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Hulu Plus Hits 4 Million Subscribers

huluHulu Plus, the subscription version of the popular video site, has added one million subscribers in the last year, reaching a total of four million. Hulu has reached another milestone: one billion videos streamed in the first quarter of 2013.

In other interesting Hulu stats, the company says mobile viewing will make up about 15 percent of its video consumption this year and next, something that barely existed for the service just a few short years ago.

Hulu Plus stands out from competitors Amazon and Netflix in that it runs periodic ads even though viewers pay a subscription fee. While some consumers complain about the ads, Hulu has done extremely well with them, delivering one in three of all premium video ads in the United States.

Hulu’s acting CEO Andy Forrsell says the following about his company’s success with ads:

“Our reasonable ad load drives the highest recall and awareness for brands, which results in higher effectiveness for the video ads,”

Is Hulu Plus your style of online video service, or are Redbox Instant, Netflix or Amazon more your thing?

[via Home Media Magazine]


3 Responses to “Hulu Plus Hits 4 Million Subscribers”

  1. Visitor [Join Now]
    Thomas [visitor]

    No thanks. I got a three month free sub with my bluray player, and stopped using it after a few weeks. Not much content, lousy interface, and commercials. I also had technical problems with my internet connection. Each time it went to commercial, it had to reconnect to the tv show. Sometimes it couldn’t connect, and I couldn’t go back where I left off, and had to restart the show from the beginning. Netflix is much more reliable.

  2. Visitor [Join Now]
    DarrellP [visitor]

    I watch very little TV programming, I’m mainly a movie buff, so HULU has nothing I want to watch. For the same price, I find Netflix a much better value to fill my viewing needs. Your mileage may vary.