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Ageless cyborg Tom Cruise is back in theaters with Mission Impossible: Falllout, the sixth(!) entry in the spy series. Let’s talk about our favorite movies about the IMF.

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Which Mission: Impossible movie is your favorite?

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80 Responses to “Freebie Friday ‘Impossible Missions’ Edition. Win a Free Redbox e-Gift Card!”

  1. Visitor [Join Now]
    Meme [visitor]

    The first mission impossible movie is my favorite

  2. Member [Join Now]

    Rogue Nation

  3. Visitor [Join Now]
    NORMA BATEMAN [visitor]

    Top Gun

  4. Visitor [Join Now]
    Lisa [visitor]

    Rogue nation

  5. Member [Join Now]

    Mission Impossible III

  6. Visitor [Join Now]
    Rande [visitor]

    Mission Impossible II

  7. Visitor [Join Now]
    Pat Stimson [visitor]

    Rogue nation.

  8. Member [Join Now]

    The latest and best entry in the ongoing franchise certainly can stand on its own as a rousing rush of breakneck excitement and sensational stunt work. (Credit “Rogue Nation” writer-director Christopher McQuarrie with leaping over the bar he raised in the previous outing.) But for anyone who’s been following the adventures of Ethan Hunt over the past 22 years, “Fallout” is all the more satisfying as a cinematic class reunion, with pointed allusions to images and incidents from previous “M:I” movies (note the reprise of Ethan’s rock-climbing from the opening of “M:I2”)and welcome return appearances by long-time and recently introduced series regulars. As Ethan Hunt, Tom Cruise has aged gracefully into something like gravitas while maintaining his boundless and infectious enthusiasm. And Ving Rhames’ Luther Stickell and Simon Pegg’s Benji Dunn do standout double-duty as backup crew and Greek chorus, playing it fast-and-frantically straight during the turbo-charged action but also offering wink-wink observations about Ethan’s trademark penchant for unpremeditated risk-taking. All that’s missing is a paraphrase of Britney Spears: “Whoops! He did it again!” The very best thing about “Fallout,” of course, is that it leaves you hoping that Ethan Hunt will keep on doing it.
    Taken from IMBD.
    I have not seen the latest installment but will once it is available on DVD from my local library for free. TC is a lot of fun to watch, but I believe it is time for him to pass the torch to someone younger with a charismatic screen presence and acting talents. My favorite was #5 because of the story line and excellent cinematography.

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  10. Member [Join Now]

    The first Mission Impossible is my favorite out of the series.

  11. Visitor [Join Now]
    Elizabeth Sul-Celline [visitor]

    The first Mission Impossible- from 1996.

  12. Member [Join Now]

    The TV Series

  13. Member [Join Now]

    The first one is my favorite. I’m not a fan of sequels.

  14. Visitor [Join Now]
    cjc [visitor]

    rogue nation

  15. Member [Join Now]
    DocWork [docwork]

    The first one

  16. Visitor [Join Now]
    Harry Dyer [visitor]

    It’s a toss up between the very first one and Fallout.

  17. Visitor [Join Now]
    Laura [visitor]


  18. Member [Join Now]

    So far, Rogue Nation is my favorite Tom Cruise/Mission Impossible movies. However, there are several Tom Cruise movies that I like far more than the Mission Impossible movies!!!

  19. Member [Join Now]

    The first movie was directed by John Woo…. one of the very best action directors of all time(check out Broken Arrow among his many credits!)

  20. Member [Join Now]

    Rogue Nation.

  21. Visitor [Join Now]
    Thomas Buczek [visitor]

    Mission Impossible 1.

  22. Visitor [Join Now]
    Iam [visitor]

    Ghost protocol

  23. Member [Join Now]

    Rogue Nation

  24. Visitor [Join Now]
    Yu Tu [visitor]


  25. Member [Join Now]
    Donaldot [donaldot]

    the best movie vresion is number 1.however none compare to the original seris for TV

  26. Member [Join Now]

    haven’t yet seen the latest one. So as of now, the very first one

  27. Visitor [Join Now]
    Ginnieb [visitor]

    The first Mission Impossible!

  28. Member [Join Now]
    sandy [ovistababy]

    The first one

  29. Visitor [Join Now]
    kayshem [visitor]

    The first one.

  30. Member [Join Now]

    My favorite Mission Impossible movie is the first one.

  31. Member [Join Now]

    all good

  32. Visitor [Join Now]
    Dannielle [visitor]

    Rogue Nation is my fav!!

  33. Visitor [Join Now]
    AleidaJuicy [visitor]

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    Blake Matthews [visitor]


  35. Visitor [Join Now]
    Mike [visitor]

    Rogue Nation

  36. Visitor [Join Now]
    Rick [visitor]

    rogue nation is the best so far.

  37. Visitor [Join Now]
    Diane Woods [visitor]

    first one, rogue nation and ghost protocol too hard to choose

  38. Member [Join Now]

    the first one but Mission Impossible: Fallout is pretty good too…

  39. Member [Join Now]

    The first one is my choice

  40. Member [Join Now]
    tylert [tylert-2]

    Ghost Protocal