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Free Movie Monday – November 2, 2009

Here we are at the beginning of a new month, and Redbox is gracing us with another free rental…
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Today’s code is:

TEGJ6FD [NOTE: multiple codes today, see comments]

Expires tonight (Monday, Nov 2) at midnight Central Standard Time.

What will you rent today?

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137 Responses to “Free Movie Monday – November 2, 2009”

  1. Member [Join Now]

    I don’t get text on my cell phone…never had a need for it…its a cell PHONE…call me! I’m hoping that the code I get on Insider will work. Redbox used to send me e-mails with a code, but I haven’t received one in quite a while. $2 movies will slow down my rentals from Redbox. But the movies that have been coming out lately aren’t very good to rent anyway! When are the studios going to make a good movie?

  2. Visitor [Join Now]
    Alice Gold [visitor]

    You guys sound like a bunch of whiner cheapskates. Seriously, we rent 2 redboxes every weekend and pay the big whoppin two bucks and our kids are totally happy. If we go to Blockbuster that would be $10. I am happy to have a code for any free movies as I already feel like I am getting a great deal with $1 movies!

    • Visitor [Join Now]
      me [visitor]

      some of us cant even afford that. im in college and i dont have money to spend. NOTHING. but i think if you can afford it then you should pay that way they dont go out of buisness.

      • Visitor [Join Now]
        anony [visitor]

        get a job. I went to college, paid for it myself and managed to buy a $28,000 car.

        If you can’t afford a $1 movie, maybe you shouldn’t be wasting your time watching them and instead you should be looking for employment.

    • Member [Join Now]

      I got a code emailed to me and when I went to use it today which was supposed to be the code for today it said it was already used. BOGUS!!!!

  3. Member [Join Now]

    the code for today gn34d7z does not said already used
    the other code they have v6ntn34 does not work either says already used

    • Visitor [Join Now]
      Gwenda [visitor]

      I like you tried to use the code they had on here this morning GN34D7Z and it said already used!!!!! I was so frustrated, and of course I was already there, so I paid for the movie I had picked. I just now got back home, and now they have a different one!!!!

      • Member [Join Now]
        Mom2girls [dawnmulkey]

        EXACT same thing happened to me AND my husband, so I went thinking we were getting 2 free and we ended up paying for both because we had already promised the kids we were going to watch the movies. The only reason I drove out of my way to go get the movies was because it was free, so not only did I use gas but still ended up paying for the movie.

      • Member [Join Now]

        exactly what happened to me, pain in the butt

      • Visitor [Join Now]
        Ada [visitor]

        I found out that BREAKROOM code is now working again for my already used cc cards. I think it resets every so months. It is worth a try.

  4. Member [Join Now]

    I used the code TEGJ6FD and it worked fine. Now I have 3 movies to watch tonight, one for me, one for my husband and one for my daughter.

  5. Visitor [Join Now]
    Jeannette [visitor]

    Thanks for the codes! We love redbox!

  6. Member [Join Now]

    I used code 2Z563GQ at walmart and it worked, but when I tried to use it again with another card, it said promo code already used. Well, I am thankful for the free one because my checking account is low, low.

  7. Member [Join Now]

    YEAH!!! I confirm that [ TEGJ6FD ] is a working code here in Tampa, FL & it’s a multi use code!!! :) :) :) **FREE–>>MONDAY MOVIE NIGHT IS ON 4 ME** WHOO-HOO!!!! :)

  8. Visitor [Join Now]
    christi [visitor]

    the text i got this morning with my free code… says…
    Only valid once, cannot be shared. Expires at midnight CSG 11/02/09.

  9. Visitor [Join Now]
    christi [visitor]

    the text i got this morning with my free code… says…
    Only valid once, cannot be shared. Expires at midnight CSG 11/02/09.
    BTW I love your blog!

  10. Member [Join Now]
    silvia whitman [silvia-whitman]

    thanks again for the codes.

