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Do You Share your Netflix Password?

If you do, you’re in good(?) company. According to a recent Reuters/Ipsos poll, one-fifth of streaming viewers aged between 18 and 24 revealed that they had logged in to a streaming service like Netflix, Hulu, or HBO Now using credentials from someone outside their household. Overall, 12 percent of adults admitted to password sharing.

With those kind of self-reported numbers, it’s very likely streaming services are losing millions in subscription fees. Netflix and its cohorts are of course well-aware that password sharing goes on, but have so far turned a fairly blind eye to it. That may change, according to Raymond James analyst Justin Patterson, if new sign-ups begin to slow and investors grow antsy.

Said Patterson:

“If Netflix goes from a 30% revenue growth story to a 10% story, there is absolutely going to be more focus on their leaving money on the table,”

Do you and yours ever share passwords to streaming services? If so, what would it take, if anything, to make you pay for a subscription yourself?

[via Fortune]

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    My kids have mine.