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Man of Steel Trailer and Preview

In our never-ending quest to keep you informed and up-to-date on movie and home entertainment happenings, Inside Redbox regularly takes a look at major films coming out in the near(ish) future that are already generating buzz and anticipation. This time around, we’re spotlighting the upcoming Superman reboot Man of Steel.

Here’s the brand new teaser trailer:


As I sat in a showing of The Dark Knight Rises this weekend and a preview for Man of Steel came on, someone I was with leaned over and whispered, “Why are there so many superhero movies coming out?” My reply was simple: “Because they keep making money,”

As long as a domestic and global audience will pony up big bucks to see nearly every film featuring a spandex-clad defender of mankind, Hollywood will keep churning them out. After the relatively poorly-received Superman Returns six years ago, Hollywood has decided it’s time to re-reboot the grandaddy of all superheroes, Superman. With Christopher Nolan onboard as a producer, this new Superman movie will likely be a darker and more somber take on the origins of the Man of Steel.

Man of Steel flies into theaters next summer. Will you be there?

3 Responses to “Man of Steel Trailer and Preview”

  1. Visitor [Join Now]
    Rick McGilvray [visitor]

    Seriously?? While I expect the MOVIE to be fab, that was just WEAK. Like, SUPERweak… Stolen music, and not really even so much as a PEAK of TMOS himself (not one that you could actually SEE, anyway)… That just super-SUCKED!

  2. Member [Join Now]

    Probably not. Mostly likely wait for it at the Redbox.

  3. Member [Join Now]
    TudorFanB4Showtime [tudorfanb4showtime]

    I’m still not sure. I’ve been reading about this reboot for a while and I just have mixed feelings; this trailer didn’t help. (I still enjoy Superman II; the Superman reboot from a few years ago left me lukewarm. As for those behind the scenes, I think Christopher Nolan is fantastic; I love, love, LOVE ‘300’ and I even gave Watchmen a chance because of Snyder’s connection to ‘300’).

    I guess I just have this silly feeling that Superman should be “lighter” — not Dark Knight dark (I expect Batman to be that way). Sorry — wish I could be more exact but this didn’t help. I’ll be looking for the other teaser trailer with Russell Crowe doing the voice-over, see if that makes a difference.