  11. Visitor [Join Now]
    Brent [visitor]

    My code for today did not work – said code already used itwasn’t). In addition I tried to pay for a rental at three different machines here in Colorado Springs and they did not take any of five different cards. I called Redbox -1866-733-2693 to report their card reader problem and I got an attendent that argued with me about the issue based on what he was seeing on his screen about my account. I have used promo codes a lot in the past and he pointed that out to me somewhat abruptly. While I don’t argue with their reluctance to issue free codes, I didn’t appreciate their being rude when I was trying to assist them in reporting a problem with their card readers at three different machines. Glad I also belong to Netflix! If redbox refues my free codes and also rejects my attempts at paying for a rental I’ll take my paid business elsewhere!

  12. Visitor [Join Now]
    anony [visitor]

    I always use the promo codes on multiple credit cards and will do so as long as possible.

    • Visitor [Join Now]
      Joy [visitor]

      Why on earth would anyone want multiple credit cards? Even with a zero balance on them, that mucks up your credit rating something fierce. good grief.

      • Visitor [Join Now]
        CA [visitor]

        Bzzt. Multiple credit cards with established history and a zero balance will increase your credit score, not hurt it.

        Thanks for playing. Here’s a copy of our home game.

        • Visitor [Join Now]
          rb [visitor]

          Not always good for your credit history. Multiple cards with zero balance is seen as a person having multiple opportunities to overspend on those credit cards. Banks/credit unions/Lenders can see this as a potential risk and are often unwilling to loan you money/credit when you have all these credit cards floating around. Multiple credit cards=multiple opportunities to overspend and less chance that you can then afford to pay back the loan you are seeking.

          • Visitor [Join Now]
            anony [visitor]

            Why don’t you worry about yourself? I’m well aware of my credit report and finances, unlike some of us. You can’t blame this credit crisis on me.

      • Member [Join Now]
        Mark [rb123456789]

        I don’t understand why anyone who is not planning to buy a house in the near future cares much about their credit rating. It is a much smaller deal than the companies trying to sell you their credit watch services claim.

      • Visitor [Join Now]
        chuck [visitor]

        I have several cards but they are all atm/check cashing only not credit cards for accounts accountability. Doesn’t bother a credit rating.

  13. Visitor [Join Now]
    Lainey [visitor]

    OMG….Get a life ppl. If you cant afford a stinkin’ dollar to rent a movie then stay home. Stop being a tight wade and bitchin’ about a code that may or may not work. Be glad there is a place like REDBOX that gives you movies cheep.!!! If you dont like it try your luck at Blockbuster and pay a hell of alot more!!!

  14. Visitor [Join Now]
    T [visitor]

    I see people saying the movies are $1 a night…around here they’ve went to $2 for the first night and then $1 each additional night within the last two weeks. That didn’t happen everywhere?

    • Visitor [Join Now]
      John Small [visitor]

      They have done this in several test markets and are looking to expand it nationwide soon.

      Which state are you in?

    • Visitor [Join Now]
      Kevlit [visitor]

      No only in your area…they are testing new prices in certain areas to see the impact on how much the increased pricing will hurt rentals/business. Only your market has the $2 pricing one other market has $1.50 for first night $1 each additional. Redbox is also testing video games and bluray dvds in certain markets but is not available at all machines. I expect this to be at all locations once the tests are completed…as to what price exactly…who knows…but dont expect them to be $1 per night anymore.

      • Visitor [Join Now]
        T [visitor]

        Aha…We live in PA, but near Maryland, so I logged in like I wanted to reserve a movie at a box in MD, and it said $1. We’ll just be renting half as many movies. Still less expensive than blockbuster though.

  15. Visitor [Join Now]
  16. Visitor [Join Now]
    Colleen [visitor]

    I quit renting at redbox when they stopped doing the weekly codes. I used to rent daily at least 2 or 3 movies a day. (some times 4 if the kids were home) I’ve got cc reciepts for $20-$50 a week for redbox. Now I don’t bother cause it’s out of my way. I just pay 8.99 for netflix and watch all the older movies and tv on DVD shows I want.

  17. Member [Join Now]

    neat got 3 free movies (used 2 cards) got a promo code via text today and the new code listed today…. now though the movies i did get will probally only ever be rented for free LOL…. picked up … year one , blood last vampire, and fasttrack

    wanted its alive or dark country but both of those were checked out..

