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Netflix_just_rolled_out_a-23308e111c03d9879747487ba767324cWe knew it was coming, and it happened today: Netflix has jettisoned its long-time user rating format based around five stars. The new Netflix rating system is much simpler, with viewers simply giving shows and movies a thumbs-up or thumbs-down rating.

The switch is backed by a mountain of research from Netflix that shows viewers are much more likely to rate content if the ratings system is a simple and intuitive as possible. Cameron Johnston, director of product innovation at Netflix, says the star system used by sites like Amazon is not the way Netflix viewers prefer to rate things. Johnston says of the new system:

“People intuitively understand I’m teaching the system about what my tastes are to get better suggestions in the future,”

Johnston also says that the system switch is partially motivated by a desire to giver viewers less “down time” between shows as they decide on their next pick:

“We want people to not have to spend a lot of time browsing,”

What do you think of Netflix’s new rating system, Insiders?

[via USA Today]

5 Responses to “Netflix Officially Launches New User Ratings System”

  1. Visitor [Join Now]
    Danofive0 [visitor]

    HO. HUM…

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    Boo Hiss

  3. Visitor [Join Now]
    Gary Waschuck [visitor]

    The diary Of Ann Frank

  4. Visitor [Join Now]
    Chuck [visitor]

    Get rid of it!

  5. Visitor [Join Now]
    Jennifer [visitor]

    I prefer the star system. A quick thumbs up or down is not subjective enough.

    Do I really have to watch 10-20 minutes of a movie someone gave a thumbs up to before I’ve determined I’ve wasted my time? Which is certainly a much longer amount of time then deciding if the quality of a movie was 2 or 3 stars.

    And just what does a thumbs up or thumbs down equate to? Thumbs down equals .5 to 2.5 stars? Or it gets an overall thumbs down if 51/100 viewers said so? In which case a thumbs down could be more like a 3 or even 3.5 star movie.

    I guess we movie watchers are getting dumber with each passing show we watch on the idiot box for Netflix to make this decision.