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The trailer for “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” has finally come out. Allegedly the last Star Wars movie for a while, and the conclusion to the Skywalker story that started way back in 1977, this movie will surely be one of the biggest hits of the year. Let’s get your opinion on it!

Will you be seeing Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker this December?

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89 Responses to “Freebie Friday “Another Star War” Edition: Win a Free Redbox Gift Card!”

  1. Visitor [Join Now]
    Nancy Sherron [visitor]

    No, I don’t go to theaters anymore because of inconsiderate people.

  2. Member [Join Now]

    Yes, all my children grew up loving Star Wars and I’ll continue the tradition for my 85th Birthday!

  3. Visitor [Join Now]
    Boyd [visitor]

    For sure. I have not missed one yet.

  4. Member [Join Now]

    Not planning to see it in theaters

  5. Member [Join Now]

    I sure hope so!

  6. Visitor [Join Now]
    JD [visitor]

    Yes, the best experience is in a theater

  7. Visitor [Join Now]
    Kevin [visitor]

    Waiting for it to come out on Redbox.

  8. Visitor [Join Now]
    Ben [visitor]


  9. Member [Join Now]


  10. Visitor [Join Now]
    CeeJay [visitor]

    Probably not.

  11. Member [Join Now]
    fazct [zelick]


  12. Member [Join Now]
    George [odenoed]


  13. Visitor [Join Now]
    Kristen webel [visitor]

    Meh, not a big fan of Star Wars

  14. Member [Join Now]

    Boss at my old job paid for us to see Star Wars. Will see if I can hop on that gravy train one last time… haha. Or convince my new boss. :P

  15. Visitor [Join Now]
    Melissa [visitor]

    Probably not.

  16. Visitor [Join Now]
    Joe+G [visitor]

    Not sure.

  17. Member [Join Now]

    Yes and hopefully it is better than the Last Jedi

  18. Visitor [Join Now]
    Jeff R [visitor]


  19. Visitor [Join Now]
    Mike [visitor]


  20. Visitor [Join Now]
    david [visitor]

    maybe, if there might be a free screening

  21. Visitor [Join Now]
    Hippo [visitor]

    No. I am old enough that I saw the first Star Wars movie in the theaters, when it first came out, and was thrilled by it. However, I have not kept up with the series and have little interest by now.

  22. Visitor [Join Now]
    Ronnie Martin [visitor]

    Maybe after it comes out on DVD. If you choose me for the winner.

  23. Member [Join Now]

    I don’t see movies in theaters, but I will rent it on dvd!

  24. Member [Join Now]
    E83462 [e83462]

    probably not. Family not interested

  25. Member [Join Now]

    Yes but on DVD

  26. Member [Join Now]

    I want to see it but I’ll wait for the Blu-ray

  27. Member [Join Now]

    Not a fan of the series… no.

  28. Visitor [Join Now]
    Daniel Montague [visitor]

    Probably….in spite of their latest installments.

  29. Member [Join Now]

    My best guess is… Maybe. Depends on what else is playing. I have been somewhat disappointed in the last few Star Wars movies. The first few were amazing, but the last few seem to have no particular plot.

  30. Visitor [Join Now]
    Robin [visitor]

    Will definitely see it… when it comes out on DVD.

  31. Member [Join Now]


  32. Member [Join Now]

    No, not interested in Star Wars movies

  33. Visitor [Join Now]
    TimP [visitor]

    I’ll wait for On Demand or dvd

  34. Member [Join Now]
    Innahouse [innahouse]

    Probably will wait for it to come out on DVD, unless a group of friends or grandkids want to see it with me.

  35. Member [Join Now]

    The Revenge of the Turds.

  36. Visitor [Join Now]
    Lisa [visitor]

    I’ll prob see it.

  37. Visitor [Join Now]
    Skip [visitor]

    Probably not.

  38. Visitor [Join Now]
    Pat S. [visitor]

    Oh yeah!

  39. Visitor [Join Now]
    Connie [visitor]


  40. Visitor [Join Now]
    steve cowan [visitor]

    probably or maybe I do not know for sure.