  18. Visitor [Join Now]
    JulieSCGrl [visitor]

    I LOVE REDBOX!!! We rent movies at least 5-6 times a week. I pay $1.08 per movie here in South Carolina and it is a lot cheaper and less stressful than having to stand in line and fight traffic to and from our local movie rental businesses. I am going to stop by after work and pick up a new release with the November code provided to see if it works!! Happy Monday everyone :)

  19. Visitor [Join Now]
    FalconFour [visitor]

    Okay, so, now that I’ve got to get my codes via text (apparently), am I going to see a code texted to my phone after signing up this afternoon? I’d hope since this is the first week Redbox has essentially screwed us out of a universal code, they’d at least have the decency to immediately text people a promo code when they sign up for texts…

  20. Member [Join Now]

    is anyone getting the email confirms today… still never got a single email confirm yet

    • Visitor [Join Now]
      The [visitor]

      No e-mail confirm yet either. I usually get them as soon as I get back.

    • Visitor [Join Now]
      rb [visitor]

      I got my email confirmation right away when I got home–which is around 5 minutes after renting.

    • Visitor [Join Now]
      The [visitor]

      Just got both the receipt and return conf for the monday rental, that’s 2 days for monday and 24 hours+ for the return. I don’t know why it gets stuck in the system like that.

      Looking at the headers it was time stamped at the time of the transaction but not received till later, so I assume since both came in at the same time that it was stuck in their servers for a while. Could just be code monday overload.

  21. Member [Join Now]

    SOLUTION FOR YOU REDBOX!!! fair simple and easy!!! listen up …
    every monday is $.25 monday meaning and movie returned by 9pm tuesday!
    every other day is $1.00 a day. rent as many movies as you want for
    .25 on mondays! use any credit card, so having 10 cards doesn’t matter.
    no special codes needed! no websites like this needed to proliferate codes!
    no txt messages needed to waste $ at cell phone companies!

    the $.25 is just a nominal amount to keep poeple from renting the entire box on monday.
    and to cover overhead costs on monday. the rest of the week charge what the market will bear, currently $1.00 maybe $1.50.

    KEEP IT SIMPLE! KEEP IT FAIR! KILL THE COMPETITION .. don’t drive us to the competition!


    this will really put the screws to blockbuster and netflix once you get BLU-ray
    in full swing.

    • Member [Join Now]

      ummmm i dont know if i would even pay 25 cents to rent YEAR ONE

      : )

    • Member [Join Now]

      How do we know the .25 movies on Mondays is true?

      First time I heard about it, didn’t get any email from Redbox about it,and it isn’t on thier website? Are you trying to scam us, cause somebody to run down and rent 10 movies, then not have enough money next month for the baby’s milk??? Shame on you!

    • Visitor [Join Now]
      UBM [visitor]

      INSTEAD OF 25¢, charge 50¢ and call it Half Price Mondays.
      Limit it to 3 rentals per account ( so that people won’t
      rent out the whole box, and now that they are tying
      multiple credit cards per account, that is awesome!)
      and everyone wins with this equation! Heck for that price,
      I’d rent the kids movies on Mondays, getting them out of my hair,
      so that Tuesdays could be mine again! WOO-HOO!

  22. Visitor [Join Now]
    T [visitor]

    You people crack me up, their not giving me free movies so they suck, what do you clowns do for a living – maybe they will come to you and insist you give them whatever it is your business sells for free, we’ll see how long your paycheck keeps comming. Oh, and then all you professors saying how you’ll go to netflix cause their the next best thing – sure go ahead and pay $17.99 for 10 days worth of being able to watch movies(when you subtract “in mail time”). Consumers are getting really pathetic. BTW, before you start all your whining about my post please understand, I really don’t care!!!

    • Member [Join Now]

      NETFLIX … 3 at a time … plan 16.99 month .. add blu-ray $4.00 extra
      next 9 per week is max you can get from netflix using this plan.
      works fine as long as mail is delievered 5 days a week.
      any us mail holidays in the week and you get 6 movies that week.
      that means in the month you can expect 36 max – lets say 6 for the holidays
      in any given month. 30 per month!!! 16.99+tax/30 = .60 per movie!!!
      4 for blu-ray/30 = .13 additional per movie!!!

      impossible to beat, unless of course, REDBOX is giving away some free movies
      to reduce the typical $1.00 down!!!

      when renting lots of movies mail services win!!! you just need to turn them

      REDBOX is a great service for small time renters!!! BLOCKBUSTER sucks for
      small time renters!!!


