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Netflix Bets Big on Exclusive Content

To stay a step ahead of its ever-increasing streaming competition, Netflix has moved to a strategy based around exclusive content, both from original production and exclusivity deals.

Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos spoke at a communications conference recently, and said that his company’s deal with AMC, home of such shows as Breaking Bad and Mad Men, has been beneficial to both companies. In exchange for helping underwrite the channel’s production costs, Netflix has received subscription video-on-demand access to the channel’s well-regarded shows.

Said Sarandos:

“Our product is incredibly complimentary to the total ecosystem . . . [AMC has] a particular programming sensibility that works very well on Netflix . . . We can take a lot of risk out of the production of their shows,”

Netflix is also deeply invested in producing its own content, with several new or resurrected series such as House of Cards, Arrested Development and Hemlock Grove launching in the coming months.

Sarandos says that Netflix is able to benefit the media business by supplying its content partners (and, of course, itself) with user data that allows better programming decisions than are typically made in the TV industry.

Sarandos believes that based on this data, Netflix is able to create programming that is much more likely to be a hit with viewers. Said Sarandos:

“We establish early on whether there is an audience for the show . . . The most watched content on Netflix is exclusive to Netflix.”

How in tune with viewer sensibilities is Netflix, in your opinion? The company seems to be “betting the farm” on its exclusive content strategy—will it pay off?

[via Home Media Magazine]

6 Responses to “Netflix Bets Big on Exclusive Content”

  1. Visitor [Join Now]
    Max Johnson [visitor]

    Frankly none of this new content interests me or my family at all. We do miss the Starz.

  2. Member [Join Now]
    DiverGirl007 [divergirl007]

    None of this is of interest to us. I know many of these shows report viewer success but our family is more interested in friendlier programs. Gritty and dirty is fine once and awhile but it is so overdone at this point. Comments above mention Starz, which is good for families most of the time, but I miss the old Disney shows. We have had enough of the current, not funny at all, tween comedies Disney piles on now. Maybe good TV for families (or those not into reality TV, gritty dramas, or blood and guts until you feel sick) is a thing of the past.

  3. Member [Join Now]
    Devils_Advocate [devils_advocate]

    I am a big fan of Arrested Development but I worry a little about the quality of the show. Obviously I’ll find out it if it holds up.

    @DiverGirl007: Are talking about a “Nick at Night” on Netflix of older shows or not quite that old? I myself grew up watching Disney movies but never had access to the Disney channel.

    One show I’ve heard some talk about with Netflix picking up is Jericho. I hope that Netflix is able to bring this show back as I REALLY enjoyed it and post-apocalyptic TV shows are all the rage now so I think it would have a good audience. Tonight the TV show Revolution premieres and while it is more like the world of Fallout (video game) or Book of Eli it’s still a post apoc series.

    • Member [Join Now]
      DiverGirl007 [divergirl007]

      With Disney shows I don’t mind if they go way back (long before my time of actually watching the shows during their original air date) Annette Funicello series, Spin and Marty, The Mystery of Applegate Treasure, etc. I miss their cartoons, special programs – especially around the holidays, and made for TV movies. Shows like Mr. Boogedy, Halloweentown, Love Leads the Way, and countless other wonderful, family friendly programs. I know they will air some of these, sometimes, but they use to have shows like this all year long.

      I just feel Disney now is like so many other entertainment options, a ghost of what they were. I feel the power of these media giants is built on their past glories. I wonder how a kid today even really knows who Mickey Mouse is; let alone the supporting characters. Except for very poorly written, computer generated toddler TV, there are no exposures to Mickey Mouse. Occasionally Disney channel will rip apart, reduce, and re-voice an old cartoon but that is not enough. Perhaps I am just to “goody-goody” and there is a only a handful of us that would like to see family entertainment that didn’t include 12 year old, pop-star wannabes with clothing and make-up I would expect on a 20 something.

      Finally, I don’t feel all TV should cater to families only but I do feel there should be options of real depth. Remember what channels like SciFi used to be like not so long ago, or when MTV played music, or AMC showed classic movies and supported the restoration of old film on a pronounced level. UGH! I will be quiet now and go and register for my official “old person” badge.

  4. Visitor [Join Now]
    Cindy [visitor]

    I really would just like to see Netflix update a lot of the series they have,, why can’t we have more than just the first season of Walking Dead? Same with some of the Masterpiece Theatre works like Downton Abbey.

  5. Member [Join Now]
    Tommy55 [tommy55]

    If you can’t understand British actors speaking you don’t get much from Netflix.