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Blimey, that didn’t take long. Netflix, which just launched its streaming service in the UK and Ireland this past January, has announced that it has hit one million subscribers in the British Isles. The accomplishment took just eight months and represents the fastest subscriber growth in company history.

Interesting tidbits revealed by Netflix include the fact that 10 percent of the UK’s population watches two or more hours a day of online TV. The most popular genres among UK and Irish Netflixers are comedy and drama, and Sunday night is the most popular evening of the week for streaming.

Company CEO Reed Hastings said the following about Netflix’s accomplishment:

“This membership milestone is evidence that Netflix has rapidly gained popularity in the U.K. and Ireland . . . Our British and Irish members clearly enjoy the ability to instantly watch a large variety of TV shows and films streaming from Netflix on their favorite devices whenever they want.”

Can such torrid subscriber growth fend off the specter of increasing content costs that continues to haunt Netflix? How long before the company hits the two million mark in the British Isles?

[via Home Media Magazine]

2 Responses to “Netflix Hits One Million UK and Irish Subscribers”

  1. Visitor [Join Now]
    Danofive0 [visitor]

    If NetFlix can keep up with everything. And keep the Cost inline. They will do great. I understand they may have to up the cost a bit. Maybe a few bucks. That is ok with me. If they can just keep adding more Movies and TV shows with Closed Caption are SDH online. I will keep them. They have over 2,500 TV shows and Movies online with it right now. Keep it going NetFlix….!!!!!!!

  2. Visitor [Join Now]
    Pootroot [visitor]

    I would NOT like Netflix to increase it’s price by a “FEW” dollars. Maybe one dollar every year or two. Anymore and my wife will say “Tell them goodby!”