      • Visitor [Join Now]
        Netflix user [visitor]

        And don’t forget the unlimited streaming videos.
        Also, your local P.O should be scanning in the DVDS when they receive them per processing the return envelope. This means that the return date for the movie is when your post office gets it, as opposed to the warehouse you are sending it back to.
        Turnaround for me is usually one single day.

    • Visitor [Join Now]
      Netflix user [visitor]

      You are mistaken about Netflix. For that $17.99 I get three movies out plus UNLIMITED streaming of a multitude of titles. I can watch them on my computer, or through Xbox, or through our Roku. In one afternoon, can you imagine how much I could choose to watch? And if I start something and it does not interest me, I just move on to something else.
      Additionally, with Netflix, as soon as your local post office scans in receiving the DVDS at your LOCAL post office, Netflix considers the item returned and mails out your new release. They have this setup and it rocks! I can mail back my DVDS on Monday and on Tuesday morning I get a notice that my next choices are being sent.
      So who is laughing at who?
      And you certainly type a lot for not caring. I hope you also do not care you just got set straight.

      • Visitor [Join Now]
        UBM [visitor]

        Netflix SUCKS! They send broken discs in the mail,
        and then make you wait for replacements,
        I still didn’t get to see Season One Disc One of House
        because they could never send me a copy that
        wasn’t broke!!!

        Streaming is a joke…If it is new release sure, but
        most foreign, anime, and older TV is not available to stream.

        And don’t get me started on the whole “scan your disc at the PO”
        crap…I’d get my discs and watch them the day I got them and drop
        them at the PO which is less than 5 mins from house the next morning, and they still wouldn’t release my que to send the next movie until 3 days
        later!!!!! I call and they’d blame it on the movies I selected, saying
        that “due to overwhelming demand, we have to ship it out (blank)
        instead of your local area…”

        Redbox is the best, period.

    • Visitor [Join Now]
      FalconFour [visitor]

      If my business popped out of an automated, unattended machine, then you might have a point.

  23. Visitor [Join Now]
    Sandy [visitor]

    My code said it was a one time use code only so it will not work for anyone else.

  24. Visitor [Join Now]
    rb [visitor]

    Thanks to Michael and Redbox for the monthly TEGJ6FD code. Much appreciated. Worked great at Giant Eagle in PA.

  25. Visitor [Join Now]
    ginniebez [visitor]

    What happened? I tried to use today’s code, GN34D7Z and it said it had already been used. I won’t go back tonight to Redbox, but are you going to give us a working code we can use? Maybe for tomorrow?

  26. Visitor [Join Now]
    Steve [visitor]

    Hey- I got the code GN34D7Z in my e-mail,today! I rode,my mountain bike to Walmart which is ten miles away! I put the code in the Redbox only to have say-promo code already used! Id came home,jump on-line to find this code TEGJ6FD! Whats The Deal? Thanks for wasting my afternoon! Oh-by the way,I’m still waiting on Gold Membership!!!

    • Member [Join Now]

      way didnt you just call up redbox from walmart? 20 mile round trip … well at least it wasnt snowing (or hopefully it wasnt )

    • Visitor [Join Now]
      rb [visitor]

      Riding 10 miles for any dvd rental is a waste–promo code or not.

      • Member [Join Now]
        Stinger [stinger]

        Its not a waste for me to ride my 10 miles to rent a DVD! I ride my bike 10 miles a day,7 times a week! Its call exercise! It might be a waste for you! Not for me!

        • Visitor [Join Now]
          rb [visitor]

          Exercise is never a waste BUT if your sole reason is to go to get a dvd , especially because you have a potential promo code worth only $1, then I’d prefer 10 miles of a scenic route for my exercise–like riding around a lake or park.

  27. Member [Join Now]

    Used free code today TEGJ6FD and was charged for movie.

    • Visitor [Join Now]
      The [visitor]

      You should always check the TOTAL when you check out, if you didn’t put the code in right, even one letter off, and you aren’t paying attention to the screen, it goes back to the checkout screen and shows $1 total instead of $0. You have to enter the code again, some people say start over if that happens but I’ve never had a problem.

