing now.

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    Dolly Critchlow [visitor]

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