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Benedict Cumberbatch, that ever-so-Britishly named actor, has a new movie coming out this weekend: The Grinch. Let’s talk about our favorite flicks featuring this famous thespian.


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What’s your favorite Benedict Cumberbatch movie or show?

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101 Responses to “Freebie Friday “Cumberbatch” Edition: Win a Free Redbox Gift Card!”

  1. Member [Join Now]

    BC would make a great villian to go against Connor Macleod, the Highlander. Of course, he’d lose his head in the end. There can be only one…

  2. Visitor [Join Now]
    Diane Deavers [visitor]

    He’s great in Sherlock Holmes!!!

  3. Member [Join Now]

    Obviously, “Remember the Titans”

  4. Visitor [Join Now]
    Kay [visitor]

    Sherlock, hands down!

  5. Member [Join Now]

    The Imitation Game

  6. Visitor [Join Now]
    Al Stevens [visitor]

    It’s hard to vote against Sherlock!

  7. Visitor [Join Now]
    Donna Paprocki [visitor]


  8. Visitor [Join Now]
    Ken [visitor]

    Imitation Game

  9. Visitor [Join Now]
    JD [visitor]

    Apocalypse Now

  10. Visitor [Join Now]
    Michele [visitor]


  11. Visitor [Join Now]
    Eric Diamond [visitor]


  12. Visitor [Join Now]
    Daniel Montague [visitor]

    Imitation Game

  13. Member [Join Now]

    The Child in Time

  14. Visitor [Join Now]
    Linda Miksza [visitor]


  15. Visitor [Join Now]
    Ben [visitor]


  16. Member [Join Now]
    patricia a [pattypetuniavyahoo-com]


  17. Member [Join Now]

    sherlock for sure

  18. Member [Join Now]
  19. Member [Join Now]

    Remember the Titans

  20. Visitor [Join Now]
    Kevin [visitor]


  21. Visitor [Join Now]
    Jenn [visitor]

    Dr Strange