      The best way is to enter the promo code at the first screen, before you pick a movie and pay attention to what happens next, it either goes to the pick a movie screen or shows you a error code not valid or something like that.

  28. Member [Join Now]

    Inside Redbox Has Been Busted!

    I called Redbox today and got answers to my questions. (I swear this is what they told me):

    The monthly First Monday code will be sent out only to people who have joined Redbox with a valid credit card on account at

    Each member will be sent a unique one-use code. To get the code, you must be signed up to receive it as a text message on your cell phone. They will not email it. When you sign up to receive the monthly code it can take up to 2 weeks to be on the receiving list, so sign up now to get the December code.

    They know about this site and others where codes have been shared with the public, and are doing this so members only can use their code texted to them, not post it or share it with a friend or use it on another credit card. – one use only.

    When we swiped multiple cards they still picked up that it’s the same name on them, so caught on to that trick too. I did it myself, since I have a lot of cards because they all give different rebates every month on gas, groceries, retail, home, office, travel, restaurants, etc. My credit rating is very high because I pay all of them in full each month.

    For those who were able to use a code several times today, it’s because it was not one of the new one-use codes that started today.

    Unfortunately, this willl make most or all of the codes posted here on Inside Redbox invalid. I don’t know if the codes a person gets for joining Redbox will also be one-use, but I bet so. That would mean this site would shut down? Or just no codes but still the nice reviews of the movies and other news. Sory. WE allloved the codes.

    Another comment: Obviously I’m not poor by the above comment re: paying all my bills in full. But not rich, either. I’m a disabled Vet on a fixed income and am just careful not to pay interest, so will take a freebie when I can get one. Why not? No one here should criticize that. I didn’t get a free movie today, but so what? I have two Netflix and two from the library to watch, so no big loss.

    OK, Here’s a plan: How about some teamwork? That’s how you win, isn’t it? Someone go on and sign up for an account with your mail address. Receive the free code by email, then use it yourself, then post it here and we’ll test it for multiple use. Then we’ll know if those are also one-time.

    Sgt Deb

    • Visitor [Join Now]
      rb [visitor]

      ??? It’s always been a one-time use code given when you sign up for Redbox emails. I don’t have cell phone/text so I don’t know how the monthly codes work that Redbox text you. Not sure what “Inside Redbox Is Busted” is referring to either.???

    • Member [Join Now]

      see when people start crying. a good thing gets shut down.

  29. Visitor [Join Now]
    Kevlit [visitor]

    Promo codes you get via signing up with your email are ONE TIME USE codes you cannot use the codes on multiple cards….

  30. Visitor [Join Now]
    JCR1960 [visitor]

    I received the code GN34D7Z this morning from Inside Rebox and went to rent a movie only to find out that the code was invalid after trying it.The last time I had a problem with a promo code I called Redbox from the kiosk on my cell phone only to be put on hold for 15 minutes.I gave up and just paid the $1 rental charge.

  31. Member [Join Now]

    is everyone an idiot on this site??? the complete rundown on codes
    as they work NOW!!!

    1) BREAKROOM works once per credit card.
    2) DVDONME works once per credit card.
    JUST ONCE!!!
    sign up for a new credit card … get 2 free rentals anytime you want!!!!

    NEXT … today they sent everyone a personal code on their cell phone
    if their cell phone was on and they had signed up (2 weeks earlier)!
    that was good for 1 rental … it was a one time use only today by midnight!

    THEN someone posted and others here confirmed a code … TEGJ6FD
    don’t have any idea how they got it and i dont care …
    BUT IT works everywhere i went in MD and once per credit card.
    if you have 10 cards it means 10 rentals!!!

    THE FUTURE is not written … codes TBD!!!

    the rest of the codes that people have talked about will do nohing for you!!!

    hope this sheds light on the matter!


    i found all i wanted except ORPHAN!!! all checked out!

  32. Member [Join Now]

    why did i recieve a code today on my phone theat did not work??????WH5W5GT…. I only get one free movie a month and didn”t even work Not to good!!!!

