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Netflix, no stranger to accusations and aspersions, has been blamed recently for the ratings decline of Nickelodeon and other children’s channels. Netflix’s chief content officer has now fired back, defending his company.

Netflix CCO Ted Sarandos said that Netflix’s strategy makes it very unlikely that one particular show would have its ratings affected by running on Netflix. Said Sarandos:

“People’s taste are so diverse that no specific program or network has such high viewing concentration that you’d see that cause and effect on ratings,”

Sarandos claims that if anything, Netflix has been helping the ratings of the programs that it runs:

“In the gap between season 4 and season 5 we brought maybe a million new viewers to AMC for the new season of ‘Mad Men’. . . People had four years to watch this show and didn’t; then we gave them the opportunity to watch the show in a well-priced and well-distributed model. In that way we’re quite additive.”

Something tells me this controversy will not be settled any time soon. What do you think, Insiders?

[via Reuters]

One Response to “Netflix Claims It’s Not to Blame in Nickelodeon’s Ratings Decline”

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    I agree with Mr. Sarandos. I’ve enjoyed several new TV shows on Netflix Streaming that I didn’t even know existed before. Sadly, some of the best ones turn out to have been cancelled.