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DVDNow Kiosks, one of Redbox’s few remaining rivals in the kiosk business, is expanding into Central America. With its launch of the first-ever DVD rental kiosks in Costa Rica, DVDNow is operating in 15 countries.

While Redbox has dominated the U.S. kiosk market and is just now starting to expand outside the country, DVDNow operates more than 3,000 privately owned kiosks globally.

Scott McInnes, DVDNow Kiosks Founder and CEO, said the following about his company’s expansion:

“Costa Rica is an untapped opportunity for our self-serve rental kiosks. Instead of going to a video store, Costa Ricans will now be able to rent movies at locations that are part of their everyday routine such as work, major electronics stores and of course, convenience stores. Everyone appreciates convenience, and we are expecting that once Costa Ricans become familiar with the kiosks we’ll have an adoption rate similar to what we have experienced in the United States.”

Does Redbox need to watch its back overseas as DVDNow expands, or will Redbox’s inevitable overseas expansion quickly crush the toehold its small rival has attained?

[via Digital Journal]

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