  33. Member [Join Now]

    THANKS FOR THE CODE FROM TWIDDER THING. used it on all 5 of my acct. and my daughter did her two. Then I tried my once used code on the one acct. and it worked, so two on 1 card. Told my daughter and she got a third movie too. But do you think I could get all 9 movies watched by 9 tomorrow night? No thanks, daughter likes scary, gross movies, not my thing. I got tinkerbelle and ScoopyDoo for other daughter.

  34. Visitor [Join Now]
    Debbie [visitor]

    I am on west coast time and when I logged inthis morning there was already plenty of chatter about the code not working. Before I had a chance to get to Red Box I had a text message with another code. First I tried the codes in the email and neither of the codes worked. Then tried the code from the text message and it worked fine. Like others the message said for individual one time use only. Obviously, Red Box was trying out something new but that is a whole lot of individual codes to be sending out.

    • Visitor [Join Now]
      UBM [visitor]

      Yeah, they are trying to see who’s abusing the system and who isn’t.

      Mark my words: They will get rid of free codes next year, except
      for Promotions ( mcDonalds, Walgreen’s Cereal) and Anniversary
      (Good Customer).
      They want the $1B dollar mark, and they are going to get it.

      Me, I’ll be happy if they stay at $1 per night rentals…All the Blockbusters
      in a 5 mile radius of my house are closing ( 4 total).
      That says a strong message…VIVA LA REDBOX!!!

  35. Member [Join Now]

    I stopped using Redbox ever since I tried reserving a movie online and it wouldn’t let me. Said to call Customer Support if I felt the error had been reached in error. So I called and was told to try again 24 to 48 hours later. I tried to rent in person and didn’t work. So a week later I tried to reserve online and in person again. Still didn’t work. Called customer service again and now they saying that it must be the bank blocking it. I never had problems before and have used my card at other places just fine even after trying. So I don’t rent from Redbox anymore. I just got a Netflix account a few weeks ago. Would be nice Redbox would work with my card that just stopped not letting rent with it out of the nowhere.

  36. Visitor [Join Now]
    Jim [visitor]

    I received a code on my phone that didn’t work either. It kept saying that it’s already used…very frustating.

  37. Visitor [Join Now]
    elizabeth [visitor]

    for all of you guys talking about credit cards, I used to work as a mortgage consultant (before the whole crisis – thing), and ideally, they look for between 2 and 4 credit cards, and at least one installment debt (such as car loan, personal loan, student loans, etc). Anything more or less when it came to credit cards was a red flag…

  38. Member [Join Now]

    seems sharing codes are over with. redbox has said today on the phone they will only be putting out SINGLE use only codes from now on…

    • Member [Join Now]
      Mark [rb123456789]

      So you talked directly to Mitch Lowe?

      People who answer the customer service phone at most companies are notoriously unreliable when it comes to company news. They say what they are told to say even if it’s wrong, and they are not privy to the thoughts of the decision makers on what is really going to happen. I think I remember someone reporting that in August Redbox CS told them free monthly codes were ended.

      Redbox put out single-use codes yesterday, but also put out one universal code which many used.

      CS may be right, but the fact they said it doesn’t mean it’s true.

      • Member [Join Now]

        CS person who told me that told me the meijers was a single use code as well (take it for what its worth) all i know is locally meijers machines will NOT take that code (says used)

        the person i talked to acted like they wanted to get into a fight over the meijers code … Yelling at me that its a single use code … i was like fine i just didnt think it was a single use code and the person just kept getting louder and louder LOL

        • Visitor [Join Now]
          rb [visitor]

          If Redbox starts having only single-use codes, I foresee a big headache for Redbox reps. Especially if all the people signed up for their monthly text code start flooding Redbox reps on the first Monday of each month that the one time use code they receive didn’t work. Seems enough of a change that Redbox already went from a weekly to a monthly code that they could have just kept the monthly code a general use code for all to use on that one day per month. That, along with the apparent rental charge increasing , seems enough of a change to me. Sorry, not whining, not being a cheapo, BUT I still savor the prospect of that one little monthly code…that itty bitty little gift :-) Especially, since those of us who do not have cell phone/text might be out of that little bit of happiness all together.

  39. Visitor [Join Now]
    Mikeson [visitor]

    Hi, staff thanks for the code
    keep walk.

  40. Visitor [Join Now]
    NANCY [visitor]