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Netflix is Basically a Movie Studio Now

Netflix_just_rolled_out_a-23308e111c03d9879747487ba767324cNetflix has shown its ambitions in the original content arena for some time now as it has continually ramped up its production of its own TV shows. On the feature-length movie side of things, Netflix’s original content has been much sparser. That’s about to change.

Netflix announced today that it has hired Hollywood insider Scott Stuber to “head the development, production and acquisition of high profile film properties that will premiere on the streaming service.”

Stuber has been a well-known name in Hollywood for years, producing such films as “Ted,” “Central Intelligence,” and “Patriots Day.” His hiring seems to signal that Netflix is ready to fully engage itself in producing Hollywood-caliber films.

Netflix Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos said the following about Stuber’s new role:

“Scott is well known and respected in the film industry. His innovative work and strong talent relationships should help accelerate the Netflix original film initiative as we enter into a new phase of big global productions with some of the greatest directors, actors and writers in the film business . . . This is an unprecedented time of change and opportunity and we look forward to having Scott lead the way as we help evolve the way films are made, distributed and celebrated around the world.”

Stuber himself seems excited about the new opportunity:

“Netflix is at the forefront in changing the way entertainment is enjoyed throughout the world, bringing a greater variety of stories to more people than ever before . . . It’s an incredible opportunity to work with a company with such reach and that stands for such diverse quality content for global audiences. I look forward to expanding the foundation and brand Netflix has built with visionary and commercial storytellers.”

[via Deadline]

3 Responses to “Netflix is Basically a Movie Studio Now”

  1. Visitor [Join Now]
    Danofive0 [visitor]

    I have Netflix for the old TV shows & Movies..
    When they go. I will dump Netflix.

  2. Member [Join Now]
    Chad Cronin [chadcronin]

    I might have been like David a few years ago but things are changing. I’ve mostly bought old shows I like. I find myself mostly using Netflix now when a new show they produce comes out. I think this is a great idea. They just need to continue to focus on variety.

  3. Visitor [Join Now]
    Saundra Brown [visitor]

    I have Netflix to watch the old shows and some of the new ones. I like Blue Bloods, Super girl, Arrow, Flash, Criminal Minds, Law and Order, the Bake off from England. I wish they would put more cooking shows on. I hope they will put on the new seasons of the shows i have listed. Seems i have been waiting a long time for the new seasons. I hope they don’t put on any shows that were canceled leaving people hanging. I also hope that Netflix airs more family movies. I hate watching movies or t.v. shows that use God’s name in vain or people can’t talk without using a curse word in just about every sentence. When they stop putting family shows on i will cancel. I do enjoy Netflix. I just would like to see more family features. Thank you.